Our Black Friday Treasure Hunt Is On!

By Joses

COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED! See here for results!

Yaaarrr shiver me timbers! Black (beard) Friday is upon us! It's long been rumoured that Mighty Ape is home to many treasure chests. Blackbeard himself has set his sights on finding them. Help him find the treasure chests and there may be a little something in there for you!

Seek out the treasure chests and you'll get the chance to WIN the ultimate treasure of all – a $1000 Shopping Spree with Mighty Ape! Plus, we've got two runner-up prizes which includes a NANOLEAF Matter Lightstrip Smarter Kit with a 4D Screen Mirror Lightstrip bundle, and a NANOLEAF 15 Panel Light Kit!

There arrrr 8 hidden treasure chests around our site. They look like this (pictured) and they've been sneakily buried at the bottom of 8 product pages. You're going to need to use your pirate intuition to find all 8 treasure chests to go in the draw for the prizes aye aye?!

You'll find treasure chests in the following departments – Games, Electronics, Books, Toys, Music, Board Games & Puzzles, Movies and Collectibles.

To make the Treasure Hunt a little easier, Blackbeard has generously provided eight handy clues to help you locate them!

If you are new to our Treasure Hunts and would like a head start we’ve provided a link to the Brown treasure chest solution below – open the link, scroll to the bottom of the product page, and then click on the treasure chest at which point it'll open, indicating that you've found it. This will help to give you a feel for how our clues relate to the products and where to look to find them.

  • Brown treasure chest: RGB
  • Blue treasure chest: Cruise
  • Green treasure chest: Ōtautahi
  • Yellow treasure chest: Fairy Type
  • Pink treasure chest: Toxic
  • Purple treasure chest: Wildest Dreams
  • Red treasure chest: Venom
  • Grey Treasure chest: Aloy

When you find a treasure chest, just click on it to let us know that you've found it.

Your treasure chest finds will be recorded on your Mighty Ape account. If you are not logged in when you click on a treasure chest you will be prompted to log in or create an account.

You have until 11:59pm on Monday 27th November to find the treasure chests. We'll announce the lucky winners on Tuesday.

Please do not post answers in the comments below. Entrants who have been found to be cheating will be disqualified from the competition and will have to walk the plank! Full competition terms and conditions

Good luck and happy hunting me hearties!☠️


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  • Laura says: 22 November 2023, 11:24am

    5 down, 3 to go

  • Kelly says: 22 November 2023, 11:33am

    All done! Good luck everyone!

  • Mars says: 22 November 2023, 11:45am

    Pretty easy this time.

  • Ben says: 22 November 2023, 12:04pm

    Done :)

  • Elizabeth says: 22 November 2023, 12:07pm

    Found them all! And a few nice things to buy for Christmas :)

  • Laura says: 22 November 2023, 12:17pm

    wahooo found them all

  • Ethan says: 22 November 2023, 12:20pm

    Got there in 5 mins :) good luck everyone

  • erich says: 22 November 2023, 12:21pm


  • Philip says: 22 November 2023, 12:39pm

    Found them all! Hardest one for me it was the yellow chest...

  • Rebekah says: 22 November 2023, 12:42pm

    That was so fun!!

  • Simon says: 22 November 2023, 12:42pm

    Fastest hunt ever that was fun

  • Suzanne says: 22 November 2023, 12:53pm

    Call me dumb lol first time doing this i don't get the clues?

  • Nora-lee says: 22 November 2023, 12:56pm

    Found them all 😊

  • jennie says: 22 November 2023, 12:57pm


  • Liberty says: 22 November 2023, 1:04pm

    That was fun!

  • Kylene says: 22 November 2023, 1:11pm

    Yay found them all

  • Nick says: 22 November 2023, 1:13pm

    Took me over two hours!

  • Ngahine says: 22 November 2023, 1:24pm

    found them all!

  • James says: 22 November 2023, 1:24pm

    easier than the easter hunt :)

  • Susan says: 22 November 2023, 1:37pm

    Done 🙂

  • Carl says: 22 November 2023, 2:04pm

    Got it done.

