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By Joses

Competition is now closed! A HUGE thank you to all our participants for joining the ultimate showdown between Godzilla and Kong! It was amazing to see such passionate fans for our two titans! Now to crown our winners:

1st Place (Rig + Double Pass): Nathaniel Sutton

2nd Place (Double Pass): Sean Puka

3rd Place (Double Pass): Pip Taylor

Congratulations to our winners! We'll be in touch via Email or Facebook PM!

Starring New Zealand’s own Rachel House (“Hunt for The Wilderpeople”, “Moana”), and featuring all-new characters, epic battle sequences, and the ultimate Titan team-up, GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE delivers a can’t miss high-octane, BIG scale, action-packed blockbuster, a must see in cinemas March 28!

To celebrate the release of GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE hitting the big screens, we've teamed up with Warner Bros. Discovery to giveaway an EPIC, custom-built and designed Gorilla Rig worth over $4,0000 along with a double-pass to go see the film for one lucky winner! On top of that, we've got two double movie passes for two runners-up!

Featuring the Titans themselves on a tempered glass side panel, this awesome Gorilla Rig comes loaded with a powerful INTEL I7 CPU, Gigabyte RTX 4070TI Super 16GB Graphics Card, 2TB Samsung M.2 SSD, Silverstone ICEMYST Liquid Cooling and heaps more! All of which will enable the winner to enjoy countless hours of gaming and content!

How to do I go in the draw to win you ask?!

Simply tell us here in this blog or on our main Facebook post, who you think is the REAL king of Monsters , Godzilla or Kong, and why?! (Extra brownie points for the most creative answers!)

Competition closes on 11:59pm April 7th! A winner plus two runner-ups will be selected and contacted via Email on April 8th!

Goodluck Titans and let's see your best answers!

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Please note: Rig pictured is a pre-production concept and may differ slightly from the final product.


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  • Connor says: 24 March 2024, 6:46pm

    In the timeless clash between Godzilla and Kong, the real king of monsters isn't solely defined by raw power but by the depth of character and impact they leave. Godzilla embodies destruction with his colossal form and atomic breath, while Kong represents resilience and survival with his intelligence and primal strength. Rather than crowning one over the other, acknowledging their unique strengths and qualities suggests that the true victory lies in finding common ground and forging a new path together in a world where giants clash and legends collide.

  • Shaun says: 24 March 2024, 7:37pm

    The real king of the monsters is what I dropped in the toilet this morning. Jokes aside it will always be Kong!

  • Ryan says: 24 March 2024, 10:24pm

    The Mighty Ape, King Kong.

  • S says: 25 March 2024, 2:10am

    Godzilla is a literal nuclear power house there isn't any competition between Godzilla and King Kong. King Kong has the agility to put up a decent fight but will always be out matched by the raw power of Godzilla, if by some chance King Kong manages to down Godzilla, King Kong still loses (and the rest of the world) with Godzilla's dead man switch activating and him reaching critical meltdown. If you try and put King Kong up against any of the kaiju that Godzilla has fought he wouldn't last very long, Mothra would even beat him well.. Mothra would even beat Godzilla if it wasn't for her benevolent mind set. (Mothra is just stupidly over powered in the kaiju universe). Godzilla has fought the literal embodiment of the devil known as King Ghidorah the 3 headed dragon alien who literally has one weakness and that is just being purely over powered so that it can't regenerate, but Godzilla can go toe to toe with it and still come out on top while King Kong wouldn't last five minutes with it. King Kong is an awesome kaiju and I love him but Godzilla is a living nuke and is always ready to explode. I can't wait to see the movie!

  • Alanah says: 25 March 2024, 8:41am

    Godzilla is literally a being from another world! Kong has nothing on him.

  • Rosie says: 25 March 2024, 11:19am

    Well, given this is 'Mighty Ape' - it has to be King Kong. He is the mightiest of all Apes!!

  • Hiria says: 25 March 2024, 11:54am

    Big nuclear lizard VS G.O.A.T Ape - is it really a competition? this isn't MIGHTY ape for no reason right? Gotta give it to my boy Kong! I think we can all agree t's really Kong's world Godzilla is just living in it. Smarts over brawn

  • Nathan says: 25 March 2024, 1:06pm

    KONG is King - "Mighty Ape" need I say more?

  • Demelza says: 25 March 2024, 1:55pm

    In the fateful clash 'twixt Godzilla and Kong, 'tis Kong's agility, wit, and cunning that tip the scales. His skill in wielding tools and devising stratagems in the heat of battle marks him a formidable foe, countering Godzilla's raw strength with finesse.

  • Alister says: 25 March 2024, 2:53pm

    It's always strange seeing these two together, since growing up I knew them from such wildly different material! My first exposure to King Kong was seeing Peter Jackson's movie as a kid: being mildly traumatized by the man-sized leech-worms, and learning to be a bit more open-minded.
    Meanwhile, I (thankfully) completely missed 1998 Godzilla, so my first exposure was when I first started uni and had some incredible movie nights with new friends as they introduced me to a whole new world of Japanese cinema.
    So as far as I'm concerned, both can share the title of king - they're the kings of monster cinema for a reason. (Godzilla Minus One was amazing though, so if I HAD to choose...)

  • Phillip says: 25 March 2024, 3:12pm

    Big Monke!

  • Oscar says: 25 March 2024, 3:16pm

    Kong is the king of monsters, Godzilla can be the king of eating trees.

  • Gerald Joseph says: 25 March 2024, 3:19pm

    Firstly imagine a colossal behemoth, a towering force of nature whose very presence commands awe and fear. That's Godzilla, the reigning king of monsters, whose immense power and iconic status have solidified its place as the undisputed ruler of the cinematic realm of beasts and titans. Secondly Godzilla has and always had better entrances only fit for the king.

  • Nathan says: 25 March 2024, 5:22pm

    King Kong is the MIGHTIEST OF APES!

    .....But Godzilla atomic breath would cook Kong's monkey meat. Godzilla is literally the King Of Titans. Unless Kong finds some anti planetary weaponry I doubt he stands a chance. Because the only way he wins is if he destroys the planet Godzilla is standing on.

  • Ame says: 25 March 2024, 6:21pm

    Godzilla is way cooler than King Kong, and here's why:
    Underwater Ability: Godzilla can chill underwater like it's no big deal. If King Kong tried that, he'd just end up sinking like a rock.

    Nuke Survivor: Godzilla's basically walking around like a nuclear powerhouse. He can take a nuke and keep on ticking. King Kong? Not so much,you just need a strong female lead to take him down.

    Atomic Breath: Godzilla's got this awesome move where he breathes out atomic fire. It's like his super cool party trick. King Kong? He just bangs on his chest like hes a pokemon.

  • Harold says: 25 March 2024, 7:18pm

    I would go with King Kong just based on mostly Performance without aid, plus the raw power that he has with being a humanoid based being so he can be more nimble and agile where need be to rip apart and shred all his enemies

  • Hamish says: 25 March 2024, 7:19pm

    Godzilla for sure he's a classic and shoots radioactive laser beam out of his mouth and it looks sick when his back lights up for it.

  • Jun says: 25 March 2024, 8:02pm


  • Willem says: 25 March 2024, 8:25pm

    Godzilla! Is a Titan sized nuclear bomb with atomic breath compared to a monkey with and axe.
    How can he not be King.

  • Cory says: 25 March 2024, 8:26pm

    Godzilla by far. A monster legend in his own right. Atomic breath, accelerated healing, nuclear pulse, amphibiosity and the intelligence to go with it 💪🔥

  • Liam says: 25 March 2024, 8:34pm

    Godzilla. Giant radioactive lizard wins every time.

  • darren says: 25 March 2024, 8:44pm

    Would have to say Kong as why else would you use the name for your own brand of PCs back in the day? Obviously Godzilla isnt might enough to be used 😉

  • Dannielle says: 25 March 2024, 8:58pm

    Godzilla all the way. He could smoke that monkey no sweat.

  • Toby says: 25 March 2024, 9:01pm

    It's a tough one, but ultimately I'm going to go with King Godzilla, after all Queen Mothra chose to infuse herself into her King! Godthra... or Mothzilla for the win!!

  • Joseph says: 25 March 2024, 9:13pm

    I would love to say my boy King Kong as he's sporting his impressive new Infinity gauntlet style power glove for the new movie, I've got to go back to my other main boi Godzilla! . I mean come on he literally had his own movie titled king of the monsters where he had all the monsters at the end of that bow down to him! plus not mention all the power ups he's gotten in his subsequent movies too and not to mention his signature OP move Atomic breath.

  • Jordan says: 25 March 2024, 9:15pm

    King Kong is a big deal yet we are capable of stopping him. But Godzilla?, he is a force to be reckoned with; and After seeing the trailer, there are many titans like Kong....... but there is only one Godzilla!

