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Pilates Programmes

Michelle Merrifield - Power Pilates – Intermediate
(4.5) 2

Power Pilates is a dynamic fusion of Pilates and fitness exercises that will make your body feel toned and terrific. With its low impact floor based exercises it can transform both your body and posture in just a few sessions. This inspired workout is perfect for those who prefer low impact exercise...

Michelle Merrifield - The Ultimate Fitness Collection

Michelle Merrifield is the owner and operator of Essence of Living on the Gold Coast, Australia. She says that she truly loves what she does and wants to share her passion of yoga with the world in the hope of creating a happier, healthier world with those willing to change and grow. She has release...

Pilates - Miniball

Juliana Afram Presents The Pilates Edition: Miniball DVD-Workout program for beginners and intermediates. "The Pilates Edition" was created in cooperation with the renowned "Pilates Coach Germany" institute. The Pilates method strives to connect elements of standard fitness t...