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We have all the cute & cuddly companions you could ever want! At Mighty Ape we hold heaps of top Soft Toy brands from Nici, Gund, Aurora, Jellycat & heaps more!

We've also got a vast range of popular Game, TV & Movie Plushies from Minecraft, Peppa Pig, Pokemon, My Little Pony and even Sesame Street plushies available at Mighty Ape as well as so many more!

There are many Mighty Ape Exclusive soft toys up for grabs from Nici Soulmate Horses to Aurora Yeti, Lin Lin Bunny and Aurora Hanging Sloth! We've also imported over 180 Electronic Pets and Japanese Anime plush.

We have around 1000 Stuffed Animals in stock and also hard-to-find Designer plushies and Birds with real bird sounds which are perfect to give to your loved ones. At Mighty Ape we guarantee the best service – so swing by and grab your new cuddle companion today!