  • Donovan says: 25 March 2024, 9:15pm

    In a world where the ground trembles but there is no earthquake, the mere presence of Godzilla stands tall above them all. Kong may climb skyscrapers, but Godzilla? fires with an Atomic Breath. Godzilla is The true king of monsters, Unmatched, Untamed, and Unstoppable.

    "In the kingdom of monsters, there can only be one true king. And his name? Godzilla." 🐲

  • James says: 25 March 2024, 9:29pm

    Godzilla: Mightyape who is your favourite?
    Mightyape: Oh sweetie, I love you both equally.
    Godzilla walks off.
    Mightyape hugs Kong, "It's you....and by a lot".

  • Gary says: 25 March 2024, 10:49pm

    Kong because apes are smarter then lizards being Godzilla 🤔

  • Edwin says: 25 March 2024, 11:14pm

    King Kong is Undoubtedly the "Might Ape", but I think the crown of "King of Monsters" goes to the "King of Kaiju" Godzilla, his name is the English-ization of Gojira, which is made of the Japanese words for "gorilla" and "whale", he is literally the Amphibious Kong who eminates radiation and can shoot atomic fire from his mouth, if that combination doesn't prove it the 1956 Godzilla movie title might, it is literally called "Godzilla, King of the Monsters!"

  • Keyz says: 25 March 2024, 11:46pm

    Gojira will always remain the King of Monsters, ain't nothing beating the original man in a floppy dino suit whuppin' monster butt!

  • Tony says: 26 March 2024, 1:45am

    Since we are descendants of apes and gorilla are in the same family, we all have to root for King Kong, who doesn't want to see their great-great-grandpa beat-up a lizard (Godzilla), lol.

  • José says: 26 March 2024, 2:33am

    If we were consider both creatures in plushie form then I would choose Kong as the true king of monsters based solely on the fact he would give better hugs.

  • Johan says: 26 March 2024, 4:52am

    Kong's the champ

  • Connor says: 26 March 2024, 7:10am

    I will always be on team big lizard who can shoot big beams... Go Team Godzilla!

  • Brendan says: 26 March 2024, 7:32am

    Kong is King because alliteration always wins.

  • Joseph says: 26 March 2024, 8:35am

    The Mighty Ape, together, is strong. Kong will always be GOATED, the reason being? Opposable thumbs.

  • adam says: 26 March 2024, 8:45am

    In the epic clash of titans between Godzilla and Kong, determining the true king of monsters is no easy feat. Godzilla, with his atomic breath and impenetrable scales, represents the primal force of nature, a behemoth ruling the depths of the ocean. Meanwhile, Kong embodies the raw strength and intelligence of the jungle, a towering guardian of Skull Island.

    But in the end, the crown must rest upon the mightiest brow, and that brow belongs to none other than... Mothra! Yes, the elegant and awe-inspiring Mothra, whose grace and power transcend the mere mortal squabbles of Godzilla and Kong. With her luminous wings and divine presence, Mothra stands as the true queen of monsters, reigning over them all with wisdom and benevolence.

    So while Godzilla and Kong may duke it out for dominance, let us not forget the celestial majesty of Mothra, whose beauty and strength illuminate the very heavens themselves. All hail the one true ruler of monsters! 🦋👑

  • Shoshanna says: 26 March 2024, 9:50am

    I genuinely believe with time it'd be KingKong. Though Godzilla has decades - centuries over Kong when it comes to experience and adapting to the extremes of environments he generally seems to live in.
    Kong makes up for it with his intelligence. Given time to rediscover his heritage and learn from his past mistakes I feel like he will catch up and event surpass Godzilla if he so chose to. He knows when to pick his battles, Godzilla doesn't.

  • Caroline says: 26 March 2024, 9:57am

    GODZILLA! A God will always beat a King. Godzilla will always be the winner to me, he strikes real fear, he has real power. Unbeatable. Except occasionally by Moths, but that's beside the point.

  • Melany says: 26 March 2024, 10:22am

    i would say Godzilla is king as he can both take to the sea and land whereas Kong is limited to fighting only on land. both are iconic monsters of great power and I wouldn't want to be in the way of either of them.

  • Jordan says: 26 March 2024, 1:56pm

    Gojira (ゴジラ) - Godzilla FTW!

  • Jaxson says: 26 March 2024, 2:54pm

    ine Godzilla and Kong playing a game of chess. Godzilla would be the king, towering over the board with strategic prowess, and Kong would be the knight, agile and daring. Anyways in the realm of intellect and strategy Godzilla is knowen as the supreme, True king of monsters. But in terms of raw primal power Kong's the king who wins hearts, swinging and running through the jungle. Soooo I think in the end, the real king of monsters is the one who captures your imagination, whether or not It's the majestic Godzilla or the mighty ape…Kong!!

  • Jaxson says: 26 March 2024, 2:55pm

    ine Godzilla and Kong playing a game of chess. Godzilla would be the king, towering over the board with strategic prowess, and Kong would be the knight, agile and daring. Anyways in the realm of intellect and strategy Godzilla is knowen as the supreme, True king of monsters. But in terms of raw primal power Kong's the king who wins hearts, swinging and running through the jungle. Soooo I think in the end, the real king of monsters is the one who captures your imagination, whether or not It's the majestic Godzilla or the mighty ape…Kong!!

  • Jaxson says: 26 March 2024, 2:55pm

    ine Godzilla and Kong playing a game of chess. Godzilla would be the king, towering over the board with strategic prowess, and Kong would be the knight, agile and daring. Anyways in the realm of intellect and strategy Godzilla is knowen as the supreme, True king of monsters. But in terms of raw primal power Kong's the king who wins hearts, swinging and running through the jungle. Soooo I think in the end, the real king of monsters is the one who captures your imagination, whether or not It's the majestic Godzilla or the mighty ape…Kong!!

  • Mark says: 26 March 2024, 3:23pm

    Godzilla. Oh no, there goes Tokyo, go go Godzilla!

  • Eddie says: 26 March 2024, 5:02pm

    King Kong because big monkey Boi. And king Kong bundy was a UNIT in the WWE ring! 🦖🤛🦍

  • Naomi says: 26 March 2024, 5:40pm

    Definitely Godzilla. Godzilla's like the ultimate powerhouse compared to King Kong. Godzilla's been smashing stuff up on the big screen for decades, becoming a global icon in the process. Whether it's battling other monsters or just causing chaos, Godzilla's got that unbeatable coolness factor that sets it apart.

  • Samuel says: 26 March 2024, 5:46pm

    Kong Is Big Monke so easy wins for sure

  • L says: 26 March 2024, 6:25pm

    Godzilla is the true king of the monsters and always will be.
    He's got a body built from nuclear testing and we won't stop fueling him anytime soon.
    Kong is just a big gorilla who can't even swim long distances.

  • James says: 26 March 2024, 7:31pm

    Absolutely Godzilla because of its iconic design, symbolic significance, immense power, cinematic legacy, versatility in storytelling and epic battles against other monsters like Kong. I don’t mean to take anything away from Kong but Godzilla is just more iconic.

  • Christine says: 26 March 2024, 9:36pm

    Honestly I think both Sabre a high king role, one maybe stronger then the other, and one has more movie 'experience' but look how they both keep up, they're both still here they're both still fighting and surviving, they're as big and great as each other, I currently have almost all the godzilla films downloaded to re-watch, I even wanna get the really really old ones, as they maybe different quialty wise but I wanna learn and know everything about him, plus he's freaking cool!!! But I think they're both kings!

  • Jeremy says: 26 March 2024, 10:17pm

    theres a reason hes called King Kong the real OG doesnt need atomic breath to win his fights just straight hands a truly mighty ape with much more agility he can swing around, scale buildings and throw hands while silly godzilla stomps his feet and uses his stinky breath to knock out kaiju

  • Jamie says: 27 March 2024, 12:03am

    In 1954, less than a decade after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world first met Godzilla. More than just groundbreaking special effects, the 1954 film was special because of its allegory. Godzilla is a powerful commentary on the dangers of nuclear weapons, and the devastation they herald. The first movie ended with a somber warning about what might happen if nuclear weapons continue to be tested in the Pacific. In the modern era, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have set the Doomsday Clock at 90 Seconds to Midnight, and the threat of nuclear weapons remains among humanity's greatest.

    The best screen presences have range, and Godzilla adapts through the ages. Shin Godzilla (2016) drew inspiration from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, as well as the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. William Tsutsui drew parallels between the then Japanese government's response to the real life disasters and the "geriatric, fossilized government bureaucracy" in the film, whereas Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and others saw public support for Japanese emergency response services. The beauty of this film is that both interpretations can be correct.

