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"7th Heaven Baby!!"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

I haven't received this game yet but I know, I will not be disappointed!

I once had this game as a child so it will be great to go back to my old roots. haha

I know it's more of testimony lol but I do not care. It is an all time favorite in my books!

7th Heaven baby!!

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"Best game.Ever"
5 stars"

This game is brilliant.I played it about 5 years ago, and it is still, without a doubt, the best game i have ever played.It contains an amazing story line, good graphics(for its time), stunning music, scenery, and characters.De­finitely a must-buy for all serious gamers and anyone who is into rpg's because this is the best one you will ever play.

Graphics 9/10 gameplay 10/10 timespan 10/10 music 10/10 value 10/10

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5 stars"

Possibly the greatest game of all time.

A game that not just redefined a genre, it changed the way the world perceived gaming. Final Fantasy 7 is a master piece, the father of RPG as we view it today.

It plays more like a novel then a game, this i believe is the most powerful weapon any RPG can possess.. A Story, but not just any story, one with REAL human emotion – happiness – joy – love – forefillment – sadness – despair – hate – loss.

A killer and revolutionalary system, armour, weapons, magic, summons, and limit breaks – and backbone of this system has to be Squaresoft's (now Square-Enix) greatest achivement in RPG history…The Materia System.

But this is all only the beginning, the mere surface – the true selling point of this game has to be the ultimate rivalry between the coolest Anti-Hero ever concieved, Cloud Strife, and the master of all villians ever conjured by the imagination…Sep­hiroth.

this is no “game”, its an experience.

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5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

The best RPG of all time. Still worth playing in today's consoles.

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"nothing beats ff7 :)"
5 stars"

This is the best game of all time… a easy 120/10 lol :) thats how… it fails in graphics but the gameplay is GREAT!!

a must have for any RPG players

also…final fantsay 8 is just as good :)

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"Its a excellent example of a RPG"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Some people are wrong and some people are write. Its an Role Playing Game and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is an Third Person Shooter plus driving genre so they cannot be compared. Still i regret selling this too some other guy. But 2008 i bought it again and its never leaving me this time.

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"my very first rpg"
5 stars"

first played at 10 years old good story can make anybody cry decent graphics good battle system good music worth $500

"Game from the Gods"
5 stars"

This game redifined gaming. It redifined RPG's and kind of put them more on the map than they ever were before this. If you hate RPG's play this game and be converted. Granted it's a 1997 title, so the graphics are somewhat dated, but the gameplay and replayability are second to none. There is a reason this game is hailed as the game of all games, if you don't believe me, buy it and see. You will not be disappointed. Over 60hours of gameplay, minigames, and some of the first FMV sequences of any quality to be seen in a video game. GET THIS GAME. YOU ARE LUCKY THAT IT IS STILL AVAILABLE. It won't be for long, and then you'll regret it. I Promise.

"You need this game"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

I have owned this game once before and have just ordered it to own for the second time, never to have it leave my clutches ever again.

You can compare the time you'd spend on this game to the likes of World or Warcraft or Everquest, it just has a near endless supply of things to do like breeding chocobos or snowboarding down a mountain, and dont get me started on the storyline or I'll end up writng a whole novel.

Music is one of my favourite factors in a Final Fantasy game and this one is no different, Nobuo Uematsu is an abosolute genius and is currently my favourite composer.

The graphics are obviously old and blocky but in no way do square let that detract from the gameplay, look past these old time graphics and see the game for what it is, the best there ever was and possibly ever will be.

It is constantly voted the best game ever on public gaming polls, what else do you need to convince you to buy this game?

If you own a Playstation 2 buy this game, if you dont own a Playstation 2, buy one and buy this game.

"Possibly The Greatest Game Ever"
5 stars"

Final Fantasy VII is easily the greatest RPG of all time, possibly the greatest game ever. No other game has been able to hold the attention of the gamer like FFVII, especially when this game can amass over 100 hours of gameplay and still keep you captivated by it's beautiful story, wonderful characters whose own personal stories are all told throughout your journey. This game has got a great battle system that never gets boring and great locations to keep the game interesting. Final Fantasy VII has got the best story so far compared to all the other FF games that have been made. This game is a masterpiece, there are games out there that are able to transcend generations, that people are able to play in 10 years time and be blown away at how good this game is; Final Fantasy VII is part of that handful of games that people will forever be remembered and be compared to other games to see if they are worthy. Do yourself a favor and buy this game right now. I would happily pay $200.00 for this game. $60.00 for possibly tne greatest game ever is worth it