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"I've been waiting for this game to come out for 12 years. Totall"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

This game has been a long, LONG time coming, but the wait was more than worth it. It's beautiful, cinematic, emotional. It's packed with enough gameplay features to let each player create their own style of play, and enough content and hidden secrets to keep you coming back again and again. It is very much the conclusion to a long and complicated series, and it's decidedly unashamed of this. The developers, however, have tried to give new and existing players as many opportunities to catch up as they can (including cinematic recaps of previous games) so that everyone can enjoy it. It's a fantastic and fun game and if you're interested at all, you should definitely give it a try.

Also Donald Duck is in it.

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"Excited for this game"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Can't wait to get this game to be on my hands and also before purchasing this game make sure you play the other kh titles to understand the storyline other than that I'm currently enjoying playing the game itself

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"A decent end to a long saga"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Kingdom Hearts may be a bit niche but fans should feel somewhat satisfied with this ending to the Xehanort saga. It may seem short and easy at times but the story is solid and the graphics are breathtaking. Really looking forward to what Nomura-sama does next with the franchise

"Not terrible, not amazing"
3 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Pros: Enormous worlds, graphics are good, combat is insane, the Disney characters are generally more fleshed out/have more screen time than in older entries. Cons: Not enough worlds, NO final fantasy characters, combat is insane, too many cutscenes, plot is all over the place, dialogue gets very repetitive, Some weapons are locked behind pre-order wall (at time of writing), excessive load times (every other Kingdom Hearts game on PS4 is available more or less with no load screens), bit too easy (no Critical Mode at time of writing).

If you don't already have it, wait for it to go on sale, because you've probably missed out on the pre-order exclusive DLC. Also, even on PS4 Pro, it can't reach a stable 60 fps, so maybe even wait for KH3.75√(–'4)2°/4122.6 for the Playstation 5 Pro.

5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

An exciting and gripping way to end the current kingdom hearts storyline.

2 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Visually great, Story is mediocre

Wish I hadn't wasted my time

"Bringing all the hearts together"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

A great ‘finale’ to the series so far, wrapped up a great number of the stories told in the titles so far. Some of the disney worlds did seem a little short lived and it felt weird there not being a single final fantasy character included this time. Perhaps more to come in KH3.5– Certainly hope so… too many feelings come the end…