    In Legendary's Monsterverse, Godzilla represents a "corrective" natural force, restoring balance in a world ravaged by climate change and human impact. In Godzilla Minus One, Godzilla's Oscar-winning performance, he represents survivor's guilt and a community's efforts to rally and rebuild in the wake of a world war. Godzilla is whatever we need him to be, and nearly 40 appearances later proves that he has stood the test of time.

    Ghidorah, Mothra, Gamera, Rodan, Kong are all great movie beasts, but they have none of the longevity, the cultural impact or the legacy that Godzilla does. It's right there in the titles of the 1956 and 2019 films. Godzilla IS the King of the Monsters. There is no disputing it.

  • Glen says: 27 March 2024, 2:33am

    I wrote a haiku about who I think is the REAL king of monsters and why.

    Godzilla short arms.
    Kong Mighty Ape REAL King.
    Opposable thumbs.

  • Kenneth says: 27 March 2024, 8:46am

    Godzilla is the real king of monsters. Why? Because google said so! 😏

    However, both of them are big and strong but not as highly evolved as the GORILLA RIG! 🤔

    It should be King Gorilla! I wish I could try its power next time. 🤭😉

  • Josh says: 27 March 2024, 11:54am

    Kong, cause we would powerbomb ol zilla into the dirt!!

  • Ian says: 27 March 2024, 12:06pm

    To me Godzilla will always be the King of the Monsters as he is an irradiated mutated, lizard with out of this world powers so fits the 'monster' category better than Kong who is an oversized 'Mighty Ape' who never really felt like a 'monster' to me. He always felt more misunderstood and just wanted to be left alone.

  • Nicholas says: 27 March 2024, 1:31pm

    Absolutely Godzilla, he’s literally called the King of Monsters! No way that overgrown monkey can claim that title, especially when he got laid out twice in the same movie by Godzilla himself.

  • Ana says: 27 March 2024, 2:37pm

    I decided to go with Godzilla, cause who doesn't want to see a nuclear radio-active overgrown Tuatara laser beam it's way to greatness?!

  • Jayden says: 27 March 2024, 3:27pm

    The king of monsters is definitely Godzilla, absolutely love Kong but Godzilla is my spirit animal 🤣 the atomic blast breath and cool rgb light effects on his spines is what does it for me 👍

  • Kevin says: 27 March 2024, 4:46pm

    In terms of intelligence, the big dinosaur has very little chance of outsmarting the big gorilla. King Kong's primate instincts give him an edge because primates are adaptable.

  • Rachelle says: 27 March 2024, 5:15pm

    In the world of my autistic son it's Godzilla due to his awesome power and destruction capability. Plus there's more movies with Godzilla that we've found which he loves watching. At the end of the day something that looks like a dinosaur will always beat an ape.

  • James says: 27 March 2024, 6:38pm

    I would say Kong vs Godzilla is much like a Batman vs Superman situation. With the power of planning and exploiting weaknesses of Godzilla, I think Kong would be able to take the victory, and assert himself as the REAL king of Monsters. :)

  • Alicia says: 27 March 2024, 6:52pm

    My 8 yr old ASD daughter will tell you the best one is Shin Godzilla because he has “thermo nuclear power coming from his mouth, spin and tail! He can also open his mouth so wide cause he has 4 jaws!” She’s a little obsessed at the moment and knows all the Godzillas and the years they were made. However we won’t be watching the movie in the cinemas as it’s too loud and overwhelming for her.

  • Alicia says: 27 March 2024, 6:54pm

    My 8 yr old ASD daughter will tell you the best one is Shin Godzilla because he has “thermo nuclear power coming from his mouth, spin and tail! He can also open his mouth so wide cause he has 4 jaws!” She’s a little obsessed at the moment and knows all the Godzillas and the years they were made. However we won’t be watching the movie in the cinemas as it’s too loud and overwhelming for her.

  • Lee-vorn says: 27 March 2024, 6:59pm

    Donkey Kong is the real king of the monsters.

  • Dustin says: 27 March 2024, 7:41pm

    The king of monsters is definitely Kong, because he's so humanlike, he'd definitely come up with a creative way to destroy those in his way, whereas Godzilla is just a dinosaur, and they died out due to not being adaptable.

  • Dan says: 27 March 2024, 8:13pm

    No way does Kong top Godzilla. Gozilla all the way!

  • William says: 27 March 2024, 9:07pm

    I'm going to answer on here as well, since I commented on FB:

    The true king of monsters isn't just about brute strength; it's about heart, resilience, and the ability to inspire awe. Kong embodies all of these qualities. While Godzilla may have the power, Kong has the soul. He's a symbol of connection between humans and monsters, bridging the gap with empathy and understanding. In a world where empathy is the ultimate strength, Kong reigns supreme as the one true king of monsters. 🦍👑

    Also he is THE MIGHTY APE!

  • Liam says: 27 March 2024, 9:15pm

    Godzilla is clearly the real king of monsters.

    Kong was mostly invented by Merian Cooper because he thought a film about a terrifying and primal giant ape would be neat. But Godzilla is more interesting, because he is a metaphor for the uncontrollable power mankind could now unleash in the nuclear age, and the unintended consequences carried by that power. Kong never really has anything too deep going on because he originated in spectacle, whereas Godzilla reminds us that monsters are things humans create.

    If that's not enough, it was the 1956 American version of Godzilla that first proclaimed him to be "King of Monsters". How much more definitive can you get than that? Kong has nothing there.

  • Mauku says: 27 March 2024, 9:39pm

    King Kong reigns as the King of Monsters not only due to his super size and strength but also because of his incredible feelings of empathy and intelligence. Unlike other monsters, he forges alliances and protects his domain with a gentle heart, showing mercy even to adversaries. His commitment to justice, understanding of nature's balance, and unwavering dedication to protection make him a true king among beasts.
    Ps. I actually tried to name my baby king after King Kong but the nz government won’t let him
    Be great 🤣

    Good luck everyone !

  • James says: 27 March 2024, 9:40pm

    It'll aways be Godzilla!

  • Brent says: 27 March 2024, 10:41pm

    From the moment I first watched Godzilla at 7 years old I always thought that it was the king of the beasts!! Let’s be honest, he’s a Lizard that was affected by radio active material and bamboowizzle!!! Then I though woah, King King is cool but “King Kong ain’t got nothing on me!” 😂😂 Godzilla has powers beyond what any human could comprehend, King King is just a really big ape 😂 But… then I really thought about it… King Kong is not just a beast, he’s taken out dinosaurs and all kinds of nonsense 😂he’s a God personified as this massive Ape! A Mighty Mighty Ape some would say 😋

    Thank you for the opportunity Mighty Ape.
    Much love and respect 💙
    Happy Easter 💙❤️💙❤️

  • Cody says: 27 March 2024, 11:41pm

    Kong is the winner cause monkey

  • Leng says: 28 March 2024, 3:51am

    Godzilla, I mean they named him "God"Zilla for a reason,

  • Peter says: 28 March 2024, 8:55am

    I would generally go for Kong - but Godzilla is a mighty opponent as well.

  • Kara says: 28 March 2024, 8:56am

    Go go Godzilla! The king of the monsters and og atomic monster is back! Chonky man!

  • Phoenix says: 28 March 2024, 10:50am

    King Kong has a big glove now. Should be an easy W.

  • Wally says: 28 March 2024, 11:03am

    The monstrousness of Kong comes from his resemblance to humanity, making the contrast greater, whereas Godzilla is primarily a monster... giving Godzilla the edge in the King of Monsters stakes.

  • Ataahua says: 28 March 2024, 11:19am

    The real king is obviously Kong! His government name is King Kong!
    Besides, everyone knows a gorilla is beating a lizard any day.

  • Robin says: 28 March 2024, 12:10pm

    For me they are both King on their on rights. King of the Monster and King of the Beast, but nothing beats the original King Kong!

  • Ariyan says: 28 March 2024, 2:49pm

    Godzilla's reign as the true king of the monsters transcends mere physical dominance; it embodies a legacy steeped in symbolism, resilience, and cultural significance. From its origins as a metaphor for nuclear devastation to its evolution into a guardian of Earth, Godzilla represents the enduring spirit of humanity in the face of adversity. With its colossal stature and atomic breath, Godzilla commands respect not just as a force of nature, but as a symbol of our capacity for both destruction and redemption. While Kong may possess strength and agility, Godzilla's legacy as a global icon of resilience and strength firmly cements its status as the true king of the monsters.

  • Ariyan says: 28 March 2024, 2:52pm

    Kong's royal status stems from his intelligence, empathy, and ability to form connections with humans. Unlike Godzilla, whose power is driven by instinct, Kong exhibits a depth of character and emotional range that resonates with audiences. His willingness to protect and interact with humans showcases qualities of leadership and guardianship, cementing his title as the true king of the monsters.

