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Monitor Mounts & Stands

Buy Monitor Mounts & Stands at Mighty Ape NZ

Employees spend a lot of time everyday working on Computer Monitors, and if monitors are put too high or too low, tired shoulders can cause painful neck strains. To avoid this, place displays on mounts or extensible arms to hold the monitor in front of the user's eye level.

At Mighty Ape, all our mounting equipment is pre-assembled for quick setup and can be mounted in a matter of seconds simply by using the durable adjustable hooks to fix it to the edge of the desk, without any tools like a desk clamp. It is our goal to help create more ergonomic working environments around the world that is why we offer all of our products at fair rates.

With multiple monitoring devices both monitor stands and monitor mounts are suitable choices. At Mighty Ape, we carry a full range of quick-to-install multi-monitor mounts and multiple display stands to ensure you find the right mounting setup for your screen size and number of monitors.

Check out our Collection of Monitor Mounts & Stands and get rid of your back and neck pain today!