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Mighty Ape Hobbies: Buy Tabletop Games, Model Kits and RPGs Online

Mighty Ape Hobbies is the one stop shop for all your hobby needs. Our Wargames & Tabletop Gaming range is the biggest in New Zealand, from Bolt Action to Star Wars X-Wing. Our Games Workshop store is fully stocked with Warhammer 40,000 at fantastic 'Mate's Rates. We also source imported Anime Model Kits including Zoid and Gundam and stock a growing range of Trading Card Games like Pokemon TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Our Hobbies Supplies Megastore has over 1700 Acrylic Paints ready to ship including Vallejo, The Army Painter and the full AK Interactive range. We regularly produce Hobbies Tutorials on how to use them. The Scale Model Kit Jungle holds kits and sets for all ages and experience levels from leading manufacturers like Tamiya, Revell and Airfix.