  • Adriaan says: 28 March 2024, 3:43pm

    Choosing between Godzilla and Kong as the true king of monsters is like deciding between thunder and lightning in a storm. Godzilla, the ancient behemoth, embodies the raw power and unstoppable force of nature itself, while Kong, the mighty ape, represents the indomitable spirit and cunning intelligence of the wild. Perhaps the true ruler isn't one or the other, but rather the chaotic dance between them, a primal clash of titans that echoes through the ages, reminding us of the awesome majesty and terrifying beauty of the natural world

  • Viliami Mahe says: 28 March 2024, 5:44pm

    Kong is the king of monsters, just like me he was like a foster, Godzilla is simply an imposter.
    King Kong, it’s his name for a reason. He doesn’t need to wait for a nuclear season.
    To see him fight, is something I’ve come to admire..
    Godzillas old he’s needing to sleep and retire..
    I see him moving stiff it just be making me sad.
    He needs to make way for the king and his new empire

  • Matt says: 28 March 2024, 8:15pm

    Fun fact, uh, did you know that Godzilla is the actually the most powerful monster of them all?

  • Sierra says: 28 March 2024, 8:48pm

    Obviously the King of Apes 😎 his arms are longer haha!

  • Husen says: 28 March 2024, 9:21pm

    OBVIOUSLY godzilla is the real monster no debate come on now

  • elton says: 28 March 2024, 10:52pm

    The title of the "King of Monsters" is often associated with Godzilla due to his long history in Japanese cinema as a giant radioactive reptilian creature. However, Kong also holds significance as a legendary giant ape in popular culture. Ultimately, it depends on personal preference and interpretation, as both characters have their own unique characteristics and fan bases. But I'm going Godzilla 🐲

  • Ben says: 29 March 2024, 12:03pm

    Kong because:
    1. Big Monkey
    2. King is his legal name
    3. Big Monkey

  • Aryan says: 29 March 2024, 11:00pm

    King Kong has always been destined to become king of monsters, not only is he very intelligent, he has the strength to go toe to toe with many monsters. He is also big monke

  • Kalolaine says: 30 March 2024, 1:19am

    Godzilla! Although Kong is a Mighty Ape (pun intended) he is not a monster. He’s intelligent and values life. Godzilla on the other hand is a real monster just out here with only battling and territory on his mind. He’ll even take out other Titans for the power he wants.

  • Mikela says: 30 March 2024, 8:44am

    King Kong would pop Godzilla like a pimple. A mighty ape vs an over sized lizard with bad breath. Easy W for the bro kong

  • Jesse says: 30 March 2024, 9:58am

    Ain't no Lizard rig up for grabs is there? Kong be my only king #RIPHarambe

  • N says: 30 March 2024, 10:21am

    The og king of monsters was the 1933 creation by merian cooper, King Kong himself and held that position until 1954 when the one True King of monsters appeared in the classic and one of my favourites, ishiro honda creation “Godzilla”! He for me will be the one true king of monsters and will be for a long time to come!

  • Isaac says: 30 March 2024, 10:51am

    Godzilla is the true king of monsters. I'm sure one of the two can survive a nuke and it's the one that's already nucellar, in fact the nuke would probably make him more powerful.

  • Kaj says: 30 March 2024, 12:28pm

    I know that this is "Mighty Ape" but I can't lie that Godzilla is hands down the king of monsters. Bro is true powerhouse in terms of raw energy, plus his spine does that cool thing where it lights up before he absolutely obliterates the enemy with his laser breath. Godzilla has a history of fighting the biggest and the baddest of foes - Rodan, Mothra, Ghidorah, etc. whereas Kong has always been the biggest boy on the Skull Island and none of the other monsters give him much to worry about.

    Godzilla is king.

  • Keith says: 30 March 2024, 12:39pm

    I'd love a gorilla rig, although I think Godzilla's Atomic Breath gives him the edge over Kong in a battle.

  • Sean says: 30 March 2024, 3:27pm

    Ah, a classic debate: Godzilla versus King Kong. I've always had a soft spot for King Kong, with his muscular frame and primal charm. But when it comes to sheer brute force, I have to hand it to the prehistoric reptilian king (but definitely subject to change after I watch the movie).

    Let's talk about Gojira, or Godzilla as most folks know him. He's like that big, brooding alpha in the room - a walking nuclear experiment gone awry, leaving chaos in his wake. But hey, we've all got our flaws, right? Despite the destruction, Godzilla serves a purpose. He brings balance to Earth and keeps the other titans in line, like a true alpha should. Plus, let's not forget the epic kaiju battles and that unmistakable roar that sends shivers down your spine.

    Sure, Godzilla may be a force to be reckoned with, but deep down, Earth is just as much his home as it is ours. After all, as Dr. Ishiro Serizawa once said, "we are his pets." So, let's tip our hats to the king of the monsters and appreciate the unique role he plays in the grand tapestry of nature.

    In the end, whether you're Team Godzilla or Team Kong, one thing's for sure: these titans are here to stay, reminding us of the wild, untamed spirit that roars within us all.

  • Gaston says: 30 March 2024, 3:36pm

    Zilla will always beat everyone's buts! What did godzilla say to Kong in a party? You're the life of the party, I'm the party crusher!

  • Karl says: 30 March 2024, 4:49pm

    It's all in the title really. Kong bursted onto the cinematic landscape in 1933 as KING Kong, the King of Beasts, The 8th Wonder of the World.

  • Leon says: 30 March 2024, 5:35pm

    gorilla of course the king of monsters

  • Shaun says: 30 March 2024, 7:28pm

    Kong is the real king of monsters. He is intelligent, proud, a master strategist and warlord, and an evolutionary marvel.

  • Caitlin says: 30 March 2024, 8:46pm

    Godzilla is the king of ALL TITANS and Kong is the king of HUMANITY. End of story. Being named KING isn't solely based on their abilities of power but it is solely based on the impact their character leaves on the audience in the end. Godzilla is known for the destruction of his atomic breath, and how he can easily destroy anything in his path. Kong is solely known for his intelligence, strength and survival skills. TOGETHER THEY ARE UNSTOPPABLE.

  • Andrew says: 30 March 2024, 9:36pm

    I see the answer as depending on what qualifies as 'King' so I'm gonna answer twice.
    if we're talking sheer power then Godzilla takes the cake cos it boils down to an atomic powerhouse vs rather large monkey.
    However if we're talking qualities they possess then I think Kong would be the superior 'King' as his problem solving abilities and possession of what appears to be empathy like traits would make him a more effective leader/King rather than Godzilla instinct driven behavior

  • Stephen says: 30 March 2024, 9:52pm

    Godzilla is KING, Kong needs help to fight against Godzilla.

  • Summa says: 31 March 2024, 2:34am

    Godzilla is depicted as an immensely powerful creature capable of immense destruction. His size, durability, and array of atomic breath and other abilities make him a formidable force. So yes godzilla is most definitely the king of all monsters.

  • Austin lee says: 31 March 2024, 8:23am

    Godzilla is my favourite out the 2 so it would be Godzilla also like nuks

  • Nathan says: 31 March 2024, 9:51am

    What is a king to a God? Godzilla always comes out on top! His name is also always first, which means he's the best!

  • Chris says: 31 March 2024, 10:40am

    Definitely King Kong

  • Chris says: 31 March 2024, 4:57pm

    Godzilla. As he was a pretty good dad to godzuki

  • Timmy says: 31 March 2024, 8:08pm

    King Kong! The mighty ape is by far the best simply because this shop ! 🔥🦧

  • Sam says: 1 April 2024, 8:39am

    King Kong, a king for a reason 😉

  • Ben says: 1 April 2024, 8:40am

    Kong is the mightiest ape of them all

  • Scott says: 1 April 2024, 10:52am

    Nearly every version of Godzilla has a backstory which I feel always defines them as the King, if only for thematic reasons. He is a creature that did not exist prior to us; it was our own wanton misuse of the environment that created him through nuclear tests/bombs. Kong is natural; functionally, he is just a giant silverback. However, Godzilla would not exist without us, and the pointless damage we chose to wrought. To my mind, that makes him just slightly more ‘important’ of the two. After all, they are only monsters to us, so if we take it from a human point of view, a natural beast who is large but typically portrayed as kind, vs a monster who only exists because of us and who’s very origin is a massive critique of humanity (Kong is also kind of a critique, but more humans imposing upon nature, vs Godzilla, who is about the destruction of same, which from a personal point of view is the more horrendous of the two)? I know which one is more ‘monstrous’

  • Mason says: 1 April 2024, 11:19am

    Well you see King kong is just a giant ape with a brain and Godzilla is a radioactive killing machine with a fricken laser beam! Godzilla is the king

  • Jonathan says: 1 April 2024, 1:28pm

    Pretty sure Godzilla is more powerful

  • Corryn says: 1 April 2024, 2:20pm

    Kong won't last long. Godzilla's atomic breath is killer!

