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Go! with Access 2007

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Go! with Access 2007



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Go! with Access 2007: Comprehensive by Carolyn McLellan
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For Introductory Computer courses in Microsoft Office 2007 or courses in Computer Concepts with a lab component for Microsoft Office 2007 applications. Teach the course YOU want in LESS TIME! The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly-defined projects for students and a one of a kind supplements package.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Creating Database Tables Scenario: Eastern Cape Inn Project 1A - Guest Rooms Objective 1: Start Access Activity 1.1 Starting Access Objective 2: Create a Database and Enter Data Using a Template Activity 1.2 Creating a Database Using a Template Activity 1.3 Enabling Database Content Activity 1.4 Navigating the Database Window Activity 1.5 Entering Data into the Database Objective 3: Modify a Template Table Activity 1.6 Hiding Fields in a Template Table Activity 1.7 Adding Fields and Data in a Template Table Objective 4: Find, Modify, and Print Records Activity 1:8 Adding Records in a Template Table and Checking Spelling Activity 1.9 Finding and Deleting Records Activity 1.10 Finding and Modifying Records Activity 1.11 Printing the Table and a Report Objective 5: Use the Access Help System and Exit Access Activity 1.12 Using Help to Find Access Information Activity 1.13 Closing the Database and Exiting Access Project 1B - Inventory Objective 6: Create a New Database and Tables from Scratch Activity 1.14 Creating a New Database Activity 1.15 Creating Fields in a New Table in Datasheet View Activity 1.16 Adding the First Record to a Table in Datasheet View Activity 1.17 Changing Data Types Activity 1.18 Creating Additional Records in a Table in Datasheet View Activity 1.19 Creating a Second Table in Design View Activity 1.20 Creating Records in the Second Table Objective 7: Modify the Table Design Activity 1.21 Changing the Primary Key Activity 1.22 Deleting, Adding, and Moving Fields in Datasheet View and Design View Activity 1.23 Renaming a Field in Datasheet View and Design View Objective 8: Format a Table for Printing Activity 1.24 Changing Column Widths Activity 1.25 Viewing a Table in Print Preview and Printing a Table Chapter 2 Sorting, Filtering, and Querying Databases Scenario: Laurel County Community College Project 2A - Athletic Events Objective 1: Open and Rename an Existing Database Activity 2.1 Opening and Renaming an Existing Database Activity 2.2 Adding a File Location to Trusted Locations Objective 2: Sort Records Activity 2.3 Sorting Records in Ascending and Descending Order Activity 2.4 Sorting Records on Multiple Fields Objective 3: Filter Records Activity 2.5 Filtering by Data in One Field Activity 2.6 Filtering by Data in More than One Field Objective 4: Open, Edit, Sort, and Print an Existing Query Activity 2.7 Opening and Modifying an Existing Query Activity 2.8 Adding a Record in the Underlying Table Activity 2.9 Sorting an Existing Query Activity 2.10 Printing a Query Objective 5: Create Table Relationships and a Simple Query Activity 2.11 Creating Table Relationships Activity 2.12 Creating a Simple Query Using Joined Tables Activity 2.13 Printing Selected Records from a Query Project 2B - Students Objective 6: Create a Select Query Activity 2.14 Creating Multiple Table Relationships Activity 2.15 Creating a Select Query in Design View Objective 7: Specify Criteria in a Query Activity 2.16 Specifying Text Criteria in a Query Activity 2.17 Hiding Fields in the Query Results Activity 2.18 Finding Empty Fields Activity 2.19 Specifying Numeric Criteria in a Query Activity 2.20 Using Comparison Operators in a Query Activity 2.21 Using a Wildcard in Query and Rearranging Fields Objective 8: Specify Compound Criteria in a Query Activity 2.22 Using AND in a Query Activity 2.23 Using OR in a Query Activity 2.24 Using AND and OR in a Query Chapter3 Creating Forms and Reports Scenario: Seattle-Tacoma Job Fair Project 3A - Job Fair Employers Objective 1: Create a Form Activity 3.1 Using the Form Tool to Create a Form Activity 3.2 Using the Form Wizard to Create a Form Activity 3.3 Using the Blank Form Tool to Create a Form Objective 2: Add, Delete, Edit, and Print Records in a Form Activity 3.4 Adding Records to a Table Using a Form Activity 3.5 Deleting Records from a Table Using a Form Activity 3.6 Editing a Record in a Table Using a Form Activity 3.7 Filtering and Sorting Records in a Form Activity 3.8 Printing a Simple Form Objective 3: Modify the Design of a Form in Layout