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4 stars"

A brilliant piece of hardware that has been perfected. magnificently engineered. Great games and an excellent solid, fast global network. Absolutely brilliant.

This is true next generation gaming that is built to last an entire generation. PS3 is not something you will sell two years down the track because it's out of date. PS3 is future proof, an investment following on from the PS2 which is still selling new in the shops. I can see the ‘out of the box’ hard disk being the only thing needing updating, ( 4.5 stars ).

It's a shame that people judge PS3 on its release price and date.

My 2 cents of the console war: I believe that the majority of people who are bad mouthing the PS3, are impulse buyers who are easily sucked in by clever marketing. Usually children.

"Better Varity"
4 stars"

I personally think that the PS2 had such a large variety compared to the Xbox that if this is any indication to the PS3/360 then PlayStation will hands down beat the 360 as even though 360 gaes are good you eventually get bored of them and then there isn't much too replace them.

"PS3 to record TV...?"
5 stars"

PS3 to Become Freeview TV Recorder?

New Zealand Sony exec reckons it's happening next year.

UK, August 1, 2007 – Not content with the fact it already plays games, Blu-ray discs, old PlayStation stuff and music, Sony's New Zealand sales and marketing manager Warwick Light says that next year the PlayStation 3 is set to become a TV recorder rather like Sky+ or TiVo.

Speaking to New Zealand newspaper The Press, Light said: “We're also hoping next year – about the same time that Freeview launches its terrestrial broadcasting service (expected to be in March) – to release a digital tuner for the PS3, turning it into a programmable TV recorder.”

Unfortunately Sony UK refused to comment on Light's state­ment. (IGN)

"PS3 will double up as TV tuner"
3 stars"

Some interesting info on the PS3. The price we all know about, the rest is new!!…-TV-Tuner/p1 Buts lets just wait and see.

5 stars"

Hey mister below me .. are you really really stoopid or just pretending . honestly how can u say the ps3 has no good games this summer . heard of uncharted ,home ratchet and clank, LAir heavenly Sword, warhawk to name a few. not to mention killzone 2, GT 5 next year.

GET YOur Facts right i dont mind 360s but i just prefer the ps exclusives . plus this pack is great for people just getting a ps3