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5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Just played halo 4 and its awesome I love it so much!Thanks so much mighty ape you are awesome!

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"Not as good as the original trilogy.... Meh"
4 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

When I first finished halo 3 I was taken back when I watched after the end credits to find a cinematic. The very cinematic which contained hints of a sequel to the trilogy and so I waited...... After years of completely forgetting about halo 4 it was released \(“_”)/. The game was more graphically pleasing than the trilogy, but however I found the campaign was to short. And at some points the hadnt even animated sequences thouroughly (eg phantom exploding) I think halo 4 was made to be more multiplayer rather than single player oriented you even had to install the multiplayer from a disk or download to even play it rather than just playing off the disk. I dont know it was good I guess meh...........

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"An instant classic"
5 stars"

Despite previous misgivings at being the first game in the franchise without the involvement of Bungie, 343 Studios has produced an extremely polished title. Though when taken separately the graphics and plot are merely good the combined whole is excellent in a way few games manage. Multiplayer in particular, which is a large draw for the series, has certainly had a lot of thought put into it using feedback from players. Though the rewards associated with progression aren't as extensive as previous outings, the map voting system is better than the previous veto system and use of Ordanance allows less skilled players more enjoyment by bypassing the monopoly of more skilled players on power weapons.

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"Not Bad"
3 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

The story was good. Not a long game, good day of playing will finish the campaign. Good graphics, great add to your bungie collection.

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"343 fail-o"
1 stars"

Previously on Halo… I want to make it clear that the only reason I purchased an xBox was that the house already had a Playstation 2, and several PCs… And Gameboys. And a commodore 64. It was not, and I shall be very clear on this point, NOT to hump peoples faces on xBox Live. Time went by and we had rented every Co-op game at the local rental place and all that was left was Halo. So I rented Halo. As you may not have read in my Halo: Combat Devolved review the reason Halo was the last rental was that I thought then as I do now that Halo is an over-hyped piece of trash, boasting proudly of a number of features as though it strode boldly across the tundra of lesser games, it's footsteps as thunder of innovation. When in fact it scurried timidly behind the features of giants. Like Tribes. For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past decade, on mars, with your eyes tightly shut and your fingers in your ears Halo is an scrolling Shoot-em-up set many centuries hence. (From the people who brought you Windows Bob and Myth, not the good one.) Boasting Vehicles, a space marine, aliens with no lower jaw and graphics from 1997 Halo surprised me by being not bad. It wasn't the mighty Norse God of games come to earth, but it was a fun little game to play with my flatmate. Making my choice of Brute Force xBox bundled game all the more laughable, but I made my stupid stupid choice and I was stuck with it, but later that year I purchased Halo for myself. No, this doesn't mean I automatically convert to the spotty Chee-toh fingered fatties that spend their free time humping digital corpses as they finger themselves, Halo is still over hyped and undeserving of the Massive scores and praise it has received, but it IS fun. A lot of fun. And it has spawned a franchise with an incredibly developed universe only hinted at in the games.

There have been other Halo Games since then, Halo 2 which was crap, Halo 3 which was good and Halo Reach and ODST which were both quite good. And now comes along Halo 4, a rubbish game for morons made by cancer. Well, let us have at it then…

Where do I begin, not the beginning, that's so overdone and I'm on the cutting edge daddy-o. Let us begin with the midnight launch where I arrived to receive my Halo game and poster featuring Master Chief. Or rather featuring not Master Chief. Visor: Matte, Armour: Dissimilar. Okay whatever, we've all seen their promotional videos where Master Chief wakes up in his cryo pod in a new suit of armour and having a jet pack, because it is a little known fact that Space Marines all grow jet packs when frozen. I get home and plug it in for some exciting installation that takes half an hour. So I read Two chapters in Dance of Dragons and made myself a coffee. As it turns out the book and coffee was the best part of the game. I'm not even joking.

The interface sucks, its been redesigned to be more like the new Kinect friendly xBox interface. So it's big blocky and obtuse, compared to the Reach interface which was attractive and displayed a lot of information.

Truth be told I'm kind of over the whole Chunky Space Marine saving the world bit. Halo in particular is getting well beyond old with this, We've saved the galaxy, the galaxy again, we've saved the world which is kind of a step down if you ask me, saved a single engineer in the expansion and good on us, failed to save another different world, and now we've… Saved the world, I think. The problem I think is that once you have saved the galaxy, how do you escalate the stakes- Halo: Space/Time- Apparently you escalate them by huffing a gallon of paint thinners and not explaining a damn thing in hopes the player will imagine the story is far more epic than you can be bothered to write.

