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"Best game to come out in the last few years."
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Unlike the previous Bioshock games, it is a polar opposite as the environment has moved from the Ocean to Skies. Do not think this is a prequel/squeal to the previous Bioshocks. You learn as to why the games title is called Bioshock, even being different from its predisesors in the ending to Bioshock Infinite.

The main player is no longer the silent type, being guided by the phrase “Would you kindly”, Booker has a voice, and that voice does a wonderful job, especially with the interactions with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's AI is well done, as you will find she will move about on her own at times to view details on posters, show where to find a few items of interest, and comment on a few things as well. One of my favorite scenes with Elizabeth is when you pick up a Guitar in Shantytown and she sings along with you, this particular scene is missable.

The sound and music for the game is top notch. Even though the game is set in 1912 in the beginning of the game is a Barbershop Quartet singing a famous Beach Boys song. This particular event I missed and only found out at a later point.

The game itself does have some racial discrimination as well, but it in itself would not effect people in a negative way.

There are many great detailed features in this game, that can easily be missed if you do not take your time at viewing the environment. Which shows you the amount of work the makers did to bring to you the public the awesomeness that is Bioshock Infinite.

That being said, even though there are some player decision choices in the game, they do not effect the ending at all. Even so the one ending Bioshock Infinite has, is extremely good, though also sad.

10/10 Game Rating to you from me, Mr. Uchigatana

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"Absolutely Amazing!!!"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

The campaign in this game is amazing, probably the best campaign i have ever played. I still haven't finished it and i've had it for about a month. Words cannot describe how good this game is, I would recommend this game to anyone, it's that incredible. The graphics, the gameplay, the everything!!! So good!!! And the best part is that it only took a day to get to me which was incredible and i could play it straight away so if you are choosing between this game or another, get this. You won't regret it, I give you my word.

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"Most best game"
4 stars"

Best game throughout trilogy of bioshock

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"Was not sure"
4 stars"

Was apprehensive at first not really enjoying BioShock. However I was very surprised. Bloody good graphics. Bloody good story. Bloody good twists. Bloody good voice acting from Booker, Elizabeth and Comstock. Overall a very great game. One I enjoyed a lot.

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"Best story line"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Great shooter game with amazing graphics and story line, lots of plot twists to keep you guessing Great game with enough to keep you interested from start to finish

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"So bloody, but so good"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

This has to be one of the goriest (non-horror) games I've ever played, but that's the nature of having your main weapon essentially be a can opener for human heads. This game is fun, engrossing and has one of the most intense storylines seen in recent gaming memory. Couldn't recommend it more.

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"Competent shooter, predictable ending."
3 stars"

Bioshock Infinite is a stunning looking game on the XBox 360, one might say the best looking game on the system.

For Bioshock veterans, what is new- In short, it's the gear system and “tears”.

“Tears” are literally tears in the space time continuum and they allow the player to bring in, via Elizabeth, various tools to help with the games firefights. You can for example bring in cover points, weapons, medkits or even the “patriot” a half man half machine tank of an enemy who fires chain guns.

The gear system is probably the games only failing point. The idea is, you can equip 1 chest, helmet, boots and gloves, and they effectively give you special abilities. The problem with the system is that a player will typically, in my case, pick the gear that increases their damage and coin drop – although if you want you can specialize to stun enemies when you jump off a skyline, or set them on fire when they attack you and so on. It sounds really cool on paper, but once you get in the game you will find that you never experiment with it because the GUNS in the game are so effective against enemies on their own.

That brings me to the other new addition. Like Bioshock 2, you can wield your “vigor” power alongside your gun of choice, the difference is that now your melee attack is ALWAYS available. You can also do a melee “finish” attack, which really serves no purpose other than gratuitous violence even though some gear benefits from having you do melee executions.

You can only have two guns at any given time, but you can stockpile the ammo. Guns have two variants, the Vox Populi version, and the Columbia version. For example, my favourite gun is the Hailfire which is a rapid fire grenade launcher, and it's variant is the slower firing Volley Launcher. You don't get the Hailfire till about the final third of the game, so I found myself using the highly effective shotgun and machine gun.

There is one other gameplay change which I really cannot get into without possibly spoiling part of the storyline, except what I will say is that traps you lay for enemies may attack allies later on.

So the game is a competent shooter, and frankly it's by far the best action yet seen in a Bioshock game.

The plot on the other hand…if this were a movie a reviewer would describe the plot as being “byzantine” and “convoluted” and “predictable”. It's definitely the weakest storyline in the Bioshock series, but only because the ending of the game is highly predictable.

Partly this is due to the player KNOWING to expect a plot twist at the end of the game, but it sure does help that the writers decided to give you the most obvious hints right off the get go.

The game is saved by the always brilliant Bioshock setting, in this case it's a depression era 1920's. You will get a clue right at the start of the game when you hear a barbershop quartet singing a Beach Boys song that something about this world isn't quite right.. And if that wasn't obvious enough for some people (who perhaps haven't heard the Beach Boys song), a little bit later on you hear a 1920's version of the 1980's song “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” playing on a phonogram.

