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By Dylan

Hello – and thanks for swinging by!

We’ve found over the years that passionate customers who love Mighty Ape and our products often make the best team members! If you think that’s you and you're currently looking for a cool job – we’d love for you to consider joining our team.

August 2023 vacancies

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Why join the team?

  1. We’re a fun bunch of people passionate about online shopping. We built Mighty Ape from the ground up, one customer at a time, and we think you’ll love being part of a hard-working team that’s changing the way Kiwis shop! We built one of the first eCommerce sites in New Zealand, introduced a free shipping membership programme with Primate, and spun up our own same-day delivery service called Jungle Express during the COVID-19 lockdowns. We have many more innovations in the pipeline for our customers and we need your help!
  2. We have a fun working environment with remote-work flexibility for many roles. We think you’ll love coming to work and being surrounded by the coolest products on the planet. You’ll be mixing with like-minded people who love what we sell and love the company we’ve built together. We embrace modern ways of working too – so most office-based roles also support remote working.
  3. Generous staff discount offered to all fixed-term and permanent employees. With so many awesome products in-stock we know you’re going to want to take some home with you! We offer a great discount on our products to help your pay cheque go that little bit further – especially handy at Christmas!
  4. Genuine opportunities for learning and progression throughout the company. Team members focused on learning, developing skills, sharing knowledge and making things better for customers are noticed and given more opportunities and a platform to succeed. We’ve lost track of the number of team members who started picking in the warehouse and moved into customer service, buying, sales & marketing, logistics and more. Mighty Ape is a great place to learn the ins and outs of online shopping and help us innovate and improve for our customers!
  5. We're a special company with a special culture. We believe everyone on the team should be true to themselves and express who they are in the workplace. As long as you're professional and respectful of others – you'll feel right at home at Mighty Ape. Like wearing a shirt to the office? No problem. Star Wars t-shirt more your vibe? Be our guest. Onesie? It's been done before. We're all different and don't waste time trying to make everyone the same.

We hope you’ll consider joining our team! If you have any questions about joining the team or any of the roles currently available – please drop us an email at – we’d love to hear from you!

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  • tyson says: 2 November 2013, 12:30am

    i so want a job here that would be awesome to work here

  • SPIRITUS says: 14 April 2014, 7:53am

    would you have a job for a me in 2016 by any chance?

  • Ahmed says: 26 September 2014, 1:57am

    i dont mind doing work experience this xmas if you guys need a hand let me know!

  • Channara says: 4 January 2015, 5:11pm

    It would be a dream to work at mighty ape! if there are any openings or even work experience during xmas i would be happy to help out!

  • Patrick says: 5 August 2015, 12:57am

    I will like to work in the warehouse. By any chance the monkey need a hand. Please let me know!

  • David says: 21 September 2015, 1:47pm

    Enjoyed the core values video - you guys have been great to shop with and your customer service is excellent. Congrats on lasting the distance!

  • Mathew says: 6 July 2020, 10:25pm

    If I was living in Auckland, I’d love to work at MightyApe, particularly in the warehouse!

  • Josie says: 15 December 2022, 3:36pm

    Was hoping you still had any positions avaliable

  • Maurz says: 13 March 2023, 12:29pm

    If you guys have any remote work in play soon, that would be awesome!

  • Seth says: 22 May 2023, 11:03pm

    Man I want a job as a warehouse monkey here very very very bad!!!!!

  • Seth says: 22 May 2023, 11:10pm

    Hey Mighty Ape! I have sent an email with my CV / Cover Letter, really hope to hear from you soon, and I hope that you may consider hiring me for a position as a warehouse monkey!!