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Plasma physics

Impurity Transport in Magnetically Confined Plasmas
by Katsumi Ida ~ Hardback

This book covers the diagnostics, experimental approach, and experimental results on recent impurity transport studies in tokamak and helical plasmas. It also covers the impurity transport parallel to magnetic field in the scrape-off layer and the impact of magnetic topology on impurity transport. T...

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An Introduction to High Temperature Plasma Physics
by Richard Dendy ~ Hardback

This book is derived from contributions to the long running Culham Plasma Physics Summer School. The purpose is to give students new to high temperature plasma physics a comprehensive understanding of the basic theory, assuming the minimum of prior knowledge. Additionally it provides a thorough intr...

Pre-order - out 30 Apr 2021
Kinetic Alfven Waves in Laboratory, Space, and Astrophysical Plasmas
by De-Jin Wu ~ Hardback

This book provides a systematic introduction to the observation and application of kinetic Alfven waves (KAWs) in various plasma environments, with a special focus on the solar-terrestrial coupling system. Alfven waves are low-frequency and long-wavelength fluctuations that pervade laboratory, space...

Pre-order - out 11 Apr 2020
Development and Applications of Negative Ion Sources
by Vadim Dudnikov ~ Hardback

This book describes the development of sources of negative ions and their application in science and industry. It describes the physical foundations and implementation of the key methods of negative ion production and control, such as charge exchange, thermionic emission, secondary emission (sputte...

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Computational Methods for Complex Liquid-Fluid Interfaces
Paperback / softback

Computational Methods for Complex Liquid-Fluid Interfaces highlights key computational challenges involved in the two-way coupling of complex liquid-fluid interfaces. The book covers a variety of cutting-edge experimental and computational techniques ranging from macro- to meso- and microscale appro...

Pre-order - out 20 Dec 2019
Optics, Photonics and Laser Technology 2018

This book includes both theoretical and practical aspects within optics, photonics and lasers. The book provides new methods, technologies, advanced prototypes, systems, tools and techniques as well as a general survey indicating future trends and directions. The main fields of this book are Optical...

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Basic Course in Plasma Physics
by Uwe Czarnetzki ~ Hardback

Plasma physics textbooks usually reflect the schism typically observed in the community, namely the division into rather independently operating sub-communities working on magnetic fusion, laser plasmas, astrophysical plasmas, and low-temperature plasmas. This book is based on the author's strong be...

Pre-order - out 31 Dec 2020
Plasma Atomic Physics
by Frank B. Rosmej ~ Hardback

Plasma Atomic Physics provides an overview of the elementary processes within atoms and ions in plasmas, and introduces readers to the language of atomic spectra and light emission, allowing them to explore the various and fascinating radiative properties of matter. The book familiarizes readers w...

Pre-order - out 19 Jan 2020
Geomagnetism, Aeronomy and Space Weather

On the centenary of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, this book reviews the state-of-the-art research in geomagnetism, aeronomy and space weather. Written by eminent researchers from these fields, it summarises the advances in research over the past 100 years, and looks ahead to cur...

Pre-order - out 14 Nov 2019
Electrodynamics of Conducting Dispersive Media
by Babak Shokri ~ Hardback

This book presents a sequential representation of the electrodynamics of conducting media with dispersion. In addition to the general electrodynamic formalism, specific media such as classical nondegenerate plasma, degenerate metal plasma, magnetoactive anisotropic plasma, atomic hydrogen gas, semic...

Pre-order - out 1 Dec 2019
Quantum Nano-Plasmonics
by Witold A. Jacak ~ Hardback

With examples and clear explanation throughout, this step-by-step approach makes quantum theory of plasmons accessible to readers without specialized training in theory. Jacak uses original research results to offer a fully analytical theory formulation suitable for further development and applicati...

Pre-order - out 30 Apr 2020
Near-Field-Mediated Photon-Electron Interactions
by Nahid Talebi ~ Hardback

This book focuses on the use of novel electron microscopy techniques to further our understanding of the physics behind electron-light interactions. It introduces and discusses the methodologies for advancing the field of electron microscopy towards a better control of electron dynamics with signifi...

Pre-order - out 18 Jan 2020
Plasma Catalysis

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the field of plasma catalysis, regarded as a promising alternative to thermal processes for energy and environmental applications. It bridges the gap between the plasma and catalysis research communities, covering both the fundamentals of plasma catalys...

