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Top 5 Albums Releasing This Week! Music

Add a comment Published in New Music on 9 October 2015, 14:46 by Dan Edit post

Leading up to the end of the year, there's a wealth of great albums yet to be released. This week brings us new music from Sol3 Mio, Selena Gomez, Boy & Bear and more so we've put together this handy list of some of our most wanted!

Check out our top 5 albums releasing this week!

1. Sol3 Mio – On Another Note

Having made an unforgettable introduction, with a debut album that has been released in 26 countries and sold out shows across the globe, Sol3 Mio are returning with On Another Note, a new album that goes deeper and wider than ever before.



Latest Graphics Card Tests - Star Wars Battlefront! Games Computers

Add a comment Published in star wars, gorilla rigs, Battlefront, Gameplay, GTX 960 and Youtube on 9 October 2015, 12:36 by Ben Edit post

Star Wars Battlefront promises us combat on a galatic scale, waging epic multiplayer battles on Hoth, Endor, Tatooine and tan all new world, Sullust :) Fire blasters, fly X-wings and command AT-ATs as you fight for the fate of the galaxy!

Last night at 9pm the beta testing began for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront so we put our Gaming PC the Baboon to the test to see just how well the Asus Strix GTX 960 inside would handle this AAA title, if you've been thinking “which graphics card will I need to run this?” simple check out video below (make sure you turn youtube settings up to 1080p 60FPS) and see if this awesome card is right for you!

The Asus Strix GTX 960 plays on Hoth – This 20 vs 20 map is pretty demanding and yet we are still above 50FPS at ULTRA SETTINGS! – Very awesome indeed!



Baby Shusher Giveaway Baby

14 comments Published in competition on 9 October 2015, 11:28 by Sheryn Edit post

The Baby Shusher will be the number one tool in every parent’s tool box. It is the newest peace provider in the New Zealand parenting market that takes the stress out of trying to calm a crying baby. Its success with calming unsettled babies the world over will resonate with pregnant women and new parents alike.

Designed as a practical solution to the fourth ‘S’ of Dr Harvey Karp, The Happiest Baby on the Block. The Baby Shusher provides a rhythmic shushing sound to mesmerise babies and infants into a sleep state. Even adults find The Baby Shusher relaxing.

It is a doctor-approved and thoroughly tested technique designed to break a baby’s cry spell and engage their natural calming reflex. The rhythmic shush reminds baby of being inside mum, with loud sounds of blood flow and other in utero noises up to 95 dBs, or the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner.The ‘shush’ sound imitates the sounds that baby was used to in the womb and provides a hypnotic familiar noise for baby to relax to.

  • The Baby Shusher can be set for 15 minute or 30 minute play settings and has adjustable volume settings.
  • It is a compact, easy and sleek accessory that reduces the stresses of trying to settle a fussy baby when out and about, at home or even in the car.
  • It is portable, easily fits into a nappy bag and only requires 2 AA batteries.
  • This is the product that will help parents find peace, get more sleep and take control of calming their baby easily.



Madman Books: Top 10 Manga Books

Add a comment Published in Books and Madman on 8 October 2015, 12:11 by Stacey Edit post

We've had lots of customers asking about Manga recently and we're glad to say you've come to the right place. Not only do we have an epic range of books we're your one stop shop for all anime, including DVDs, Clothing and Collectibles and more.

If you're new to Manga, it can be a little bit overwhelming with the massive range of product available but our loyal manga followers will tell you we have an awesome selection. Plus almost everything in stock is recommended by one of our staff fans!

Recently we sat down with Madman, our go-to Manga supplier to talk about some of the bestselling series and they've hooked us up with this awesome list. So if your wondering where to start, or are a current fan looking for something new, check out the Madman Top 10!



Announcing the Age of Sigmar Painting Competition Winners Hobbies

Add a comment Published in competition and warhammer on 5 October 2015, 12:58 by David Edit post

Its time to see who the winners are in our Warhammer Age of Sigmar Painting Competition!



Win a Thunderbirds Prize Pack! Toys

2 comments Published in thunderbirds on 5 October 2015, 11:08 by Oliver Edit post

5…4…3…2…1 Thunderbirds are go!

Thunderbirds Are Go is the hottest new TV show for kids. Do you have a young fan at home? Because we are giving away a Thunderbirds Prize Pack worth $500!

The prize pack includes:

To go into the draw all you need to do is purchase any Thunderbirds Toy this month. Yep it's that easy! You get one entry per purchase. So the more you buy the more chance you have to win.



Heroes of the Storm BONUS with GTX 950! Games Computers

Add a comment Published in ASUS, Diablo, pacific rim, Graphics Card, GTX 960, GTX 950 and Heroes of the storm on 5 October 2015, 08:40 by Ben Edit post

For a limited time gear up with Asus GTX 950 or GTX 960 Graphics Cards then register them to receive a sweet Heroes of the Storm BONUS!

If you've not had a chance to check out Heroes of the Storm yet it’s a new multiplayer online battle arena (otherwise known as MOBA) starring kick ass Blizzard characters from Diablo, Starcraft and more :) Gameplay is easy to pickup and matches typically take less time to play than other popular MOBA like League of Legends and Dota 2.

For MOBA gamers, the ASUS GeForce GTX 950 provides blazing fast performance and an incredible level of responsiveness. Transform your PC into a full-HD gaming rig capable of playing the latest titles or equip the ASUS GeForce GTX 960 for even faster performance!



Top 5 Albums Released Today! Music

Add a comment Published on 2 October 2015, 11:47 by Dan Edit post

This week marks another great one for New Music! We've already been spoiled recently with incredible albums from Lana Del Rey, Chvrches, Disclosure & more, but we're still getting another smattering of great albums this week!

Check out our top 5 albums released today!

1. Avicii – Stories

Avicii, global superstar and an artist who single-handedly redefined the boundaries of contemporary dance music with debut, multi award-winning album ‘True’ in 2013, is to release much-anticipated follow up LP Stories. Comprised of 14 new original tracks, including lead album single ‘Waiting For Love’ – a track that peaked at #1 on iTunes in 22 countries earlier this summer – ‘Stories’ represents a natural progression in Avicii’s unique, ever-blossoming sound.



SteelSeries Gorilla Gaming Rigs this October! Games Computers

1 comment Published in competition, gorilla rigs, SteelSeries, Gaming Gear and G1 Gaming on 1 October 2015, 17:01 by Ben Edit post

Crazy times ahead people – Fallout 4 is almost here!

October is going to be a massive month of gaming for sure and SteelSeries have stopped by with some EPIC TREATS to make everything even more awesome!

Throughout this October, get yourself any of our Gorilla Gaming Rigs and you'll automatically receive a SteelSeries Steelpad Qck Gaming Mouse Pad plus you're instantly in the draw to win our totally awesome EPIC OCTOBER SteelSeries Prize Pack!



Latest Designs in Gorilla Rigs - The Sneaky Monkey Returns! Games Computers

Add a comment Published in gorilla rigs, Skylake, GTX 950, G1 Gaming and Sneaky Monkey on 1 October 2015, 17:00 by Ben Edit post

Now in the Zalman R1 chassis, the Sneaky Monkey is the kind of stealth predator that delivers great gaming performance without making a peep!

Featuring the new Windows 10 OS and loads of hot features, the Sneaky Monkey is packed full of the hottest new components…

Even we're blown away by the level of components we packed into this Gorilla Rig, while still offering it at a WICKED low price!