Fan Mail from our customers

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Very good service, most impressed. Cheers Susan

- Susan from Coromandel, NZ (May 17)

Mighty Ape was very helpful, found a quick and helpful alternative when they couldn't answer my query, and came back in the afternoon with a reply so I am very impressed with their service, thanks Mighty Ape.

- Jen from Paeroa, NZ (May 17)

Mighty Ape service has always been second to none.

- Anton from Whangarei, NZ (May 17)

Excellent guys awesome.

- Eugene from Papakura, NZ (May 17)

Quick and professional :)

- Brent from Wellington, NZ (May 17)

Awesome speedy reply xx

- Wendy from Dunedin, NZ (May 17)

The Mighty Ape team were awesome. Good stuff!

- Jared from Dunedin, NZ (May 17)

Mighty Ape is always pleasant and easy to put things right.

- Daria from Paraparaumu, NZ (May 17)

Mighty Ape is awesome from which I shall always continue to buy from.

- Gary from Christchurch, NZ (May 17)

Mighty Ape was very helpful.

- Colin from Auckland, NZ (May 17)

Thanks for the support!

- Gray from Wellington, NZ (May 17)

As always really good service from your customer support people.

- Jill from Christchurch, NZ (May 17)

Customer service is really good. Highly recommended!

- Kassi from Auckland, NZ (May 17)

Always helpful and polite, appreciate it thanks.

- Linda from Waiuku, NZ (May 17)

I deal with these people often and have had no problems. Good efficient service and delivery. Mighty Ape is excellent.

- Barabara from New Zealand (May 17)

Love the same day courier service! Ordered at 1pm and received as promised around 6pm. This is the second time I have used this service and I think its fantastic!

- Kylie N from New Zealand (May 17)

Always fast delivery and very helpful and friendly customer service! I like ordering from them, especially our games, baby nappies and wipes

- Jaime C from New Zealand (May 17)

I've had excellent service from your company..

- Allana from Wellington, NZ (May 17)

I have received my items this morning, very happy thank you, quick delivery, wonderful service, DVDs working perfectly and thanks for the $10 off voucher for next time, will definitely be buying off Mighty Ape again.

- Jennifer from Auckland, NZ (May 17)

I thought the support was excellent.

- Lynne from Auckland, NZ (May 17)

Very pleased with almost instant response to my chat... Thank you!

- Christine from Auckland, NZ (May 17)

Quickly sorted out...great support as usual.

- Rhys from Auckland, NZ (May 17)

Best service and amazing products from Mighty Ape. I always find great deals and they are very helpful.

- Karen from Wanganui, NZ (May 17)

Wow! Last week I placed 2 separate orders and paid the $5 for next day delivery after 6pm. Both parcels arrived safe and sound exactly as requested. Communication was spot on too! Son's 18th birthday presents... TICK!! And all from the comfort of my lounge. Very happ

- Lynnette from Auckland, NZ (May 17)

Absolutely Amazing store!!! Super easy to use, CHEAPEST prices anywhere on PS4 consoles. Next day courier delivery for only $3.90 ! that's insane value for money!! I honestly couldn't explain how happy I am with this company. All business should be conducted in this manner. These guy's really show the rest of the country how you get it DONE !!! Totally recommended to everyone

- Scott from Auckland, NZ (May 17)

We would like to say how impressed we are with your service. Our grandson was delighted with his Tonka front loader for his birthday. Thank you very much, we will be using your service again.

- Kath from Wales, UK (May 17)

99 times out of 100 Mighty Ape is absolutely perfect, fast and efficient. Which is great because when I want something I WANT IT NOW, and these guys can very nearly satisfy my impatient nonsense. And on those rare occasions when something does go wrong, the customer service team are always polite and quick as they can to fix your issue. LOVE FOR THE WHOLE TEAM!

- Diana from Christchurch. NZ (May 17)

I was very surprised that my first order came overnight, and the $10 off voucher for my first purchase was a wonderful welcome, keep up the great work!