Pre-order - out 25 Nov 2019
Laser Plasma Interactions 5
by M. B. Hooper ~ Hardback

This volume provides a broad overview in the increasingly important field of laser-plasma interactions. With the growth of research into fusion much international effort is being devoted to the problems of inertial confinement. This collection of lectures provides the novice researcher with the cont...

Pre-order - out 31 Oct 2019
The Newman Lectures on Transport Phenomena
by John S. Newman ~ Hardback

The author is considered one of the great chemical engineers of his time. His reputation derives from his mastery of all phases of the subject matter, his clarity of thought, and his ability to reduce complex problems to their essential core elements. He is a member of the National Academy of Engine...

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Plasma Physics
Paperback / softback

Plasma Physics is an authoritative and wide-ranging pedagogic study of the "fourth" state of matter. The constituents of the plasma state are influenced by electric and magnetic fields, and in turn also produce electric and magnetic fields. This fact leads to a rich array of properties of plasma de...

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Non-Equilibrium Air Plasmas at Atmospheric Pressure

There has been considerable interest in recent years in finding methods to efficiently generate large volumes of atmospheric pressure air plasmas at modest temperatures below 2000 K with electron number densities of the order of 1013 cm-3. These reactive air plasmas have numerous applications based ...

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The Origin and Evolution of Planetary Nebulae
by Sun Kwok ~ Paperback / softback

This authoritative volume provides a comprehensive review of the origin and evolution of planetary nebulae. It covers all the stages of their evolution, carefully synthesizes observations from across the spectrum, and clearly explains all the key physical processes at work. Particular emphasis is pl...

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Relativistic Fluids and Magneto-fluids
by A.M. Anile ~ Paperback / softback

This highly acclaimed series of monographs provides introductory accounts of specialized topics in mathematical physics for graduate students and research workers. The monographs in this series are of outstanding scholarship and written by those at the very frontiers of research. Subject areas cover...

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Z Degrees Physics

The 1990 Cargese Summer Institute on ZO-Physics was organized by the Univer- site Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris (M. Levy and J.-L. Basdevant), CERN (M. Jacob), the Universite Catholique de Louvain (D. Speiser and J. Weyers), and the Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (R. Gastmans), which, since 1975, ...

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Navier-Stokes Equations and Related Nonlinear Problems

This volume contains the Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Navier-Stokes Equations and Related Nonlinear Problems. The conference was held in Funchal (Madeira, Portugal), on May 21-27, 1994. In addition to the editor, the organizers were Carlos Albuquerque (FC, University of Lisbo...

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Radiation Trapping in Atomic Vapours
by Andreas F. Molisch ~ Hardback

Radiation from spectral lines can be absorbed and re- emitted many times in atomic vapours before it reaches the boundaries of the container encasing the vapour. This effect is known as radiation trapping. It plays an important role practically everywhere where atomic vapours occur, e.g. in spectros...

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Plasma Etching
by Minoru Sugawara ~ Hardback

The focus of this book is the remarkable advances in understanding of low pressure RF (radio frequency) glow discharges. A basic analytical theory and plasma physics are explained. Plasma diagnostics are also covered before the practicalities of etcher use are explored.Author BiographyProfessor Mino...

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New Kinds of Phase Transitions: Transformations in Disordered...
Paperback / softback

Phase transitions are involved in phenomena, ranging from the initial stages of the creation of the Universe, to the existence of biological objects. It is natural to ask whether any phenomena analogous to phase transitions are possible in disordered substances like liquids and glasses. The possibil...

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Plasma Sources for Thin Film Deposition and Etching: Volume 18

This latest volume of the well-known Physics of Thin Films Series includes four chapters that discuss high-density plasma sources for materials processing, electron cyclotron resonance and its uses, unbalancedmagnetron sputtering, and particle formation in thin film processing plasma.

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The Kinetic Theory of Inert Dilute Plasmas

The contents of this book are the result of work performed in the past three years to provide some answers to questions raised by several colleagues wo- inginastrophysics. Examiningseveraltransportprocessesinplasmasrelated to dissipative e?ects in phenomena such as cooling ?ows, propagation of sound...

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Charged Particle Traps II
by Gunther Werth ~ Hardback

This second volume of the Charged Particle Traps deals with the rapidly expanding body of research exploiting the electromagnetic con?nement of ions, whose principles and techniques were the subject of volume I. These applications include revolutionary advances in diverse ?elds, ranging from such pr...

