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"A great game"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

This game is one of the reasons I bought a Playstation, the other was Gran Turismo. I had to buy another copy because I lent my original copy to my brother who lost it. So I've paid double the price but I think it's well worth it. The in game graphics are of course playstation 1 quality, but you soon start to forget that with the great gameplay and story, and they definately have a charm of their own.

An oustanding part of this gane is the music, it's all great and sets the mood of the game at every stage.

Give this game a try, you won't be sorry

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"Must own"
5 stars"

One of the best storylines every in a game. There is a reason why this game is voted so highly – and why so many people have said it was the most emotional game ever. If you have never played this, but want to start on RPG's, then get this. I would have never bought an RPG until I got given this for a birthday – and now I'm hooked on FF games. The battle system rocks. The videos rock. The characters and leveling up rocks. The side quests rock. The storyline rocks. Why havent you bought this yet?

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"My thoughts."
5 stars"

A great game, sadly marred by the fact that it is tremendously overrated and overhyped. It is far from the best game ever in my opinion (too many flaws, e.g. it did not age well and suffers from a bad translation) and it's not my favorite FF game either.

But it's still an excellent piece of gaming. The re-release should be a lot cheaper and in the original picture discs – not Platinum… but bah, I already own the original and PC versions of this game :D

And where is the re-release of Final Fantasy IX?

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"Very cool"
5 stars"

Very cool game, even if youve never been into RPG style games, you have to give this one a shot, and Im sure you'll not put it down until its finished :) I havent played any of the other FF series but have been told by friends who have that nothing comes close to this one.

As for the user review “unbeliviable, 11th May, 2006”, you cannot compare this game to GTA and Halo etc as they are totally different game genres.

"Best RPG of all time!"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

For those of you who have not happened upon the final fantasy series this is definitely the game to start with. This game put square on the map and is still considered by many to be a revolution in gaming as one of the first games to include stunning visual effects and movies and incorporate them into the gameplay. In my opinion this is a game you will not soon forget and will start an addiction to which i am now hooked on which is final fantasy Seriously you should buy it now copies of this game retail are extremely rare now!! gg squaresoft

5 stars"

i own this game. but still it pleases me greatly to see this classic on sale once more. i dont think anyone who has played this game would argue that it isnt the best game ever made.

gta san andreas? that doesnt come close. halo 2? go home you wanabe.

buy this game now while you have the chance. and when you have dont thank me, thank squarsoft and Hironobu Sakaguchi for making it all possible.