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"Next generation of multiplayer"
5 stars"

This game blew me away when it was revealed at this years E3. Developed by some of the core team behind the Call of Duty franchise, the game is focused on multiplayer. From what has been shown so far there is an emphasis on teamwork and tactics, with lone wolf style play proving almost impossible. The multiplayer has the look and feel of a campaign mission. Oh yeah, and let's not forget that you have to opportunity to pilot some sweet looking robots…

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"Great fun, but be warned"
5 stars"

Been playing this game in the beta and all I can say is that it is great fun!

But be warned, there will not be any aus/nz servers at launch. Because this game is using Microsoft azure cloud to host means that the closet two data centres are singapore, or west us. From looking ay the pings when choosing which centre to play on the west us is the best (of the worst) for NZ players, the lowest I got was 170. Aus players mainly go to the SEA data centre ao you wont be running into too many other low ping players to make (one bar out of 5).The SEA centre was over 300 so I didn't bother. There are two azure data centres being build in Aus atm, but when they will be finished, and if they will have titanfall space is another question.

The game is playable with the lag, but it does make it harder, esp. When you get kill cams to show you what you did, or didn't because of the lag.

If your ok with the lag then go for it, its a really fun game and I had a blast playing it. If you don't want the lag, you'll have to wait till the Aus DC is up (sometime this year) or find another shooter.

This affects both Xbox One players as well as PC

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"Amazing game - High pings"

Been playing the beta on my Xbox One. Wow! What a breath of fresh air. Finally a shooter that's new, exciting and fun to play.

Sadly, no AUS servers at launch. Lowest ping for us New Zealanders is to West USA which is at least 150–160ms.

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"COD Killer ironically"
5 stars"

This game i believe is going to be the COD killer and what makes this ironic is that the two lead developers of respawn entertainment were originally from Infinity Ward the creators of the modern warfare trilogy, ghosts). The two developers left infinity ward because they didn't like the direction COD was going.

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"Simply Awesome"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

This game is going to be Epic, looks like COD is going to have to “up” their Multiplayer experience!

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"Titanfall will raise the bar in next generation gaming."
4 stars"

Titanfall have received many awards from E3, and everyone who has had a chance to play it has only said good things.

I believe Titanfall will raise the standards for the future of gaming.

  • Original yet still with familiar controls.
  • New mechanics that are natural and flow well.
  • Fast paced yet long enough to make each game unique.

This is truly going to be a spectacular game.

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"Titanfall is what Call of Duty could have been."

Titanfall was the most awarded game at E3 this year. It won a record 6 Game Critics Awards including Best of Show.


Multiplayer demo here: Http://www.you­tube.com/watch-v=z5sqPxbLmIU

As for Jeevin, his preview contains nonsense about how jason West and vince Zampella left Inifinity Ward because they didn't like the direction COD was going. This is absolute rubbish.

They were fired by Activision then went on to form Respawn in partnership with Activision rival Electronic Arts.


Either way, Titanfall is made by the same talent that brought you Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2.

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"Must buy"
5 stars"

I have been playing the beta and I am blowen away by the game it is stuning

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"Played the Beta..."
5 stars"

I'm in love with TItanfall, I was hooked on the beta release, and had didnt realise how addicted I was! Def not playing Call of Duty any more.

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"Beta is awesome can't wait for full game"
5 stars"

Only just started playing the beta on Xbox one last night (didn't realise it had been open for two days) and was amazed. Tutorial was quick and simple and controls are easy to pick up for anyone familiar with shooters. Only problem with it is I wish it had bigger maps (but beta has only 2 so theres hope there) more people per match (but there's also ai in the games so sort of makes up) and that it had destructable environments like battlefield. I mean you're piloting robots but can't destroy a building- Or at least blow a hole in the wall- Will still definately be buying it though, only played for two hours and got to level 14.

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Not so much a preveiw more a question. If you play the beta do you get anything or content or achivos that go towards the game when it comes out

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4 stars"

This game looks like it'll be lots of fun....... But probably only for a few weeks. This game is getting a bit over-hyped but I'm sure it'll still be great.

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