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Nonlinear Cosmic Ray Diffusion Theories
by Andreas Shalchi ~ Hardback

If charged particles move through the interplanetary or interstellar medium, they interact with a large-scale magnetic ?eld such as the magnetic ?eld of the Sun or the Galactic magnetic ?eld. As these background ?elds are usually nearly constant in time and space, they can be approximated by a homog...

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Modern Plasma Physics: Volume 1
by Patrick H. Diamond ~ Hardback

This three-volume series presents the ideas, models and approaches essential to understanding plasma dynamics and self-organization for researchers and graduate students in plasma physics, controlled fusion and related fields such as plasma astrophysics. Volume I develops the physical kinetics of pl...

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Electromagnetic Processes in Dispersive Media
by D.B. Melrose ~ Hardback

This text presents a systematic discussion of electromagnetic waves and radiation processes in a wide variety of media. The treatment, taken from the field of plasma physics, is based on the dielectric tensor; the authors unify approaches used in plasma physics and astrophysics on the one hand and ...

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Atomic Multielectron Processes
by Viatcheslav Shevelko ~ Hardback

Atomic Multielectron Processes is the first comprehensive collection of the data (mostly cross sections and methods) devoted to the multielectron transitions in atoms and ions induced by single collisions with charged particles and photons. The book covers the fundamental ranges of atomic physics wh...

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Instabilities in a Confined Plasma
by A.B. Mikhailovskii ~ Hardback

Instabilities in a Confined Plasma is entirely devoted to a theoretical exposition of the subject of plasma instabilities in confined systems. The book is an important contribution to the study of plasma instabilities, not only in fusion devices such as the Tokamak but also in astrophysical phenomen...

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Asymmetric Top Molecules, Part 3
by Jean Demaison ~ Hardback

Volume II/29 "Molecular Constants Mostly from Microwave, Molecular Beam, and Sub-Doppler Laser Spectroscopy" is planned to appear as a series A, B, C and D1, D2, D3 for the diamagnetic, and E for the paramagnetic linear and polyatomic species, respectively. Like in the preseding volumes II/24 and II...

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X-Ray Lasers 2010

This book provides a thorough account of the current status of achievements made in the area of soft X-Ray laser source development and of the increasingly diverse applications being demonstrated using such radiation sources. There is significant effort worldwide to develop very bright, short durati...

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Progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Science VII

The PUILS series delivers up-to-date reviews of progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Science, a newly emerging interdisciplinary research field spanning atomic and molecular physics, molecular science, and optical science, which has been stimulated by the recent developments in ultrafast laser techno...

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Phase Transitions in Two-Dimensional Complex Plasmas
by Christina A. Knapek ~ Hardback

The two experimental studies reported in this thesis contribute important new knowledge about phase transitions in two-dimensional complex plasmas: in one case a determination of the coupling parameter (ratio of mean potential to mean kinetic energy of the particles in an ensemble), and in the other...

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Nonthermal Plasma Chemistry and Physics

In addition to introducing the basics of plasma physics, Nonthermal Plasma Chemistry and Physics is a comprehensive presentation of recent developments in the rapidly growing field of nonthermal plasma chemistry. The book offers a detailed discussion of the fundamentals of plasma chemical reactions ...

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Nonlinear Physics of Plasmas
by Mitsuo Kono ~ Paperback / softback

A nonlinearity is one of the most important notions in modern physics. A plasma is rich in nonlinearities and provides a variety of behaviors inherent to instabilities, coherent wave structures and turbulence. The book covers the basic concepts and mathematical methods, necessary to comprehend nonli...

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High Power Laser-Matter Interaction
by Peter Mulser ~ Paperback / softback

Inthepresentvolumethemainaspectsofhigh-powerlaser-matterinteractionin 10 22 2 theintensityrange10 -10 W/cm aredescribed. Weofferaguidetothistopic forscientistsandstudentswhohavejustdiscoveredthe eldasanewandattractive areaofresearch,andforscientistswhohaveworkedinanother eldandwantto joinnowthesubje...

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Plasma Astrophysics, Part II
by Boris V Somov ~ Hardback

This two-part book is devoted to classic fundamentals and current practices and perspectives of modern plasma astrophysics. This second part discusses the physics of magnetic reconnection and flares of electromagnetic origin in space plasmas in the solar system, single and double stars, relativistic...

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