View Activity 3.9 Inserting a Logo and a Date into a Form Activity 3.10 Adding a Field to and Deleting a Field from a Form Activity 3.11 Moving Fields in a Form Objective 4: Modify the Design of a Form in Design View Activity 3.12 Inserting a Footer into a Form and Aligning Controls Activity 3.13 Changing the Tab Order and Printing a Selected Record Project 3B - Job Openings Objective 5: Create a Report Activity 3.14 Using the Report Tool to Create a Report Activity 3.15 Using the Report Wizard to Create a Report Activity 3.16 Using the Blank Report Tool to Create a Report Activity 3.17 Using the Label Wizard to Create Labels Objective 6: Modify the Design of a Report in Layout View Activity 3.18 Adjusting and Formatting Controls in a Report Created Using the Blank Report Tool Activity 3.19 Inserting a Title, Logo, Date, Sum, and Page Number into a Report Activity 3.20 Adjusting Controls in a Report Created With the Report Wizard Objective 7: Modify the Design of a Report in Design View Activity 3.21 Adding a Control in the Page Footer Section Objective 8: Keep Grouped Records Together and Print a Report Activity 3.22 Keeping Grouped Records Together and Printing a Report Chapter 4 Enhancing Tables Scenario: City of Westland Plains Project 4A - City Directory Objective 1: Modify Existing Tables Activity 4.1 Backing Up a Database Activity 4.2 Analyzing the Structure of the Tables Activity 4.3 Copying a Table and Modifying the Structure Activity 4.4 Appending Records to a Table Activity 4.5 Splitting a Table into Two Tables Activity 4.6 Appending Records from Another Database Activity 4.7 Setting a Primary Key Objective 2: Customize the Navigation Pane Activity 4.8 Creating a Custom Category and Group Activity 4.9 Adding Objects to a Custom Group and Hiding a Group Objective 3: Create and Modify Table Relationships Activity 4.10 Creating Table Relationships Activity 4.11 Testing Referential Integrity Activity 4.12 Set and Test Cascade Options Objective 4: Enter Records Using a Subdatasheet Activity 4.13 Entering Records Using a Subdatasheet Project 4B - Tasks Objective 5: Change Data Types Activity 4.14 Changing Data Types Objective 6: Set Field Properties Activity 4.15 Creating an Input Mask Using the Input Mask Wizard Activity 4.16 Creating an Input Mask Using the Input Mask Properties Box Activity 4.17 Specifying a Required Field Activity 4.18 Setting Default Values for Fields Activity 4.19 Indexing Fields in a Table Objective 7: Create Data Validation Rules and Validation Text Activity 4.20 Creating Data Validation Rules and Validation Text Objective 8: Create a Lookup Field Activity 4.21 Creating a Lookup Field Based on Data in Another Table Activity 4.22 Creating a Lookup Field Based on a List of Values Objective 9: Attach Files to Records Activity 4.23 Attaching a Word Document to a Record Chapter 5 Enhancing Queries Scenario: Board Anywhere Surf and Snowboard Shop Project 5A - Inventory Objective 1: Create Calculated Fields Activity 5.1 Creating a Calculated Field Based on Two Existing Fields Activity 5.2 Creating a Calculated Field Based on One Existing Field and a Number Objective 2: Use Aggregate Functions Activity 5.3 Adding a Total Row to a Query Activity 5.4 Creating a Totals Query Objective 3: Create a Crosstab Query Activity 5.5 Creating a Select Query as the Source for the Crosstab Query Activity 5.6 Creating a Crosstab Query Objective 4: Find Duplicate and Unmatched Records Activity 5.7 Finding Duplicate Records Activity 5.8 Finding Unmatched Records Objective 5: Create a Parameter Query Activity 5.9 Creating a Parameter Query Using One Criteria Activity 5.10 Creating a Parameter Query Using Multiple Criteria Project 5B - Orders Objective 6: Create a Make Table Query Activity 5.11 Creating a Select Query Activity 5.12 Converting a Select Query to a Make Table Query Objective 7: Create an Append Query Activity 5.13 Creating an Append Query for a Table in the Current Database Activity 5.14 Creating an Append Query for a Table in Another Database Objective 8: Create a Delete Query Activity 5.15 Creating a Delete Query Objective 9: Create an Update Query Activity 5.16 Creating an Update Query Objective 10: Modify the Join Type Activity 5.17 Viewing the Results of a Query Using an Inner Join Activity 5.18 Changing the Join Type to an Outer Join Chapter 6 Customizing Forms and Reports Scenario: Wild Islands Breeze Project 6A - Franchises Objective 1: Create a Form in Design View Activity 6.1 Creating a Form in Design View Activity 6.2 Adding Sections to the Form Objective 2: Change and Add Controls Activity 6.3 Changing Controls on a Form Activity 6.4 Adding Controls to a Form Objective 3: Format Form Activity 6.5 Adding a Background Color Activity 