That's probably the storytelling's stron­gest point, the feeding of tidbits of information to keep you guessing, it's just unfortunate that the games big ending is spelled out for you (literally).

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"Brutely awesome game"
4 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Fantastic design, beautiful sound track, great twisting game. Amazing ! ( also a bit of a violent game >< be careful kiddos)

"Not very gripping. Obscure storyline"
3 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Graphics a bit cartoonish. Lacks realism. Flimsy storyline.

"Good game"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Graphically pleasing, didn't feel as absorbed as the first bioshock games, I suspect the graphical familiarity breeds a certain contempt, still a 5 star game.

5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

The graphics are amazing, the story line epic. The one problem is the racism but because it is based in a time when it was extremely racist I can get past it for the awesome story line and awesome game

"Great game"
5 stars"

An amazing story following veteran Booker and his mysterious companion Elizabeth, this game takes you on a rollercoaster ride through a beautifully animated sky city called Colombia.
Telling the tale through a first person shooter, this game has an intense campaign that, though short, will keep you playing and playing until you qwell your thirst for adventure

"Another brilliant installment to the Bioshock series"
4 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Amazing design, gameplay, and story.

Quite a different look and feel to the other Bioshock titles, but with similar style gameplay.

Really enjoyed this title, give it a go.

2 stars"

I only played it for a couple of hours but I found it to be simply tedious. It had a promising start, exploring the floating city a bit but it quickly shows itself for what it is… a tradtional, linear, checkpoint shooter. And not even that good of one. I don't know what I was expecting, but given the hype something a bit more than this.

The combat is just dull, the gunplay is unsatisfying and the enemies are boring.

The graphics are decidedly average even for the 360.

You respawn when you die despite this being a single player game.

The levels are completely linear, unlike the first two games that you needed a map to navigate.

And finally, I would have liked a bit more backroungd to the story to explain what I was doing on Columbia in the first place. I don't know who I am or why I'm there except to “find the girl.” Why- I suppose that is revealed as you progress but giving me a little background might have made me feel a bit more invested in what I was doing there.

"I heard about this game from reviews"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

and comments on the internet and I thought it's discounted lets get it. I’m glad I did, this game is fantastic. I’m not a big fan of FPS (first person shooters) on a controller full stop. But with this game, this doesn't matter. The campaign is wonderful and has a great story. As the other reviews have said Elizabeth’s AI is fantastic. I was thinking during any fight scene I was going to have to protect her (stop her from getting killed and fail the mission) but she knows how to hide, finding you ammo, health, vigor (mana), lock picks and money. She also yells out possible danger that is coming up Bosses and mini bosses. Listen out for the “1912” versions of the songs you or yours parents grew up with. The game was voted one of the top games of 2013 (in the top 5 of the most gamer reviews) and it deserved it. Elizabeth (as a character) overall was voted (unofficial) one of the most Influential role models in gaming history.

5 stars"

I honestly thought this game was going to be crap because it had nothing in common with the other bio shock games but was very surprised once i played it..its awesome, great story line, thrilling and in general just fun.

"visually very nice, but we knew it would be."
4 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Compared however to the origional Games, its hard to say. I loved the combat elements in this game, but without having a multiplayer to use them in its just not that great. The story is clever and well stitched and it looks and plays well. But Bioshock2 had a fantastic Multiplayer option!

"Intense action but short"
5 stars"

Woke up fairly early to play the game, played for 11 hours straight on normal difficulty and finished it

"I thought wrong"
5 stars"

I wasn't really a fan of the other bioshocks, as i don't really like scary dark games. I thought this will be like all the rest. ITS NOT. This is a beautifully made piece of art. I began renting it, normally i would have bought it. but i played it thought twice and now im about to buy it. GOTY!

"Best game of 2013."
5 stars"

I know it's only April, but this is going to be the best game of 2013 hands down. Awesome story, incredibly immersive world, highly replayable. BUY IT.

"An amazing narrative with solid gameplay mechanics."
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Bioshock Infinite is one of those games you can't talk about because anything you say about it can potentially ruin the stories many twists, and if you've played the first Bioshock, you will be looking for that twist and believe me, you won't see it coming. An amazing game, and a must have for the library.

"a wonderful game and gripping story"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

I didn't think anything could top tomb raider but this easily does. This game fixes the flaws from previous bioshocks FPS elements.They feel much more natural, enemies don't randomly come from out of nowhere or sneak behind you and swarm you. Booker and Elizabeth feel like real characters rather than the voiceless and unemotional characters from other bioshocks so much that they're story feels more fascinating and engrossing than the others. Lastly the natural progression between the story and the way Columbia changes as you play sucks you in and made me play for hours longer than i intended like a good book

"Brilliant Game, probably one of the best of this generation"
5 stars"

Amazing story, great characters and awesome fun. Just buy it peoples.