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"Lets get some facts straight"

The person below has some valid concerns. There are risks being taken by Irrational games but ultimately I think they will pay off. Infinite is being made by the very same people that made the original Bioshock (number 2 was made by a different team). I have a load of confidence in Ken Levine and the team at irrational.

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5 stars"

Ive played Bioshock 1 and 2 and i think its very interesting and creepy. I do like how your in a sinister place full of people trying to kill you, but i miss the creepy-ness of the dark places in Bioshock 1 and 2. I cant wait !

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"Puzzled ...(-_-)"
3 stars"

First bioshock was my favourite shooter of all time disappionted the secound was taken over by another group who just added random thing's to the great story but this third one leaves me abit confused look's like we will miss the dark hall's of the murky deep and the horro's that lurked around every corner but we will have to wait and see i guess and see if the orginal creator's can bring a new spark into this game. Here's to hoping (^^)d

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"Cant Wait"
5 stars"
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With ken levine at the helm, Bioshock Infinite looks lie a create step forward for the series and the first person genre as a whole. Cant wait.

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"Looks good"
5 stars"

Great game is one of my favs series

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4 stars"

really liked the bioshock series so cant wait to give this one a go. :), however im quite amazed its not available yet… the trailer was released months ago. anyway i hope it will be worth the wait :D

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4 stars"

This game heavily contrasts the first and second Bioshock which is great! Their zealous attempt to differentiate from its predecessor is a great start and I for one welcome this new direction.

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4 stars"

Well, this game was the second best I have ever played for shooters like this, (medal of honour range was the my only favourite) but the designers are new so can they really pull this off- or will it all come to a fail with the graphics schemes- I think they should do well because they are skilled at there job, so I give them a 4 rating because I have a feeling it will be a great game to follow up bioshock 2. Lets all hope!

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"we'll have to wait and see"
3 stars"

Lets be honest, we all loved Bioshock AND its amazing sequel, but now the game has been passed on to new designers. Will it be as good as its predecessors? Well just have to wait and see. 3 Stars (For Now)

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