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Warhammer 40K Kill Team Diaries: Building Genestealer Cult


Add a comment By David

In this episode of our Warhammer 40K Kill Team Diaries it's time to check in with Aidan, who is building up the Genestealer Cultists from the Kill Team Starter Set.

Assembling the Genestealer Cult

Kill teams are a great way to start a new army, In this article I am going to walk you through how I have gone about assembling my team of Neophyte Hybrids.

First off I must commend you on your enlightened choice of the Genestealer Cult. ‘Cult’ has such negative connotations these days so let’s just welcome you to the Genestealer ‘Family’.

It’s worth noting that the Neophyte kit is not the easy-to-build, push-fit models that you usually see in starter sets, but has many options, upgrades, alternative heads etc, that are perfect for being able to customise your Kill Team.

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Be in to win an Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master Edition this Christmas!


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Christmas is just around the corner so once again we're wanting to reward all our loyal Warhammer customers with something a little extra on top of our everyday Mate's Rates and the fastest delivery in New Zealand…

So we're giving away an Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master Edition worth over $500!

Be in to win an Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master Edition!

Purchase any products from our Games Workshop Store and you'll be in the draw to win this massive boxed set.

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Warhammer 40K Kill Team Diaries: Painting Skitarii Part 1


Add a comment By David

This time in our Warhammer Kill Team Diaries it's time to check in with Jonas, who is painting up the Skitarii from the Kill Team Starter Set

Painting Skitarii- In Theory

It’s tempting to write about painting my Skitarii Kill Team as if I had planned it methodically and in all detail. I don’t think I really did. I started with little more than practical considerations and unjustified preference: make it a simple, economic paint job using a limited palette, and use orange. However, I did put a little thought into the project before even picking up a brush. In this entry I hope to outline that thought process, show that it’s simple and doesn’t require much expertise, and share first results.

I’ve never used much colour theory, but I enjoy trying to improve my painting and figured I’ll give it a shot. The colour complementary (or ‘opposite’) to orange is blue, so I’d use that. However, there’s little more than greatcoats and bare metal on the Skitarii, hence not too much choice what to use blue for. I decided for a most heavily oxidised bronze for the metal parts. Basically, I’d paint all the metal blue or blue-ish. (An alternative would’ve been to paint the coats blue and all metal parts a bright rusty orange, but I didn’t like the idea of blue Skitarii at all.)

At that time my wife and I were watching the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale. She suggested I’d paint their bases like a nuclear wasteland. She said, make it like the colonies in the Republic of Gilead. In the series they’re a steaming hellhole of dirty ochre and yellow tones. Picture for reference.

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Announcing our 2018 Painting Competition Winners!


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Our judges had their work cut out for them scoring the amazing finalists in our 2018 Tabletop Gaming Painting Competition.

Now it's time to see who our well deserved winners are, as well as to check out the runner ups…

Single Figure Winner: Robert Sakaluk

Firstly we have to apologise to Robert for almost missing this entry in the judging process, which would have been a huge shame as it took out the category! Robert's Ork Warboss is a fantastic example of the use of colour to catch the eye and draw interest to the different parts of the model.

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Warhammer 40K Kill Team Diaries: Building Skitarii


Add a comment By David

Welcome to our Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Diaries. For this series we have some fantastic guest bloggers, Jonas and Aidan, on board to document building and painting the two kill teams in the new Warhammer 40K Kill Team Boxed Set.

Let's check in first with Jonas, who is working on the Skitarii.

Building the Skitarii

I made a straightforward job of what could’ve been a project involving more obvious conversions, more customisation, perhaps even more fun. I ended up building them exactly as per instructions though. With only little spare time at hand, I wanted them done fast and well – prioritising care of assembly over unique modelling choices.

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A Tale of Six Warlords Part 2: Initial Steps


Add a comment By David

It's time to catch up once again with our salty newbies as they take their first tentative steps into the world of Age of Sigmar.

David- Apes of Sigmar

Having previously painted up the Stormcast Eternals from the original Age of Sigmar starter set I had a bit of a head start on the rest of the boys, already having a solid core of units painted and based.

So I've been working away at painting up all the Soul Wars Stormcasts in the same colour scheme and have been making good progress.

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Let's start collecting Tomica Die-cast series

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Tomica is the line of die-cast toy vehicles produced since 1970 by Takara Tomy Co. of Japan. Tomica can be thought of as the Matchbox Toys of Japan – but focuses mainly on Japanese domestic car brands from Toyota, Nissan, Honda to Mitsuoka .

In 1970, there was only available the standard scale miniature car produced by Diamond pet and Model pet , and some other small scale miniature cars were imported by foreign brands.

Looking at this situation, Tomica was released as a full-scale small scale die cast car of Japan domestic cars.

Tomica used to refer to the “match box”, which was the main products of small scale mini cars at the time. The scales of cars are mixed and the size of the box is unified, replacing the new lineups by numbering. Using a technique named “HOT STAMP” pressing the aluminium foil for representation of chrome wheel (or wheel cap), suspension mechanism using leaf spring, thin tire, and opening and closing action such as door, bonnet hood, trunk etc, these are all based on the match box.

Also they had main theme
“Japanese diecast mini-cars for Japanese children”
Molded on Japanese domestic vehicles,that come in sizes that fit easily in the palm of a child hands.

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Future releasing announcement from Bandai! -Gunpla,Figure-Rise Series


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Bandai Announced their future releasing Products -Gunpla,Figure Rise series in August and September 2018

【August 2018】

RG 1/144 Sazabi

The biggest gimmick 1/144 Gundam Model Kit ever!
As well as the mechanism on the original animation setting, various gimmicks that can reproduce the posing in the scene, and the original elements unique to the RG series have been condensed to 1/144 scale!
  1. High detailed representation of the mobile suit from the series
  2. High range of motion allow for the recreation of a variety of poses from the movie
  3. Carefully crafted lifelike gimmicks


  • Beam Shot Rifle x1
  • Beam Tomahawk x1
  • Beam Saber x2
  • Shield x1
  • Funnel x6
  • Missile x1
  • Realistic decals
  • Instruction manual

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【September 2018】

HG 1/144 Moon Gundam

‘Forbidden Universal Century’,Moon Gundam leading to “Mobile Suits Gundam: Char's Counte­rattack” is now appeared in HG Series!
The main unit of “Mobile Suit Gundam Moon Gundam[MANGA]” which is publishing in popular monthly magazine “Gundam A” is reproduced 3-D dimensionalised with HG! The design related to popular Mobile Suits, Sazabi's genealogy and a range of motion beyond the limits of HG has been reproduced!
  • Psycho Plate
  • Beam Tomahawk
  • Beam Rifle
  • Butterfly Edge (x2)
  • Display base

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