  • Amiel says: 1 April 2024, 3:08pm

    As their name suggests Godzilla is a God meanwhile Kong’s other name is King Kong. So King Kong is a King

  • Paul says: 1 April 2024, 4:11pm

    King Kong, it’s the opposable thumbs that does it.

  • Jade says: 1 April 2024, 7:11pm

    Godzilla is man made. Kong is like an evolved man. The real question is would we win against our appliances if we were to go against them? If it were godzilla and our fridge against man and his monkey, We would manage to delude ourselves into thinking we are the winners when really we are cleaning the appliances that will one day, with a radio active lizard, rule us with an iron fist. So in conclusion. Monke

  • Michael says: 1 April 2024, 11:11pm

    Godzilla is no match to the the Mighty King Kong! Apes are smart not like some mutated lizard, pretty sure King Kong will think of a way to defeat Godzilla 🤘

  • Jamaine says: 2 April 2024, 12:13am

    The title of “King of the Monsters” is typically associated with Godzilla due to his long history in the franchise and his immense power. However, Kong also holds a significant place in monster lore as the King of Skull Island. The debate about who is the real king often comes down to personal preference and the context of the story. In their crossover films, each has had moments of triumph and displays of dominance, making the argument subjective.


    1. Immense Power: Godzilla possesses extraordinary strength, durability, and atomic breath, making him a formidable opponent.
    2. Regeneration: Godzilla has shown the ability to regenerate from significant injuries, enhancing his resilience in battles.
    3. Size: Godzilla’s colossal size gives him a physical advantage over many adversaries, allowing him to dominate in confrontations.
    4. Experience: With a long history of battles and encounters, Godzilla has proven his ability to adapt and strategize in various situations.


    1. Slowness: Due to his massive size, Godzilla can sometimes be slower in movements, making him vulnerable to quicker opponents.
    2. Vulnerability to Certain Attacks: While Godzilla is incredibly resilient, he has shown vulnerability to certain types of attacks, such as powerful energy-based weapons.
    3. Limited Mobility: Godzilla’s large size can sometimes limit his maneuverability, making it challenging to navigate certain environments or evade attacks.



    1. Agility: Kong is incredibly agile and nimble, able to move swiftly and maneuver through complex terrain with ease.
    2. Intelligence: Kong has demonstrated high levels of intelligence and problem-solving skills, allowing him to outsmart opponents in battles.
    3. Versatility: Kong’s ability to use tools and improvised weapons adds a layer of adaptability to his fighting style, making him unpredictable in combat.
    4. Emotional Connections: Kong has often shown compassion and empathy, forming bonds with humans and potentially gaining allies in battles.


    1. Size: While Kong is large and powerful, he is typically smaller than Godzilla, putting him at a physical disadvantage in direct confrontations.
    2. Vulnerability to Certain Attacks: Kong’s smaller size makes him more susceptible to certain types of attacks, particularly those with significant destructive force.
    3. Lack of Longevity: Kong’s lifespan is generally shorter compared to Godzilla’s, limiting his accumulated experience and battle prowess over time.

    Ultimately, both monsters have their strengths and weaknesses, making their confrontations dynamic and unpredictable. Based on the pros and cons outlined, Godzilla seems to have a slight edge in being considered the “King of the Monsters.” His immense power, regeneration abilities, and extensive experience in battles give him a formidable advantage. However, Kong’s agility, intelligence, and emotional connections make him a worthy opponent, and in certain contexts, he could also be considered a king in his own right. Ultimately, the title may depend on the specific criteria and context of the situation.

  • Michael says: 2 April 2024, 9:28am

    That neighbor that decides that 7am on a Sunday morning is by far the best time to mow the lawns...That's the real king of monsters... otherwise id go with Godzilla... I mean laser breath is a vibe at the very least.

  • Troy says: 2 April 2024, 9:29am

    Godzilla has to be because he absolutely destroys any city like back in 1954. Kong couldnt even survive against 3 little fighter planes whereas godzilla took a whole military to the face. Especially in shin godzilla where he became completely unstoppable

  • victor says: 2 April 2024, 2:05pm

    Godzilla reigns supreme as the true king of monsters, his atomic roar echoing through the monkeys brains, a force of nature unmatched. Yet, Kong, with primal strength and unwavering spirit, stands as a challenger to the throne In this battle of titans i think Kong might win due to his OP gantlet........Rip Lizard...ggs

  • Hunter says: 2 April 2024, 3:32pm

    Godzilla is the GOAT

  • Sophie says: 2 April 2024, 3:38pm

    Godzilla because it is the Year of the Dragon! So Godzilla is in his element!

  • alex says: 2 April 2024, 4:44pm

    I would back godzilla over Kong but I do like them both. I haven't seen the last few movies in the franchise though as I spend more time playing games these days over watching movies.

  • Jasmine says: 2 April 2024, 4:49pm

    Definitely Kong! King of the Jungle and Monsters. They already call him KING

  • Chanse says: 2 April 2024, 6:08pm

    Easy Godzilla diff. Kong may be the the champion of the humans in the way of the man and monkey relationship (I know he’s a gorilla) but Godzilla is the protector of earth itself, plus mans is just roaming the ocean waiting for bad guys to pull up. Then he just hits them with a zzzzzzzzzbrrrrrrr boom with his super saiyan god beam.

  • Sateki says: 2 April 2024, 6:25pm

    King Kong is the King of Monsters. Godzilla is the God of Monsters.

  • Chris says: 2 April 2024, 7:23pm

    Easily King Kong because he has gorilla genes which we know is the smartest and most "mighty ape" of them all.

  • Paula says: 2 April 2024, 7:59pm

    the great ape, the mighty ape KING KONG

  • Jared says: 2 April 2024, 8:13pm

    Always will be my nuclear Dino boi Gojira!!!!!

  • Jake says: 3 April 2024, 9:15am

    Godzilla is the real King of Monsters

  • Nicole says: 3 April 2024, 10:25am

    Ding dong... it's KONG!

  • Nicole says: 3 April 2024, 10:28am

    Because he should be KONGratulated!

  • Nathaniel says: 3 April 2024, 11:45am

    (To the tune of We didn't start the fire by Billy Joel)
    Amhuluk, Hedorah, Tiamat, Ghidorah
    SpaceGodzilla, Battra, Megalon, Gamera
    MUTO mum and dad, Kong almost got him bad.
    Biollante, Rodan, Destroyah, Gigan
    Godzilla has blown them all away
    What else do I have to say?

  • Kate says: 3 April 2024, 2:16pm

    As a purely pedantic ex-professional wordsmith, my boring but etymologically correct answer is in the names: It's often been King Kong, but it's never been King Godzilla...

  • Mark says: 3 April 2024, 2:20pm

    Monke beats lizard

  • Manaia says: 3 April 2024, 3:02pm

    For me, you could go back and fourth all day and argue who is the best or the King (which we all know is really Nick Eh 30 LMAO). I grew up with both being a BIG part of my Juvenile life and until this day as a grown man. All the way up until this last film i would always have Godzilla wining because of his pure strength and nuclear abilities BUT WAIT.................. What I absolutely Love is when Directors or writers achieve that feeling we get when we see the some what bad guy (You could say is Godzilla because of his pure Destruction) and some what good guy (YOu could say is King Kong because of his emotional connection to the humans) show some what of mutual RESPECT for each other after their massive battle literally trying to kill each other, not to say we are friends or not to say we aren't but we can co-exist with each other and stand on common ground. This just made it for me i love when this happens in movies, comics, games. I just want to see what two colossal beasts could do if they were in some what of unity (would be a thing of Beauty) Long story short (after my boring life story lol) King Godzilla and King Kong are both the true definition of the KINGS OF MONSTERS in their own right.

  • Craig says: 3 April 2024, 4:16pm

    In the battle of the titans, only Kong reigns supreme. The biggest ape of them all could be an all out destructive force like Godzilla, wreaking havoc wherever he goes, but he chose instead to be a protector of us mere humans and to treasure life rather than destruction

    In the age of the titans, the best is Kong
    Whose heart is as big as his reach is long
    To destroy is the domain of the biggest big lizard
    Kong would prefer to be a benevolent wizard
    Of being more than his exterior would suggest he could be
    And ensure that humanity will remain free

  • Keiren says: 3 April 2024, 4:45pm

    Godzilla, because lizards are known to run the world, and Kong is too busy online shopping.

  • Ben says: 4 April 2024, 8:02am

    Godzilla! His awesome nuclear power is crazyyyyy powerful, he be blastin everything like vroop vroop vroop vroop!