  • Mark says: 22 November 2023, 2:05pm

    A few head scratches, but found them in the end.. FUN!!

  • Jason says: 22 November 2023, 2:09pm

    Mission complete 👍

  • Matthew says: 22 November 2023, 2:10pm

    Done! Good luck everyone!

  • Dustin says: 22 November 2023, 2:26pm

    Woot woot got them all! Good luck everyone!

  • Deanna says: 22 November 2023, 2:44pm

    At last. Found all of them in a few hours. Yellow chest was hard until I reread the clue.

  • Daniel says: 22 November 2023, 2:58pm

    Good fun :)

  • Max says: 22 November 2023, 3:13pm

    Got em. Some are rather hard to find

  • Aaron says: 22 November 2023, 3:23pm

    Found them all, was pretty fun. Need to think outside the box.

  • Clare says: 22 November 2023, 3:25pm

    Arrg, Yellow, Pink and Purple are so hard, don't think i'll be able to complete this one!

  • Samantha says: 22 November 2023, 3:46pm

    4 down 5 to go

  • Jessica says: 22 November 2023, 4:24pm

    So much fun! Either I'm getting better at these (doubtful) or this one was very much aligned to my personal knowledge, it was definitely the easiest I've ever attempted.

  • Nadine says: 22 November 2023, 4:31pm

    Can’t find any! What am I doing wrong 😩

  • Hami says: 22 November 2023, 4:46pm

    That was really fun. Brain be tired now

  • Jody says: 22 November 2023, 4:49pm

    Yay! Finally found them all! Some took me a lot longer than others! Awesome hunt :)

  • Nicole says: 22 November 2023, 4:49pm

    on the last 2, blue and grey

  • Nicole says: 22 November 2023, 4:55pm

    yay done

  • Kyle says: 22 November 2023, 5:04pm

    Quite proud of the fact that it took me only 10 minutes to find them all.

  • Rachelle says: 22 November 2023, 5:15pm

    Found them all! That was my first time doing the hunt, a couple were quite tricky!

  • Wayne says: 22 November 2023, 5:18pm

    Pure luck to find the yellow !! Yay.....

  • Chantal Louise J. says: 22 November 2023, 5:33pm

    First time doing the treasure fun! It was fun :)

  • Christine says: 22 November 2023, 6:01pm

    Aaargh, I'm useless at these

  • Tamsyn says: 22 November 2023, 6:04pm

    Hooray! All done. 8 out of 8. Good clues, and thanks for the head start with Brown Treasure Chest - probably would've left that one till last and STILL no idea. ;-)

  • Benjamin says: 22 November 2023, 6:04pm

    Got them all. Thanks that was fun

  • Shona says: 22 November 2023, 6:13pm

    Great comp all done ✔️

  • Stacey says: 22 November 2023, 6:27pm

    My 13yr old found this fun to do

  • Nix says: 22 November 2023, 7:07pm

    Done and done! Good luck everyone :)

  • Deirdre says: 22 November 2023, 7:39pm

    Wow took me and my husband a while but we got there in the end! So much fun! Thanks Mighty Ape. First time we have done one of these.

  • Michael says: 22 November 2023, 7:49pm


  • Ethan says: 22 November 2023, 7:54pm

    I need two, halp

  • Diane says: 22 November 2023, 8:46pm

    Got it!

  • Gemar says: 22 November 2023, 8:50pm

    Got all 8!

  • David says: 22 November 2023, 8:59pm

    Phew got there in the end~

  • Mike says: 22 November 2023, 9:10pm

    These are definitely getting easier!!

  • Christina says: 22 November 2023, 9:27pm

    woooo hoooo, that took ages! good luck everyone.

  • taylah says: 22 November 2023, 10:15pm

    Found all in under 20 minutes! Woo hoo

  • Shane says: 22 November 2023, 10:24pm

    Done. Toxic made me think for a moment.

