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"Thank God"
5 stars"

Where do I start? First off, thank God for Ninja Gaiden. This game will absouletly blow you away. Graphics really do shine in Ninja Gaiden. And the FMV sequences were so realistic, I actually checked to see if I was looking out a window or looking at the TV. The storyline, which is unique in it's own way, really captures the feel of a ninja out to kick Fiend ass. And by far the most acute weapon system rivaling that of the game Soul Caliber II. Weapons are unbelievable also. There's weapons such as the War Hammer; a huge ass pole with blades at the end to rip through fiend flesh, the standard Dragon Sword, and the nunchackus along with others. And each weapon comes with it's own set of moves. So were talkin' 50+ moves in this game! The bosses are truly animated. One actually looks like a gaint slug with 4 eyes and 2 tentacles. Another is a live skeleton dinosaur. The other bosses are very detailed as well. So this game is worth more the 120$. So get out there and buy it NOW!