  • Mitchell says: 4 April 2024, 8:17am

    It has to be Godzilla. I mean, as soon as they show Kong shooting nuclear laser breath, I would side with the Ape, but he can't beat a giant laser lizard.

  • Jack says: 4 April 2024, 8:38am

    Godzilla will always be the true king of the monsters. Kong may also be a king, and Godzilla may recognise him as such, but he's the king of his own realm, and that's good enough. Kong protects the humans whom he's bonded with, but Godzilla protects nature and the world as a whole and every other titan will only ever bow to him. Godzilla has been known as the King of the Monsters throughout almost his entire franchise, and to take that title away from him and give it to Kong would be a slap in the face to the decades of movies, comics, and other media proclaiming him as such that his fans love.

  • Josh says: 4 April 2024, 10:13am

    Godzilla is super overpowered hes an Ancient nuclear colossal monster that can breathe blue fire. But for Kong to start off trying to tackle such a beast makes us see who the true King of the Monsters is. He will never back down!

    Iv been shopping with Mighty Ape for years now. And you continue to show how strong you keep getting just like Kong!

  • Rohan says: 4 April 2024, 10:30am

    It's gotta be Godzilla, hands (or should I say claws?) down. I mean, come on, the dude breathes radioactive fire! Kong's cool and all, but he's basically just a really big monkey with a good throwing arm. Godzilla's got that classic "I woke up like this" vibe - unstoppable, iconic, and with a mean atomic glow. So yeah, when it comes to ruling the roost, Godzilla's got the monster mojo in spades!

  • Zach says: 4 April 2024, 10:31am

    Kong is the King, the mighty ape has the Infinity Gauntlet now too. Snap for banana

  • Michael says: 4 April 2024, 10:51am

    It's always gotta be Godzilla 'cause big lizard.
    Now, you might say but big ape! Well, yes, but consider - big lizard shoots beam and can suplex big ape. It's a very highbrow academic finding, but I can assume you my analysis is spot on.

  • Jack says: 4 April 2024, 10:57am

    King Kong because he's a big monke

  • Travis says: 4 April 2024, 11:07am

    Godzillla is the king, all the kaiju have bowed down to him and acknowledged him or faced destruction at his claws and atomic breath. King Kong doesn't want to be a king, he is only interested in finding a family again and being their protector, not their ruler like the Scar King, which he finally did in The New Empire.

  • Surya says: 4 April 2024, 11:18am

    There once was a creature quite monstrous,
    Whose size and strength were quite wondrous.
    With a roar that could chill,
    He'd assert his strong will,
    As the king of the beasts, he's Godzilla, the thunderous!

  • Harold says: 4 April 2024, 11:42am

    King Kong being an ape, which is the same family of animals we belong to, it has to be King Kong, as all apes share features that make human beings truly the worst and most powerful monsters on the planet - intelligence, competitiveness and aggression. Unfortunately the latter two qualities often impede the action of the first one.

  • Daniel says: 4 April 2024, 1:34pm

    While Kong may climb towers, a noble sight,
    Godzilla's dominion reaches infinite height.
    For he embodies nature's unforgiving wrath,
    A sovereign force upon its chosen path.

    In battles waged across cities aglow,
    Godzilla's supremacy continues to grow.
    For in the annals of time, his legend shall ring,
    As the ultimate ruler, the eternal king.

  • Simon says: 4 April 2024, 1:43pm

    While Kong is mighty and strong. GODZILLA So powerful it even has a car named after it. The Nissan GTR "GODZILLA". GODZILLA with its nature suit of amour, Lays waste to all on land and sea. the ultimate killing machine. The King of Kings the Super predator that has no nature rival. Crush, Kill and Destroy

  • Zaeem says: 4 April 2024, 1:45pm

    You ever watch Godzilla in action? It's like seeing the king of monsters in the flesh. He's got this vibe, this aura of ancient power that just commands respect. And when he lets out that legendary roar, it's like the whole world stops to listen. In the realm of kaiju battles, Godzilla's not just a contender – he's the undisputed ruler, wearing the crown of kingship with every step he takes.

  • Rachel says: 4 April 2024, 2:40pm

    Obviously, the one actually named "KING" Kong is the winner!

  • Michael Angelo says: 4 April 2024, 2:47pm


  • Ethan says: 4 April 2024, 2:50pm

    Kong is the king of monsters man. Godzilla is slow and very heavy whereas kong is lighter and more agile. While Godzilla has more power, Kong can easily outrun and outmaneuver him. Hands down, Kong would beat Godzilla in a fight!!!

  • Jan says: 4 April 2024, 2:55pm

    Godzilla is the undisputed KING.👑
    His name is first in the title, I rest my case.

  • Jordan says: 4 April 2024, 3:13pm

    Godzilla is king because ultimately he's always the only one left to dominate the earth. He may get his ass kicked a lot, he may need to be rescued in most of his battles, but at the end of the day he won and those other guys didn't

  • Jonathan says: 4 April 2024, 3:19pm

    Kong is the mightiest of apes (besides his nephew, Mightyape, whom is the greatest merchant of the apes), but Godzilla has lazers.... I mean, Kong simply can't compare to lazers, so Godzilla would be King of the Monsters! But if Mightyape were to compete for that title... mmm I dunno I think both Kong and Godzilla might be beaten.

  • Margaret says: 4 April 2024, 4:49pm

    Easy answer. Kong. He’s smart, he’s massive, he’s strong, and at times he’s funny!! Apes over dinos any day!!

  • Nick says: 4 April 2024, 4:50pm

    Maybe it's the unpopular opinion given where we are, but a colossal nuclear lizard with a breath weapon is definitely my pick for king!

  • Stephen says: 4 April 2024, 6:15pm

    Kong is big monkey king (insert gorilla picture)

  • Craig says: 4 April 2024, 7:52pm

    Godzilla has something like 50 movies made for him, not even a close one.

  • Alex says: 4 April 2024, 9:04pm

    Across all iterations, across every decade, across the map: it's Godzilla. He's just too powerful to ever really lose.

  • Clifford says: 4 April 2024, 10:13pm

    Godzilla, which rhythms with Attila the Hun, He's Prehistoric a long time ago so theoretically with the long length of time more experienced. HE has the name GOD in his name supreme, the top one.

  • Tems says: 4 April 2024, 10:20pm

    In the debate of Godzilla vs. King Kong, there are strong arguments for both sides.
    On the Godzilla side, supporters argue that Godzilla possesses immense atomic breath that can melt through virtually anything in its path. This power gives him a significant advantage in terms of long-range attacks compared to King Kong's physical strength. Additionally, Godzilla's sheer size and durability make him a formidable opponent, able to withstand massive amounts of damage and continue fighting.
    Moreover, Godzilla has shown in numerous movies that he can take on multiple kaiju at once and come out victorious. This demonstrates his ability to handle intense combat situations and adapt to different fighting styles.
    In terms of King Kong, supporters argue that his agility and speed give him an edge in close combat situations. Kong is known for his intelligence and ability to think strategically during battles, using his surroundings to gain the upper hand. This cunning nature could potentially outsmart Godzilla in a one-on-one confrontation.
    Furthermore, King Kong's ability to use tools and weapons, such as rocks and trees, adds another layer to his fighting capabilities. This adaptability could be a key factor in overcoming Godzilla's atomic breath and brute strength.
    In conclusion, while Godzilla may have the advantage in terms of raw power and durability, King Kong's agility, intelligence, and resourcefulness make him a formidable opponent in his own right. Ultimately, the outcome of a battle between the two iconic monsters would likely depend on the circumstances of the fight and each creature's ability to exploit their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Lakshitha says: 4 April 2024, 11:05pm

    In the grand arena of monstrous royalty, where colossal footsteps shake the very earth and mighty roars reverberate across the skies, one question reigns supreme: Is it Godzilla, the towering titan of radioactive might, whose very presence evokes primal fear and awe? Or is it Kong, the stalwart guardian of Skull Island, whose spirit and intelligence rival even the most ferocious of adversaries?

    To answer this query, one must venture beyond mere physical prowess and delve into the realms of symbolism and cultural resonance. Godzilla, with his origins rooted in the fears of nuclear devastation and the consequences of humanity's hubris, represents the uncontrollable forces of nature unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. He is the embodiment of chaos and destruction, a reminder of the consequences of tampering with powers beyond our comprehension.

    On the other hand, we have Kong, whose saga is one of resilience, empathy, and the enduring strength of the human spirit. Despite his humble beginnings on a remote island, Kong rises to become a symbol of defiance against oppression and exploitation. His bond with humanity, particularly with those who see beyond his fearsome exterior to the gentle giant within, elevates him to a status beyond mere monsterhood.

