Mighty Ape joins the Kogan.com Group

As Mighty Ape grew from a small family business into one serving a much larger proportion of Kiwis, the founders of Mighty Ape began looking for a partner who could support them and the company in its next phase of growth.

Cartoon map of Australia and New Zealand.

In late 2020 they found the perfect home for Mighty Ape and the company joined the Kogan.com Group. This means Mighty Ape can deliver even better value and convenience to New Zealanders with the backing, expertise, products, distribution and relationships of the best eCommerce group in our region. It's the same Mighty Ape team you know and love, with the new scale of the Kogan.com Group.

Mighty Ape and Kogan.com share similar origin stories with the entrepreneurs behind both companies being early adopters who saw early how technology would disrupt the retail status quo and create new ways to provide amazing service and value to customers. Both Kogan.com and Mighty Ape have a 15-year track record of making the products you need more affordable and convenient, and shared values focused on delivering a great customer experience.

It's always been important to us to work with like-minded people who are driven and forward-looking, embrace technology, and who share our passion for the internet and putting customers at the heart of decisions.
Simon Barton
Simon Barton Founder of Mighty Ape

The Kogan.com Group makes available all the expertise and resources required to ensure Mighty Ape delivers on its promise to be New Zealand's #1 online shopping site.

We're early in our journey together but here are some of the positive changes you may have already noticed:

Huge Range of new products.

Mighty Ape now has a huge range of brands that are exclusive to the Kogan.com Group. These new brands sit alongside our existing range to provide you with even greater choice, and some of the best value for money in the New Zealand market.

Check out some of the exclusive new brands now available on Mighty Ape

Ovela throw Kogan kettle Certa Tyre repair tool Shangri-la drawers Shangri-la throw Certa Leaf Blower Kogan tv Kogan piemaker Komodo kitchen Shangri-la couch Kogan airfryer Komodo playpen Certa Compost Bin Kogan curved gaming monitor Orbis travel pillow Komodo kayak Ovela chairs Kogan headphones Kogan keyboard Shangri-la rug Kogan weighted blanket Shangri-la desk

Distribution points closer to you.

Mighty Ape prides itself on fast, affordable delivery and Kogan.com has built upon this foundation by assisting Mighty Ape to establish new distribution points closer to you.

We now have distribution centres all around New Zealand — multiple locations in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch meaning wherever you are in New Zealand, products are delivered to you even faster.

Illustration of a Mighty Ape warehouse staffed by monkeys. Illustration of a monkey wearing a hi-vis vest and holding a clipboard.

Jungle Express.

In 2021 the team at Kogan.com helped Mighty Ape launch Jungle Express — Mighty Ape's very own delivery service, currently operating in major centres around New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, & Christchurch.

Jungle Express uses the latest smartphone technology to provide real-time tracking of your order and shortens delivery times.

Feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and Jungle Express won the Excellence in Customer Service Delivery award at the Westpac Auckland Business Awards in 2022.

An illustration of a monkey carrying boxes riding a cheetah. An illustration of a monkey driving a Jungle Express branded van.
An illustration of a monkey warrior holding SIM card above his head with lightning behind him.

Mighty Mobile and more.

Mighty Ape and the Kogan Group's commitment to providing you with great value for money doesn't stop with physical products — it also extends to services such as Mighty Mobile.

Mighty Ape is proud to present customers the choice of Mighty Mobile, which offers New Zealand's mightiest prepay plans with UNLIMITED data!

Keep your eyes peeled for more services to come with more opportunities to save.

Our Shared Values Unite Us

Mighty Ape and Kogan.com are obsessed with delivering great value to online shoppers, and our shared values help us to prioritise projects and decide what to bring you next.

  • Put customers first.

    We believe Mighty Ape is on the right track for as long as we put you, the customer, at the heart of our decisions — whether it's new product lines you might enjoy, lower prices, faster delivery times or a hassle-free shopping experience.

    Coming to work is fun when our customers are happy and more people are choosing Mighty Ape — so this will always be our number one priority.

    Selling the best value products is one thing, but it means nothing if you can't back it up with exceptional service.
    Ruslan Kogan
    Ruslan Kogan Founder and CEO, Kogan.com
  • Find the best deals.

    Great service is also about getting a great deal, and being a small population at the bottom of the world has traditionally meant Kiwis and Aussies have paid too much.

    Mighty Ape and Kogan.com are now at a combined scale where we can use our size to negotiate exceptional deals for the products you need and love.

    A group of humans and monkeys sitting on a couch, watching King Kong on a Gorilla brand Smart TV.
    We look forward to serving and delighting customers throughout New Zealand and Australia in an ever-widening range of categories, as smart shoppers increasingly turn online for their shopping needs.
    David Shafer
    David Shafer Executive Director of Kogan.com
  • Always be learning.

    Kogan.com and Mighty Ape were both early to eCommerce — loudly and proudly promoting the benefits of online shopping even when it was not widely understood. Both companies grew quickly by staying focused on helping customers get a great deal.

    Our paths over the past 10 years or so are similar in many ways, but different in others — which means we have so much to learn from each other.

    We're committed to challenging ourselves and our beliefs to create more value for our customers.

    Lockdowns and being in different countries hasn't stopped us working together. Our different teams including marketing, sales, logistics and we regularly catch up and learn from each other in virtual meetings.
    Gracie MacKinlay
    Gracie MacKinlay Chief Gorilla of Mighty Ape
    Che working from home on a laptop with his kitchen in the background. Ben wearing a Borderlands mask and sitting in front of a laptop and extra monitor with a virtual meeting visible on the screen. Gracie working from her dining table.
    Joses working from home with a virtual meeting visible on a laptop. Saskia working in her living room with her young daughter standing on her lap.
  • Have some fun.

    We take our responsibility to customers seriously, but having fun and creating life-long memories is a big part of why we get out of bed in the morning.

    We get pleasure out of taking risks and seeing what's possible when you innovate, throw out the rule book and do things differently in ways that delight our teams and customers.

    I'm a computer geek at heart. I've always had the latest phone and I not only love technology myself but seeing it enhance the lives of others. I really do think technology makes the world a better place, so the more people we can make technology affordable for, the more I'm going to keep jumping out of bed in the morning.
    Ruslan Kogan
    Ruslan Kogan Founder and CEO of Kogan.com
LAN party in the Mighty Ape staff lunchroom.
When you work with this many geeks and gamers of course you're gonna have a few LAN parties after work.
Remote control BB-8 droid navigating an obstacle course made of collectibles, product samples and promotional items in the Mighty Ape office.
We would never recommend a remote controlled Star Wars droid to our customers without first testing it out on an obstacle course in the office.
An illustrated Gorilla in a hi-vis vest checking items off a list on a clipboard.