6.6 Adding a Background Picture to a Form Activity 6.7 Modifying the Borders of Controls Objective 4: Make a Form User Friendly Activity 6.8 Adding a Message to the Status Bar Activity 6.9 Creating Custom ControlTips Activity 6.10 Changing the Tab Order Project 6B - Wild Islands Breeze (WIB) Objective 5: Create a Report in Design View Activity 6.11 Creating a Report in Design View Activity 6.12 Modifying the Sections of a Report Objective 6: Add Controls to a Report Activity 6.13 Add Label and Text Box Controls to a Report Activity 6.14 Adding an Image Control and a Line Control to a Report Objective 7: Group, Sort, and Total Records in Design View Activity 6.15 Adding a Grouping and Sort Level to a Report Activity 6.16 Adding Calculated Controls to a Report Activity 6.17 Creating Calculated Fields in a Report Objective 8: Create a Crosstab Report Activity 6.17 Creating a Crosstab Report Activity 6.18 Modifying a Crosstab Report Chapter 7Creating Advanced Forms and Reports Scenario: Southwest Gardens Project 7A - TV Shows Objective 1: Create a Split Form Activity 7.1 Creating a Split Form Using the Split Form Tool Activity 7.2 Formatting a Split Form Activity 7.3 Converting an Existing Form into a Split Form Objective 2: Create a Form and a Subform Activity 7.4 Creating a Form and a Subform Using the Form Tool Activity 7.5 Creating a Form and a Subform Using the Form Wizard Activity 7.6 Creating a Subform by Dragging a Related Table onto An Existing Form Objective 3: Create a Multi-Page Form Activity 7.7 Creating a Multi-Page Form Using the Tab Control Project 7B - Web Site Orders Objective 4: Create and Modify a Subreport Activity 7.8 Using the Subreport Wizard to Create a Subreport Activity 7.9 Modifying a Subreport Activity 7.10 Creating a Subreport by Adding an Object to an Existing Report Activity 7.11 Displaying a Total from a Subreport on the Main Report Objective 5: Create a Report Based on a Parameter Query Activity 7.12 Creating a Report Based on a Parameter Query Activity 7.13 Printing the Parameters in the Report Objective 6: Create an Alphabetic Index Activity 7.16 Creating an Alphabetic Index Chapter 8 Creating Macros, PivotTables, and PivotCharts Scenario: Providence and Warwick Medical Center Project 8A - Benefits Information Sessions Objective 1: Create a Standalone Macro with One Action Activity 8.1 Creating a Standalone Macro Activity 8.2 Opening a Form in Its Own Window Activity 8.3 Creating a Second Standalone Macro That Automatically Executes Objective 2: Add Multiple Actions to a Standalone Macro Activity 8.4 Adding Multiple Actions to an Existing Standalone Macro Objective 3: Create a Macro Group Activity 8.5 Creating the First Macro in a Macro Group Activity 8.6 Creating a Second Macro in a Macro Group Activity 8.7 Creating a Third Macro in a Macro Group Objective 4: Associate a Macro with an Event Activity 8.8 Associating a Command Button with a Macro Objective 5: Create an Embedded Macro Activity 8.9 Creating an Embedded Macro Objective 6: Print Macro Details Activity 8.10 Printing Macro Details Project 8B - Nursing Salaries Objective 7: Create a PivotTable from a Query Activity 8.11 Creating a PivotTable from a Query Activity 8.12 Pivoting the Data and Adding Totals Activity 8.13 Removing and Adding Fields from the PivotTable Objective 8: Create a PivotChart from a PivotTable Activity 8.14 Creating a PivotChart from a PivotTable Chapter 9 Integrating Access with Other Applications Scenario: Penn Liberty Motors Project 9A - Penn Liberty Motors Objective 1: Import Data from a Word Table Activity 9.1 Prepare a Word Table for Importing Activity 9.2 Importing Data from a Word Table Objective 2: Use Mail Merge to Integrate Access and Word Activity 9.3 Merging an Access Table with a Word Document Objective 3: Import Data from an Excel Workbook Activity 9.4 Importing Data from an Excel Worksheet Activity 9.5 Appending Data from Excel to a Table Objective 4: Link an Excel Chart to a Report Activity 9.6 Create a Query and a Report Activity 9.7 Linking an Excel Chart to a Report Objective 5: Import from and Link to Another Access Database Activity 9.8 Importing Data from Another Access Database Activity 9.9 Linking to a Table in Another Access Database Project 9B - Used Car Inventory Objective 6: Export Data to Word Activity 9.10 Export an Access Query to Word Activity 9.11 Export an Access Report to Word Objective 7: Export Data to Excel Activity 9.12 Export Selected Records to Excel Activity 9.13 Copying Selected Records to an Existing Excel Workbook Objective 8: Export Data to an HTML File and an XML File Activity 9.14 Export a Report to an HTML File Activity 9.15 Export a Report to an XML File Chapter 10 Administering Databases Scenario: Image Medtech Project 10A - Customers Objective 1: Compact and Repair a Database Activity 10.1 Compacting and Repairing a Database Objective 2: Back Up a Database Activity 10.2 Backing Up a Database Objective 3: Use the Database Splitter Activity 10.3 Splitting a Database Objective 4: Convert Databases to Other Versions Activity 10.4 Creating a Secure ACCDE File Activity 10.5 Converting an Access 97 Database Activity 10.6 Converting to a 2002-2003 Database Objective 5: Replicate and Synchronize a Database Activity 10.7 Creating a Replica of a Database Activity 10.8 Synchronizing a Database Project 10B - Invoices Objective 6: Use Microsoft Analysis Tools Activity 10.9 Using the Table Analyzer Activity 10.10 Using the Performance Analyzer Activity 10.11 Viewing Object Dependencies Activity 10.12 Using the Database Documenter Objective 7: Add Smart Tags Activity 10.13 Adding Smart Tags Objective 8: Modify Access Views and Behaviors Activity 10.14 Modifying Access Options Activity 10.15 Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar Activity 10.16 Setting Current Database Options Activity 10.17 Customizing the Navigation Pane Chapter 11 Securing Databases and Writing SQL Statements Scenario: DeLong Grant Law Partners Project 11A - Lawyers Objective 1: Set a Database Password Activity 11.1 Encrypting a Database with a Password Activity 11.2 Encoding and Password Protecting a 2003 Database Objective 2: Secure the Access Administrator Account Activity 11.3 Securing the Administrator Account Objective 3: Create an Access Administrative User Activity 11.4 Adding an Administrative User Account Objective 4: Create Users and Groups Activity 11.5 Creating a Group and Adding Users Objective 5: Change Ownership and Assign Permissions to Database Objects Activity 11.6 Assigning Permissions to Database Objects Activity 11.7 Changing Ownership of Database Objects Objective 6: Test and Reset Default Security Settings Activity 11.8 Testing Default Security Settings Activity 11.9 Copying and Resetting Default Security Settings Objective 7: Create and Modify Workgroups Using the Security Wizard Activity 11.10 Adding Users and Groups in a New Workgroup Information File Activity 11.11 Testing the New Workgroup Security Settings Project 11B - Overdue Accounts Objective 8: Modify a Query in SQL View Activity 11.12 Modifying a Query in SQL View Objective 9: Create a Query in SQL View Activity 11.13 Creating an SQL Statement Activity 11.14 Specifying the Join Type in SQL Objective 10: Create a Union Query Using SQL Activity 11.15 Creating a Union Query in SQL View Objective 11: Create Calculated Fields and SQL Aggregate Functions Activity 11.16 Creating Calculated Fields in SQL Activity 11.17 Writing SQL Aggregate Function Chapter 12 Customizing Access Using Visual Basic for Applications Scenario: Cross Oceans Music Project 12A - Compact Discs Objective 1: Modify an Existing VBA Module Activity 12.1 Opening and Viewing an Existing VBA Module Activity 12.2 Documenting Code with Comments Activity 12.3 Editing an Existing VBA Procedure Objective 2: Debug and Test VBA Code Activity 12.4 Debugging and Testing VBA Code Activity 12.5 Debugging Run-Time Errors Objective 3: Write an Event Procedure Activity 12.6 Writing an Event Procedure Objective 4: Use Variables, Properties, and Methods Activity 12.7 Declaring Variables and Assigning Values to Variables Activity 12.8 Changing Form Properties and Using Methods Project 12B - Shipping Objective 5: Prompt for User Input Activity 12.9 Prompting the User for Input Activity 12.10 Testing User Input Objective 6: Write Control Structures Activity 12.11 Writing an If Then Statement Activity 12.12 Writing a Select Case Statement Objective 7: Perform Calculations and Make Comparisons Activity 12.13 Performing Calculations and Comparing Values Objective 8: Add a Subroutine to Trap Errors Activity 12.14 Adding a Subroutine to Trap Errors

Author Biography

Shelley Gaskin, Series Editor for the GO! Series, is a professor of business and computer technology at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. She holds a master's degree in business education from Northern Illinois University and a doctorate in adult and community education from Ball State University. Dr. Gaskin has 15 years of experience in the computer industry with several Fortune 500 companies and has developed and written training materials for custom systems applications in both the public and private sector. She is also the author of books on Microsoft Outlook and word processing.
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February 19th, 2008
Country of Publication
United States
2nd Revised edition
Prentice Hall
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