    So, who truly deserves the crown? In the end, it is not about brute strength or size, but about the impact these titans have had on our collective consciousness. Godzilla may be the king of destruction, but Kong is the king of hearts. His ability to forge connections and inspire empathy makes him a monarch in his own right, ruling not through fear, but through the power of compassion and understanding.

    Therefore, if we are to bestow the title of the real king of monsters, let it be Kong, whose legacy transcends the confines of mere monster mythology and touches the very soul of humanity.


  • Zak says: 5 April 2024, 5:48am

    In the realm where giants roam,
    Godzilla claims the ocean's throne.
    But Kong, the lord of primal might,
    Rules the skies in fearless flight.
    Yet, in their clash, a truth unfurls,
    Both kings reign in the hearts of worlds.
    For in the tapestry of monstrous lore,
    Two sovereigns rule, forevermore.

  • Efren Jr says: 5 April 2024, 6:47am

    Mighty Ape is just like King Kong that give us hope in a world full of Scar King.

  • Ash says: 5 April 2024, 10:14am

    Easily Godzilla, he has exsited for ages, and continues to shape and change the fate of humanity everytime he shows up. Raw power, intelligence, range and close-quarters an absolute beast. Kong is a larger than normal Gorilla.

  • Kevin says: 5 April 2024, 11:38am

    Godzilla is a force of nature and always have been, so I consider Kong more of a King of monsters while Godzilla is king of nature. The contrast between Kong being more of a character solidifies my choice of him being crowned as King of hallow earth after the movie.

  • charles says: 5 April 2024, 12:06pm

    God sent Kong down to avenge Harambe, this alone gives Kong the advantage. Kong is King! #ForHarambe

  • shane says: 5 April 2024, 12:30pm

    Godzilla wells he’s bigger.
    He has atomic breath.
    Crushes city’s! and that’s only on the way through to his destination
    and he always wins!
    vs a giant ape that’s big and strong and can climb anything.
    But at the end of the day they’re like any other other bloke.
    They get home after a long day to mrs godzilla and queen kong.

  • Monaro says: 5 April 2024, 1:08pm

    Godzilla i like power an he has it

  • Patrick says: 5 April 2024, 3:31pm

    Kings can be killed... But God's can live forever... Godzilla!

  • Elizabeth says: 5 April 2024, 3:40pm

    Kia Ora I believe that kong is KING OF ALL MONSTERS, he is a lover fighter protector and overall a chill ass gorilla. I believe it takes more than laser powers to be king over all. Power of respect provides a better and more controlled kingdom than one of fear. Godzilla has amazing powers but kong has my heart.
    Big monkey or better yet… mighty ape

  • Alex says: 5 April 2024, 4:28pm

    King Kong is the king
    But Godzilla is a God of monsters

  • Jack says: 5 April 2024, 8:16pm

    Kong! Bows down to no titan. Lover, fighter. King!

  • Phillip says: 5 April 2024, 9:09pm

    Kong is a King!! But Zilla is A GOD!!!!

  • tobias says: 5 April 2024, 9:21pm

    Easy answer. Kong. He’s smart, he’s massive, he’s strong, and at times he’s funny!! Apes over dinos any day

  • Ben says: 5 April 2024, 10:09pm

    Godzilla is the real king as he killed the previous king

  • Ben says: 5 April 2024, 10:10pm

    King kong is the mightiest ape (king)

  • Ryan says: 5 April 2024, 10:10pm

    I think Godzilla is the king because he has tough skin that can't be pierced and his attacks are like atomic bombs in energy

  • Tyrel says: 6 April 2024, 1:36am

    Godzilla all the way, I think he's gonna do a flying drop kick into king Kong and become the king of monsters.

  • Matthew says: 6 April 2024, 4:05pm

    King Kong has King in the name

  • Floyd says: 6 April 2024, 6:08pm

    Considering when they originally fought in the Showa Era it was rather unambiguously Kong, I'd say he would still win. The antagonist, who was in the trailer, looks strikingly like Showa Era Kong so I'm not feeling good about Godzilla's chances this round. 👀

  • Mary Ellen says: 6 April 2024, 7:18pm

    Kong is fierce but Godzilla is the chonky boy and has awesomd charge blast sounds.

  • Mike says: 6 April 2024, 7:43pm

    Let's be real here, we all know Kong is the King. One king hit on Godzilla and off he goes to sleep 😂😂. When if win, I will show all of the call of duty lobbies who the real King Kong is... I will rep the new skin in cod of Kong and stream on this pc! But first let me explain why Kong is going to win... firstly he is agile for his size, not only is he going to out manoeuvre the Zilla but his pure power will be a surprise for the lil lizzard. You may think monkeys are dumb but I know kong is a smart one! After all, he is one mighty smart ape who will not only surprise but outthink the God zilla. There is a very secret weapon that Kong has up his sleeve... it's RGB in his eyes.. the moment he turns this own the lizzard will be mesmerised and caught off guard! Good money! Now smash! Haha good luck everyone! Amazing giveaway by the mightiest ape of them
    All - MIGHTY APE 😎.

    Ps- I will create a new account on call of duty if I won this and solely play with the King Kong skin and rep the mighty ape! All will know about the best shop to buy from!!!

  • Mike says: 6 April 2024, 7:48pm

    Mike is sad.
    He lost his job. He lost his girl.
    What will cheer up Mike? Well hot dam! A brand new King Kong rig with rgb sounds like a mighty prize to put a mighty smile on his face. Kong all day everyday... power, agility, strength and one fist of love to end the lizzard and turn him into a blizzard. 🥶

  • Michael says: 6 April 2024, 8:39pm

    Kong, he is .... the MIGHTY APE, XD

  • Paul says: 6 April 2024, 9:03pm

    In a world full of monsters, great and small, many of which are a potential world-ending threat, there is only one real answer. The ‘Mighty Ape’ Kong is a powerful monster, no denying that. However, Godzilla is no mere monster; the king of the monsters isn’t a title given to just any titan. Godzilla is a force of nature, rivaled only by the other ‘primordial forces’, which sadly don’t include our big monkey boy.

    TLDR, a force of nature with the power to blow a hole in the earth, or a big monkey with a glove

  • Kevin says: 6 April 2024, 11:08pm

    King Kong because he’s a leader! Long ago, the Kongs lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when skar king attacked. Only the kong, master of 2 worlds, could stop him. *Avatar Theme Song plays*

  • Shadow says: 7 April 2024, 1:57am

    Godzilla is truly the king of the monsters just like his second movie title states, he has also nearly killed Kong in every encounter that he's had with him. While Kong has been living in isolation all his life, Godzilla has been protecting the earth from other titans and even an alien known as King Ghidorah. Not only has Godzilla protected the planet every single time without fail, he has also without a doubt proven himself as the strongest titan who has overcome any challenge thrown at him.

  • Mac says: 7 April 2024, 4:35am

    Hah, I say Godzilla takes this one even without the underwater advantage. Kong may be king of Skull Island, but Godzilla is King of Monsters worldwide, baybeeee :D

  • Frank says: 7 April 2024, 8:21am

    ゴジラ ! The gorilla is whale-meat!

  • Chris says: 7 April 2024, 8:41am

    Kong is the real king. However Godzilla their God. Its in the name

  • Malachi says: 7 April 2024, 9:12am

    It has to be Godzilla. Yea Kong is cool and all cause Monkey but Godzilla can Literally fire a nuclear beam out his mouth. That alone has to make him the true king.

  • Sarah says: 7 April 2024, 10:13am

    I believe Godzilla is the king of monsters. Godzilla obviously looks more of a monster compared to Kong. Fueled by radiation, fights both on land & sea, goes straight to its target, no matter who's in the way and rumoured to have been evolving since its first film in 1954. I find king Kong to be alittle bit too compassionate for a monster and too close of a resemblance to an actual gorilla, difference only being his size and semi advance intelligence. I love them both but Godzilla is the king of monsters, even the movie in 2019 stated so haha.

  • Michelle says: 7 April 2024, 12:02pm

    Godzilla! Coz his atomic breath attack is too awesome!

  • Albert says: 7 April 2024, 12:16pm

    King Kong. Why? because 1st, the original King Kong film was released before Godzilla. 2nd, and most importantly, my homey Kong can do a proper fist bump.

  • Andrew says: 7 April 2024, 12:50pm

    In the realm where titans clash and roar, Kong rises tall, a king like never before. Not just by brawn, but by virtue and grace, He claims his throne in every place.

    In the heart of the jungle, where shadows creep, Kong's empathy runs deep, never asleep. He's not just a beast, but a friend to all, In his presence, even the bravest stand tall.

    While Godzilla's flames paint the sky with fright, Kong's compassion shines, a guiding light. He's the protector, the guardian, the shield, In his embrace, every fear is repealed.

    In battles waged against the darkest of foes, Kong's bravery blooms, like a wild rose. Yet it's not just his courage that sets him apart, It's the love he carries, a treasure in his heart.