  • George says: 22 November 2023, 10:31pm

    Found them all

  • Hayley says: 22 November 2023, 10:36pm

    Done! Love these hunts, good luck everyone!

  • Liana says: 22 November 2023, 10:38pm

    7 out of 8 sooooo close!!!

  • Kylie says: 23 November 2023, 7:56am

    I dont understand the clues... how does RGB = Nanoleaf lights?

  • Garin says: 23 November 2023, 8:03am

    Found them! What a great treasure hunt 😀

  • Jennifer says: 23 November 2023, 8:59am

    yay that was pretty easy once I got into the swing of it

  • Jesse says: 23 November 2023, 9:51am

    First time in a long time ive been able to finish these

  • Sylvia says: 23 November 2023, 11:17am

    Yay finally found them took 2 days

  • jeremy says: 23 November 2023, 11:18am

    Found them all.

  • Donna says: 23 November 2023, 12:10pm

    1 left 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  • Jordan says: 23 November 2023, 12:28pm


  • Jason says: 23 November 2023, 12:52pm

    Be buggered if i can work it out, have spent hours and come up with nada..

  • Bianca says: 23 November 2023, 1:10pm

    This years one was fun!!!

  • Fale says: 23 November 2023, 1:12pm

    How fun was that! Thanks mightyape :)

  • Tanya says: 23 November 2023, 1:20pm

    That was fun! Good luck me hearties!

  • Agustin says: 23 November 2023, 1:39pm

    Neat, cool lil challenge

  • kylie says: 23 November 2023, 2:55pm

    Found them all 🙂

  • Austin lee says: 23 November 2023, 4:10pm

    Got them all

  • karn says: 23 November 2023, 4:58pm

    Can't figure out the last two, they don't fit the pattern

  • Maria says: 23 November 2023, 5:57pm

    Yay! Finally finished

  • Aaron says: 23 November 2023, 6:36pm

    Got 'em me hearties! Aaaaargh!

  • robert says: 23 November 2023, 8:06pm

    yay just got me last one it was a bit of a mission but i got there finally

  • Melissa says: 23 November 2023, 8:43pm

    All done 😊

  • Grant says: 23 November 2023, 9:13pm

    All done!

  • kelly says: 23 November 2023, 10:36pm

    Fairy types is killing me!!

  • Hayley says: 24 November 2023, 7:06am

    But I’ve opened every listing in the Collectibles and Books categories for Black Friday and there’s been no treasure chests!

  • Christopher says: 24 November 2023, 9:29am

    Darn that was difficult, toxic really stumped me for a while.

  • John says: 24 November 2023, 12:32pm

    This was a great one!

  • Junelle says: 24 November 2023, 12:50pm

    That was a pretty easy hunt! Fastest one I've done in under half an hour haha

  • Ruby says: 24 November 2023, 2:49pm

    Damn was very hard! But all done!

  • Amy says: 24 November 2023, 4:03pm

    Finally got them all after two days of searching, LOL.

  • Kate says: 24 November 2023, 7:54pm

    Phew, got them all! Took me so long to figure out the grey treasure chest but the product was something I knew absolutely nothing about, lol (though I'd heard of it before at least)

  • charles says: 25 November 2023, 2:32am

    found them

  • Shaun says: 25 November 2023, 8:01am

    Good luck to all .

  • Samantha says: 25 November 2023, 9:36am

    Found them all! Fingers crossed

  • Ramtin says: 25 November 2023, 5:16pm

    This one wasn't too bad, finished it surprisingly quick, helped that I got a few lucky guesses in.

  • kyle says: 25 November 2023, 5:25pm

    Neat, a Treasure Hunt that I actually completed

  • Jennifer & Luke says: 25 November 2023, 6:33pm

    Done 👍

  • nate says: 26 November 2023, 5:38pm


  • Lily says: 27 November 2023, 7:09pm

    any treasure chest leaks

  • Leonie says: 27 November 2023, 7:21pm

    I can't believe I have found them all!

  • Simon says: 29 November 2023, 4:05pm

    Have the winners been announced