Xbox Games Showcase - July 2020

By Che

Following months of teases and hints at what gaming experiences the next-gen systems will hold, Microsoft has pulled back the curtain and revealed a slew of incredible looking titles coming to the Xbox Series X.

Leading up to the event fan hype levels were set to fever pitch levels with the reveal of the Halo Infinite box art, with the promise of unveiling gameplay to the highly anticipated sequel to what is arguably Microsoft's most significant first-party IP.

Microsoft opened the event with a stunning CG trailer for Halo Infinite, followed by an expanded look at gameplay from Master Chief's next adventure and the open world players will traverse and fight their way through. Right from the jump, we've never seen Master Chief and the world of Halo look this beautiful, with impressive attention to detail and bombastic effects showcasing the power of the Xbox Series X. There's no arguing that Infinite looks like somewhat of a return to the series' roots, but naturally evolves the combat (get it :P) and systems while showcasing the biggest campaign seen in the series to date.

After finally reconnecting with Master Chief, Microsoft revealed State of Decay 3, the next entry in the open-world zombie survival series, which sees players recruiting fellow survivors and joining other players online to fight and scavenge their way through a dangerous world with death and the undead lurking in every corner.

From there, Microsoft changed the pace and showed off Forza Motorsport, with an impressive in-engine trailer showcasing some excellent looking racing and lighting effects.

Rare studios showed off more of Everwild, a gorgeous game with an equally beautiful art style deeply rooted in the players' connection to nature and the surrounding world. From the jump, the visuals are classic Rare and look to push the boundaries of what the studio is capable of achieving.

Dontnod Entertainment revealed Tell Me Why, an episodic adventure which looks similar to the developers' cult-hit Life is Strange. Tell Me Why looks to continue the studios' penchant for intimately personal tales with a supernatural twist and choice-driven gameplay.

Obsidian Entertainment showed off Grounded, a Honey I Shrunk the Kids inspired multiplayer survival game that sees players shrunk down to miniature size and left to explore and fight their way through the perils of a regular back yard, like ants and other creepy-crawlies.

The studio also revealed a brand new RPG, Avowed, taking place in the same fantasy world as Pillars of Eternity, but featuring first-person melee and magic-based combat. Set in a breathtaking open world, built from the ground up to take advantage of the power of the Xbox Series X, Avowed looks like it could scratch the Skyrim itch while we wait for the next Elder Scrolls entry.

The newly established studio Interior/Night revealed As Dusk Falls, an interactive drama set in the American Midwest, and spanning thirty years as players carve their own unique path through the story of one family's struggles.

Ninja Theory offered a brief update on Senua's Saga – Hellblade 2, which continues the deeply emotional journey of the first game, this time seeing the titular character journeying through Iceland to face off against other-worldly beings and internal strife.

Double Fine offered fans another look at the eagerly anticipated Psychonauts 2 and its cast of wacky characters. Backed with an excellent original song performed by the one and only Jack Black, Psychonauts 2 will once again see players in the boots of Raz as he explores the wild imaginations of his friends and enemies.

Bungie is bringing Destiny 2 to Xbox Series X, and Gamepass with all current expansions included. Backed by 4K resolution, and running at 60 FPS, Destiny 2 on the Xbox Series X will look better and play smoother than ever before.

Microsoft then sought to impress fans with an incredible sizzle reel, showing off a bunch of impressive titles including S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, the long-hyped sequel set the tone with a brief gloomy trailer set in post-disaster Chernobyl. We also got a look at Warhammer 40K: Darktide, a four-player squad-based shooter set in the world of Tertium and The Gunk, a stylised action-platformer set on an alien world overrun by a mysterious black ooze. After that, we got a terrifying glimpse at The Medium, a supernatural thriller which sees players switching at will between two alternate realities to solve puzzles and combat encounters.

SEGA unveiled Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, a multiplayer JRPG follows the series tradition of over the top combat against larger than life enemies, all taking place in a technology inspired fantasy world.

In what seems like a significant departure from the studios' classic third-person gameplay, Remedy revealed the campaign for CrossfireXffer, a first-person shooter which looks to take influence from the likes of **Call of Duty with its future-tech inspired combat.

Microsoft closed the show with an awesome brief teaser for a brand new entry in the beloved Fable series. This time developed by the talented folks at Playground Games, the trailer offered a glimpse at the comedic fantasy world the series is renowned for. While we didn't get to see any gameplay, fans (and myself) have been clamouring for more Fable for a decade, so it's great to see the classic series finally making a return.

There was a lot to get excited about during the event, and Microsoft has plans to reveal more as the year continues. While we don't yet have a release date for the Xbox Series X, there's already no shortage of incredible looking games coming to the next-gen system. We can't wait to see what else Microsoft has up their sleeves, and thankfully we likely only have a handful of months before we can finally get our hands on the Xbox Series X.

What games from the show are you most excited to play when the Xbox Series X releases? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Reuben says: 24 July 2020, 1:52pm

    I'm so ready for the next Fable! ?