    So let Godzilla rule with power's might, But in hearts and souls, Kong takes flight. That's why he's the king of monsters, you see, For his reign is born of empathy.

  • Paul says: 7 April 2024, 1:34pm

    Gojira has always been the king of all the kaiju universe #kingzilla 👑👑

  • Oliver says: 7 April 2024, 2:03pm

    In the heart of Auckland, New Zealand, towering skyscrapers framed a battleground unlike any other. Godzilla, the colossal force of nature, clashed with King Kong, the legendary titan of the jungle. Buildings trembled as the two titans exchanged earth-shaking blows, each roaring defiance at the other.

    As the chaos unfolded, the people of Auckland watched in awe and terror, unsure of who would emerge victorious. Yet, amidst the destruction, King Kong proved his dominance. With his agility and cunning, he outmaneuvered Godzilla, exploiting his opponent's size and weight against him.

    With a thunderous final blow, King Kong sent Godzilla crashing to the ground, defeated. As the dust settled, the people of Auckland cheered for their unexpected savior. For King Kong, born of the wilderness, had triumphed over the city's most fearsome threat. And as he roared victoriously into the sky, it was clear that in this battle, the Mighty Ape reigned supreme.

  • Daniel says: 7 April 2024, 2:15pm

    In the heart of Christchurch, amidst the city's bustling streets and tranquil parks, an ancient rivalry erupted into chaos. King Kong, towering over the iconic Cathedral Square, bellowed his challenge to the world. Yet, from the depths of the Avon River, Godzilla rose, casting a shadow that eclipsed even the tallest buildings.

    Their battle shook the very foundations of the city, sending tremors through the earth and echoes of destruction across the landscape. King Kong's brute strength proved formidable, but Godzilla's elemental power proved unstoppable. With a mighty roar, Godzilla unleashed a torrent of atomic fury, overwhelming his opponent and sending King Kong crashing to the ground.

    After baring witness to the epic conflict, Christchurch began to rebuild once again. The city understood the undeniable truth: in this clash of titans, it was Godzilla who stood victorious, his supremacy unchallenged in the wake of the chaos.

  • darren says: 7 April 2024, 2:40pm

    good luck everyone!

  • Demarius says: 7 April 2024, 2:47pm

    I believe that answer would be both, Kong would rule the world underneath, and godzilla would rule the monsters above, both would class from time to time but working together to keep everything safe makes them both true kings of the monsters.

  • Alana says: 7 April 2024, 3:20pm

    Definitely King Kong! He’s got the cunning and intelligence, and compared to godzilla he’s got more potential to use tools and weapons to his advantage in a fight. On top of that, his innate strength is incredible but he’s also emotionally motivated, unlike godzilla - his strength scales off of passion too!

  • Luis says: 7 April 2024, 3:20pm

    Okay, I understand why some people might say Kong is the real king; it's a primate and shows a very similar intelligence to a primal human. Some people relate to it, but that would just be a very subjective choice. However, objectively, Godzilla is THE king. Kong is just a big gorilla, while, for example, Godzilla has atomic breath. Come on, they even had to increase the size of Kong and give it weapons to somehow be comparable with Godzilla, while Godzilla has been stock most of the time and has been nerfed in some cases. Just think about Godzilla's archenemy, King Ghidora, do you think that stock Kong would stand a chance?. If it weren't for Kong's latest buffs, he would be absolutely destroyed by any of the previous two monsters. In summary, Godzilla has always been OP, and Kong had to be buffed to be near the level of the true king, Godzilla.

  • Rohan says: 7 April 2024, 4:36pm

    Monkey cause monkey

  • Nate says: 7 April 2024, 5:13pm

    Definitely Godzilla, Godzilla is on a whole new level compared to people like king and scar king.

  • Nate says: 7 April 2024, 5:17pm

    King Kong reigns supreme among monsters not just because of his brawn, but because he's got brains, biceps, and a knack for monkeying around. While other kings of monsters might rely on sheer size or radioactive breath, Kong's got moves smoother than a gorilla in a tuxedo. Plus, his agility would put a cat to shame – seriously, he could navigate a jungle gym blindfolded. And let's not forget his adaptability – he's like the Swiss Army knife of giant apes, ready to conquer any terrain from skyscrapers to swamps. So while Godzilla might have his fiery roar, King Kong's got a killer sense of humor and a mean right hook – and that's why he's the true king of the monster mash!

  • Taylor says: 7 April 2024, 5:22pm

    [Insert essay about Godzilla being an allegory for nuclear bombs here]
    [Insert secondary essay about King-Kong being an allegory for collonialism here]
    Okay, maybe they're both bad...

  • Dion says: 7 April 2024, 5:47pm

    King Kong, and the only reason is he is Monkey and i like Monkeys

  • Zak says: 7 April 2024, 6:28pm

    What sets Kong apart from other monsters is his anthropomorphic qualities and emotional depth. Unlike Godzilla, the quintessential force of nature, Kong possesses a relatable humanity that resonates with audiences. He is not merely a mindless destroyer but a complex character with a tragic backstory and a capacity for empathy. This complexity elevates Kong beyond the typical monster archetype, transforming him into a sympathetic antihero. Plus he has opposable thumbs so he could game on that mighty rig you have created.

  • Quintin says: 7 April 2024, 6:28pm

    Godzilla has to be the undisputed King of Monster, because as to be king you need more than great hair, opposable thumbs and skull island. Godzilla has it all, atomic breath, a serious roar, and a thick sweeping tail. King Kong has charm, and climbing skills but you don't become the king by monkeying around.

  • Blair says: 7 April 2024, 6:56pm

    WELLL...Kong has a shorter name but Godzilla has God in his name, are you going to mess with the master or Kong like Mann, Oppenheimer would be proud of his monster but earth is calling and Kongs gonna smash em.bro cause E just ain't natural and dinners calling and Kongs never late for a good Mashup of seafood like Godzilla but Kong better watch himself and we got .Is back, Kong is King!!!

  • dean says: 7 April 2024, 7:14pm

    In my view, the undeniable king of monsters is Godzilla. His towering stature, atomic breath, and resilience in battle make him the ultimate embodiment of destruction and power. While Kong may be mighty, Godzilla's legacy as a protector of Earth and his ability to face even the most formidable adversaries cement his status as the true king of monsters. Plus, who can resist the allure of those mesmerising dorsal fins slicing through the depth of the ocean?

  • dean says: 7 April 2024, 7:16pm

    In my view, the undeniable king of monsters is Godzilla. His towering stature, atomic breath, and resilience in battle make him the ultimate embodiment of destruction and power. While Kong may be mighty, Godzilla's legacy as a protector of Earth and his ability to face even the most formidable adversaries cement his status as the true king of monsters. Plus, who can resist the allure of those mesmerizing dorsal fins slicing through the depths of the ocean?

  • Áwnyuh says: 7 April 2024, 7:43pm

    Kong 🐵 was the ruler of Skull Island, although he was really meant to be the ruler of the hollow earth. After the events of Godzilla Vs Kong, Kong is now the ruler of the hollow earth, and found his place. YAY 🙌🥳
    Godzilla, with all that phenomenal nuke power& breath, plus tail whacking, and king of the land and sea,of course he's the king of the monsters. Mothra is the beautiful Queen 👑. And to my bubz and I, Kong is the King 👑 Kong of Hollow Earth, due to his incredibly character growth, and phenomenal resilience, intelligence and survival skills, plus funtasamazingly good heart ❤️ etc..
    Although kong can't beat the powerful king of monsters Godzilla 🦖, Kong has captured and won my famz and I heart ❤️ as the King monster 👑 of hearts 🥰 resilience,compassion, intelligence, survivor, and prime beastly strength and more..of Hollow Earth.

  • Trae says: 7 April 2024, 7:57pm

    Yeah Godzilla has atomic breath but can he fall in love and sacrifice himself for a human? No I didn't think so. King Kong has the greatest trait and power. LOVE! If I were to choose a protector, I'm choosing king Kong every day. I can just imagine my curly short haired locks blowing on top of the sky tower with King Kong doing his absolute best to keep me by his side risking his life 😍 Yeah he might lose in a one on one to Godzilla, but with a little bit of love and human connection, King Kong becomes the king of monsters in my opinion.

  • amelia says: 8 April 2024, 8:53am

    Kong is the original, he came first and Godzilla name came about with the Japanese word for Gorilla. But Godzilla is the real king of the monsters as Kong just wanted to live on his island with his human bride its not his fault humans stole him away. Godzilla came out the ocean ready to stomp those buildings. But I'm sure there will be biases in picking the winner of this as mighty ape has to pick a mighty ape to be king

  • darren says: 8 April 2024, 5:36pm

    Congrats winners