Homeworld Cataclysm

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Homeworld Cataclysm for PC
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It has been 15 years since the Kushan reclaimed their homeworld. With Hiigara returned to its lost children and the war over, the Kushan have begun to rebuild. But the days are far from safe and in the wake of the Homeworld War, the galaxy has collapsed into turmoil. If anything it has become even more dangerous than before.

The once vast Taiidan empire has fragmented under the stress of civil war. The Taiidan Republicans have taken control the largest portions of the old Taiidan empire, but the remaining Imperial Loyalists have fallen back to the outer territories to regroup and wage vicious attacks on Hiigara and the new Taiidan Republic. During all this confusion, the various pirate clans have become bolder and have grown stronger.

As the Kushan become the new Higaarans, politics have slowly returned to the old Kiith lines and the more powerful families have risen to control much of the rebuilding process. Some minor Kiithid have even ceased to exist, as families remnants that managed to survive the destruction of Kharak have shifted their allegiance to whichever Kiith-Sa they felt would benefit them the most. All that remains of these lost Kiithid - such as the Speng-la and Thull-cet -- are their sigils on certain ancient artifacts.

Even for the lesser Kiithid that have managed to survive as political entities, life has not been easy. Rather than participate in the struggle for prime territory on Hiigara's surface or wait for months, even years for their requests of ships to be filled, small, less influential Kiithid have returned to the stars to seek a living through mining and trading.

Some Kiithid, such as the Somtaaw, have opted to seek their fortunes in the galaxy's outer systems. Underappreciated by the larger families, the Somtaaw continue to participate in the defense and rebuilding of Hiigara while working to prosper by trading mined ore for technologies from other races and cultures.

Against this backdrop of intrigue, politics and rebirth comes the awakening of an ancient evil. A threat even the wise and powerful Bentusi cannot even imagine existing. And all that stands in the way of this galactic Cataclysm is The Kun-laan, a mining vessel of Kiith Somtaaw.

* New ships, technology, and gameplay features.
* Refined interface
* 17 new single player missions
* Homeworld's extraordinary 3D engine
* Unique blend of existing genres
* Rich story
* Infinite camera angles
* Stunningly-rendered ships
* Intelligent sound
* Customizable fleet colors
* Multiplayer mode with room for eight via LAN or WON.net
Release date NZ
September 27th, 2000
Game Platform
  • PC Games
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