- Daniel from Ohaupo, NZ (May 17)

Great company to deal with and it was delivered when they said it would be

- Sara from NZ (May 17)

Thank you so much - so efficient!

- Rashika from Auckland, NZ (May 17)

Excellent as always.

- Anthony from Wellington, NZ (May 17)


- Tina from Auckland, NZ (May 17)

Very kind and helpful.

- Saffron from Hamilton, NZ (May 17)

Very good and fast response

- Kenny from Auckland, NZ (May 17)

Super quick and friendly service as always!

- Kate from Auckland, NZ (May 17)

Easiest company i have ever dealt with and super fast delivery, cheers guys.

- Mark T from Henderson, NZ (May 17)

Love the same day courier service! Ordered at 1pm and received as promised around 6pm. This is the second time I have used this service and I think its fantastic! Thank you :-)

- Kylie from NZ (May 17)

I love shopping on Mighty Ape as you have a great variety of items and amazingly quick delivery.

- Paris from Christchurch, NZ (May 17)

I personally have always had a great customer service experience with Mighty Ape :) Once a package wasn't sent/missing from the box, I let them know and they quickly sent it out no issues, and they apologised profusely. Mistakes like these happen when you're such a big company shipping out so much stuff, which I totally understand, but Mighty Ape have always been sure to rectify the situation for me. Also their video games are so much cheaper than anywhere in a store and delivered on the day of release (so excited for ME) - just awesome.

- Hayley from NZ (May 17)

Absolutely beyond fantastic.After almost giving up hope that we would be able to attend with gifts in hand I decided to have a quick look at the Mighty Ape site. This was on THURSDAY night. What was a thinking!! BUT... you Might Ape have an absolutely amazing service! I was able to order online everything I needed, three lovely gifts, name tags and all to be delivered to my house by 9pm Friday night!!! Best service ever!!! So fast and easy!

- Kama from NZ (May 17)

I love Mighty Ape. Used them from the very beginning and they have been consistently excellent. If there is a problem with an order they are on it straight away and gets in touch with you to let you know they are fixing it. Customer service 10/10 Recommended to many of my friends already who say the same!

- Jade T from New Zealand (May 17)

Wow! Can not fault you guys at all I won a voucher and ordered what I wanted yesterday about 1.30ish and it arrived to my Wellington door step at 11am today everything nicely packed and everything there too service guy thank you very much

- Nicole J from Wellington, New Zealand (May 17)

I live for mighty ape haha I love this shop and the customer service is great, Had an issue with a purchase once and they sent out a replacement immediately which arrived within 48hrs. And I live rural and the postage times are so quick!

- Teesha from New Zealand (May 17)

Excellent service and pleasant to deal with !!

- Warren from NZ (May 17)

Always fast shipping, excellent competitions, if something goes wrong they quickly fix it. My fav online store x

- Chanel from NZ (May 17)

Never had a problem with the service, products or delivery and I've ordered a LOT.

- Christabel from NZ (May 17)

Made an order thursday midnight, got my 1tb hdd saturday noon. Good service!

- Christian from NZ (May 17)

Wow........ what else to say? Thank you so much for everything. I've bought more items from Mighty Ape than I will admit, (most recently a very nice book on Shakespeare) and every single time, service is absolutely faultless, incredible.... never had a problem at all. I've even received birthday discounts, customer service/support team is absolutely amazing (give them a raise :-) haha they deserve it) most recently I was able to receive discount via a promotional code on a product I had already ordered, paid for and received. I found out about the website a couple of years ago and was a loyal customer from the first order and now a lot of my family and friends have used it too. Everything about Mighty Ape, the products, the speed, the service every thing is flawless, keep it up guys, well done.

- Thomas from Whakatane, NZ (May 17)

Mighty Ape has such ease of access, checkout is an easy walk in the park. There's nothing that can really make this shopping site easier to use for customers.

- Athena from Canterbury, NZ (May 17)

Many thanks for your prompt service, will definitely use your firm again.

- Betty from Turangi, NZ (May 17)