Fan Mail from our customers

If you're happy with the service you've received from us, we'd really appreciate it if you'd submit a testimonial.

Thank you, I appreciate your help :)

- Deborah from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

Awesome thank you so much!

- Melissa from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

Good and fast help

- Matthew from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

The chat facility is a good idea. It helped me resolve an issue

- Anthony from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

Excellent, in everyway, nothing was a problem, I required a refund and order cancellation and it was completed in the blink of a eye!, even tho I didn't buy from you due to your products not being in stock...I wouldn't hesitate to place another order should I need something else..cheers jack

- Josh from Rotorua, NZ (Jul 17)

Thanks for all your help and information you guys rock.!!!! ... I am very happy with your service and will be using your website again in the near future.

- Mary from Otaki (Jul 17)

Mighty Ape dealt with my problem efficiently and fast, very impressed with customer service. And replacement item arrived this morning, thank you so much

- Jennifer from Kumeu, NZ (Jul 17)

You guys are so great to deal with - I really appreciate the way you operate.

- Phillipa from Gisborne, NZ (Jul 17)

Thank you very much for your help and customer service it was very nice.

- Nikita from Rotorua, NZ (Jul 17)

The person who replied to my e-mail, was so friendly. Thanks, you are the essence of what customer service should be : ^)

- Rebecca from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

Great service as always. Cheers!

- Guy from Tauranga, NZ (Jul 17)

Fantastic!! Always amazing service and support. Keep it up!!

- Ben from Dunedin, NZ (Jul 17)

My questions didn't get lost, the "conversation" was polite and relaxed, and I got answers - very satisfactory.

- David from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

Your are always good to deal with.

- Ben from Warkworth, NZ (Jul 17)

In a single word... OUTSTANDING.

- Steven from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

Very good, I'm satisfied.

- Ray from Stratford, NZ (Jul 17)

Great help! Will shop again.

- Brett from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

I am very pleased with his service. He was prompt and polite. I realize yesterday would've been insanely busy but the service I received was A+! Thank you!

- Sarah from Whanganui, NZ (Jul 17)

Great service as has always been the case over the years. I placed my order at midday, and it arrived the next morning at 10am, in the South Island. Super fast service!

- Greg from Christchurch, NZ (Jul 17)

Thank you so much! <3

- Sarah from Christchurch, NZ (Jul 17)

Hello Mighty Ape ones, Huge thanks for your service. I only placed the order yesterday and they both arrived this morning. You are Number One in my book.

- Fran from Hastings, NZ (Jul 17)

Great. Quick response.

- Peter from Drury, NZ (Jul 17)

Thank you, this is why I buy from Mighty Ape, such brilliant service. Please pass that on :)

- Astrid from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

Just want to let everyone know how awesome of a job you guys are doing, keep up the good work mighty ape, you guys do an amazing job :)

- Kenny M from New Zealand (Jul 17)

I purchased a set of war miniature paint. Im very happy with the support. They helped me in each step as I didnt understand much about the item as its for my husband birthday present. The item was arrive quick as scheduled. Birthday boy is very happy. Thanks Mightyape.

- Keizha L G from New Zealand (Jul 17)

Thanks again for the fantastic service Mighty Ape always provide. Great courier company you use as well.

- Angela from Christchurch, NZ (Jul 17)

Just wanted to say thank you to Mighty Ape for another speedy transaction! Cheers.

- Denise from Invercargill, NZ (Jul 17)

Your communications re order and delivery are key and excellent.

- Anderson from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for delivering the toys I purchased to my grandchildren they are beyond delighted with them ..I live in the UK and the time difference is 11 hours it's not easy to sort out but my grandchildren are delighted each time I send them something"

- Carol from UK (Jul 17)

We love everything ... and the drinks with the presents in the grandchildren thought we're awesome ... thankyou so much .. you monkeys are awesome xxx

- Anita from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

Thanks for all your help. Will definitely use mighty ape again!

- Jacky from Levin, NZ (Jul 17)

Thank you for the fast service. Always number 1 :)

- Philip from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

Thank you so much, as always, great service!!

- Jessica from Edgecumbe, NZ (Jul 17)

Hey, guys! Huge fan of your products and your service, wanted to thank you guys fro the easy shipping and great items at good prices! Thanks again Mighty Ape.

- Olly from NZ (Jul 17)

I'm a great fan of Mighty Ape

- Roseanne from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

Such a great and supportful team. You really help everybody.

- Craig from Stoke, NZ (Jul 17)

Awesome thank you for your help and fast response as always!

- Kylie from Te Aroha, NZ (Jul 17)

You are very good people to shop with, very good prices and impressive delivery times.

- Jon from Thames, NZ (Jul 17)

I ordered 1 item just to try you out and I'm so happy to say I'm gratefully satisfied with the efficient service I've received. Ordered Monday night and received it today with updates of the process! Thanks, guys you deserve lots and lots of bananas :) cheers

- Molly from NZ (Jul 17)

Mean service and quick delivery!

- Levi from Rotorua, NZ (Jul 17)

Thanks for all you and the team at mightyape have done for me over the past month. Please let the team that helped put my custom razorback together know that I'm very happy with the service and that everything has gone smoothly.

- Billy from NZ (Jul 17)

Wow! What a fantastic service!! I am so impressed with your speed and efficiency! 10 out of 10 perfection!

- Jennifer from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

Thank you very much, Mighty Ape support is always good.

- Aidan from Waihi, NZ (Jul 17)

Thank you so much for keeping me informed - much appreciated.

- Carolann from Tuakau, NZ (Jul 17)

Wonderful news!! Thank you so much for your help!!

- Landi from Tauranga, NZ (Jul 17)

You guys are awesome!

- Lynne from Auckland, NZ (Jul 17)

Thanks so much!

- Lynnaire from Christchurch, NZ (Jul 17)

I listed few items on marketplace and really pleased with your site. Easy to list. I also works with barcode and that really helps. AAA+ site to use. Thanks Mighty Ape

- Nirbhay from New Zealand (Jul 17)

I just want to say that I will never buy from any other online store again. I am going to do all my Christmas shopping with you guys, because seriously, the customer support is just absolutely out of this world. Thanks for being so amazing guys!!! I will most definitely tell all my friends and family. You guys rock!!!! Thanks heaps for making life so much easier.

- Cherie from Auckland, NZ (Jun 17)

The speedy delivery is much appreciated and all is well now. Thank you for your professional reply and excellent Customer service.

- Esri from Feilding, NZ (Jun 17)