Wargame of the Month: Unit Basing for Kings of War


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Why Unit Base Your Army?

A simple 25mm square bases simply doesn't have that much room, especially once you attach a figure, and once of the downsides of individual basing is that the little details can get lost within the mass of the unit. The best part of basing models as a unit, rather than individually, is that you can go above and beyond just adding texture and vegetation- you can making highly themed bases or creating dioramas within your army.

For systems which require you to remove individual models as casualties unit basing can very problematic during games, which is you will quite often see mini-dioramas aka Unit Fillers in many old Warhammer Fantasy or 9th Age armies.

Kings of War is quite different as a massed battle system, in that the rules and game mechanics are specifically designed to favor basing entire units on a single large unit base. This is because you don't have to remove casualties and each unit has a specific footprint and height within the rules. This makes it the perfect system to really go to town with extra details and mini-dioramas for your unit bases.

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WIN a Logan Photobook!

DVDs & Blu-ray

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Logan will be releasing on June 14 and to celebrate we are giving away 50 awesome photobooks featuring images from the movie in black and white. To go in the draw to win simply pre-order the film on DVD, Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray and you will be automatically entered.

Competition closes on June 7 to ensure winners receive their photobook with their pre-order. Good luck!

Also, for our customers based in New Zealand we are offering free shipping when you order your copy of Logan. Simply use code WOLVERINE at checkout to receive free shipping!

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WIN 1 of 3 Beauty and the Beast Prize Packs!

DVDs & Blu-ray Toys

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The magical Disney live-action film, Beauty and the Beast will be releasing on June 28. To celebrate, thanks to Sony Pictures, we are giving you the chance to WIN 1 of 3 prize packs. To be into win just pre-order your copy now and you will automatically go in the draw.

Each prize pack contains the following goodies:

  • Beauty and the Beast Teapot
  • Beauty and the Beast Tote Bag
  • Beauty and the Beast Jewellery Box

Winners will be drawn on June 30 and notified by email. Good luck!

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