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Batman Arkham City for PS3
Batman Arkham City

Batman Arkham City

PS3 Developer : Rocksteady Studios

(244 ratings)
Mature Audience. Contains violence
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Review by Harkaran on 30th November, 2012
5 stars "Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN!!!! Awesomely Amazing!"

By far the best game I have ever played. Finished the story twice and still want to play it many more times. Smooth and easy to learn controls. Great Story-line. Amazing dialogues and video cuts. I can basically write an essay on how amazing this game is. A must for any gamer!

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Review by Rhiannon on 22nd January, 2013
5 stars "The Best Game Ever!"

When I bought this for my boyfriend, I wasn't expecting that I would enjoy playing it to, however I love it! Fantastic game that has both of us anticipating the next.
Mark Hamill as the Joker is unbelievable. And let's face it. You can't have Batman: Arkham City without M (ARK HAM) ILL.

Review by Alana on 4th April, 2013
5 stars "Totally Amazing!"

A great game at a great price here at Mighty Ape. Recommended to all bat fans!

Review by Sheldon on 25th February, 2013
5 stars "Awesome game!"

This game is soooo beautiful! and the voice acting is AMAZING, I love Joker's voice actor he's very into the character and is intense!

Review by Aidan on 30th October, 2012
5 stars "Great game"

This is an awesome game and makes you feel like batman+ has a ton of content



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October 21st, 2011
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Batman: Arkham City isn't just better than Batman: Arkham Asylum, it's better than most games on the market.” 9.5/10 – IGN

Developed by Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham City builds upon the intense, atmospheric foundation of Batman: Arkham Asylum, sending players soaring into Arkham City, the new maximum security “home” for all of Gotham City's thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds.


  • Become the Dark Knight – advanced, compelling gameplay on every level: high-impact street brawls, nail-biting stealth, multifaceted forensic investigation, epic super-villain encounters and unexpected glimpses into Batman's tortured psychology.
  • Play as Catwoman – she has her own storyline in the main game which is seamlessly interwoven with Batman's story arc. Her navigation skills, combat moves and gadgetry have been specifically designed to deliver a fully featured and unique experience.
  • Advanced FreeFlow Combat – Arkham's gangs bring heavy weapons and all-new AI to the fight, but Batman steps it up with twice the number of combat animations and double the range of attacks, counters and takedowns.
  • New Gadgets – Batman has access to new gadgets such as the Cryptographic Sequencer V2 and Smoke Pellets, as well as new functionality for existing gadgets that expand the range of Batman's abilities without adding extra weight to his Utility Belt.
  • New Story – Five-time Emmy-Award-winner Paul Dini returns to pen a brand-new story for Batman: Arkham City, taking gamers deep inside the diseased heart of Gotham.
  • Arkham Has Moved – Following the closure of Arkham Asylum and Blackgate prison, Gotham's new mayor, Quincy Sharp ordered the relocation of all inmates to Arkham City – a sprawling new super-prison five times bigger than Arkham Island, enclosing a wide variety of industrial districts, iconic locations and Gotham landmarks.
  • Huge Cast of Characters – Players encounter numerous characters from the Batman universe, including Catwoman, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Hugo Strange, Victor Zsasz, Calendar Man, The Joker, The Riddler and other iconic characters yet to be revealed.

Review by IGN

“…Batman: Arkham City isn't perfect, but listing the little things I didn't like gets in the way of all the stuff I adored. The voice acting, the challenges, the amazing opening, the unbelievable ending and the feeling of being the Dark Knight – these are the things that standout looking back. I've beaten this thing twice and still want to call in sick and chase Riddler Trophies.
Batman: Arkham City isn't just better than Batman: Arkham Asylum, it's better than most games on the market.”

Rating Description
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9.0 Presentation
I think a few villains deserved more attention than they got here, but the story, the setting and the comic nerd love given to this game are awesome.
8.5 Graphics
Some texture pop-in along with iffy lip syncing, but Arkham City looks great in a totally grimy, filthy way. Got to love Batman's costume breaking down over time.
9.0 Sound
Mark Hamill's Joker and Kevin Conroy's Batman are out of this world. A bit too much of the same voice actor for generic thugs. Music and sound effects rock.
9.5 Gameplay
I felt like Batman – that's awesome. The majority of stuff will feel familiar, but from gadgets to gliding it’s been tweaked and improved.
9.5 Lasting Appeal
You need to play the game twice. Then, there are the side missions, the Riddler Challenges, the challenge maps and whatever DLC Rocksteady whips up.
(out of 10)


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