The game then. As of this writing IGN has probably rated this game 9.99 out of 10 and all the other little paid to spooge reviewers will have done similar, and you may be tricked into thinking that some people like this game, but they don't, they just don't. They might think they do, but they're wrong. I know it is their opinion, but their opinion is wrong, and here is why.

If you break it down into Halo and non-halo game, surprisingly if you consider the game on its own merits and ignore the fact that it's branded Halo, it's better for it.

The hero of this game is bland copy paste. Okay okay, it's Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, a Second Generation Spartan or Spartan II. The Spartans are half naked people who kick others into a- Spartans are Bulky power armoured Space Marine Super Soldiers, the generic Shooter Protagonist of choice in the modern age. He's tall, tough and sounds manly so that's all the boxes ticked. However Master Chief went into a cryo pod at the end of Halo 3 and was frozen. He wakes up near the start of this game in a completely new suit of armour. And don't think it's just a redesign and we should pretend he's always been in it, because he remarks upon the new suit and looks at it from first person view approvingly. His busty AI girlfriend Cortana makes a remark about upgrading his ‘firmware’ too. (So the AI girl doesn't know the difference between firmware and hardware-) But wait… The damage he sustained in Halo 3 is still apparent, and the flashback cut scenes in the intro all show Spartans and Master Chief wearing the new armour, so it's new and also a retcon- Now, Retcon is the name of the game in Halo 4, but come on 343 you cannot have your cake and eat it too, pick one. So because this is clearly not Master Chief, who went into the pod, this must be someone else, I shall call him Baster Fief: The rubbish knock off of Master Chief.

Cortana, the AI girlfriend of Baster Fief, has awoken him from his long slumber because sh*t be gettin' weird yo! A big Forerunner metal world has suddenly appeared and scared her. I should point out that during the gap between Halo 3 and Halo 4 she has redesigned her face and appearance again, to be more … I dunno… Sexy- Why- Stuffed if I know, and like Retcon, Stuffed if I know is going to be a common theme here. So Baster Fief wakes up and begins moving through the ship. Occasionally imitating Modern Warefare's clas­sically boring and stupid ice climbing scene, and joy of joys there is a brief encounter with a Covenant Elite so the game can teach us the new addition to Halo: Quick Time Events. So –9000/10 already, good job 343.

Wait hang on… How does a giant metal planet sneak up on you, Cortana- How did you miss that coming- What is it, Unicron the Ninja- Or could you not drag yourself away from writing Master Chief / You slash fic- What kind of Super AI are you-

Baster Fief, as I have mentioned, encounters some Covenant Elites, and fights them. This is the point at which I learned that the Old Needler is back and way overpowered. I was seriously more afraid of Imps with Needlers than I was a group of three Elites, because just a tiny smattering of needles can ruin your whole day. Say if one appears at the end of a corridor or large room, strafing helps not at all, and unless you can find cover, like, Right Now, you are dead. Other than that Combat is about what you would expect, except for one new thing that is actually an improvement, now if you are scoped or zoomed in, being hit does not zoom you back out (like Quake and other 15 year old games) and make sniping a useless endeavour. So Hooray, ten years of game design and you finally fixed one thing.

That being said, I played this game on Heroic and Legendary (Hard and Retarded) and if there is one thing I learned it is that Controllers for console games need an F5 key, so quicksaving may be done. I say this because in Single Player there are hardly any checkpoints, meaning if the game wants to get cheap and explode you just 'cause, then you have to go back about 20 minutes and do it all over again.

Now that can make things a bit repetitive, and if you take that bit repetitive and add it onto the Ocean liner full of repetitive that this game already contains, then you can see why I spent most of the night shouting at the damn thing.

I suppose I should talk about 343 industries at this point. The previous Halo games, with the exception of The failed RTS ‘Wars’, were made by Bungie, a small company famous for Halo, and nothing else if we're honest. Well Bungie broke away from Microsoft and left Halo behind, you know because they just hate money. So a few members and Microsoft's money set up 343 Industries, to cash in on the Halo name and make a butt-ton of money, because Microsoft needs more. 343 spent much of the lead up to Halo 4 desperately trying to prove that this would be real Halo and they were totally making a real Halo game, and that it was in no way going to be a pile of crap. This game was going to explore the character of Baster Fief and investigate is feelings. Hahaha. And just like the 343 guilty Spark in the games you should not trust them at all.

Or you can take it the way I did and liken it to being corn-holed by a seven foot tall gorilla who coos in your ear that you'd better stop squirming 'cause this is gonna happen. So you might as well shut up and enjoy it.

Anyway Baster Fief finds himself crashed on a Forerunner world and starts following Cortana's instruc­tions, because he's whipped. They discover a UNSC (Human) IFF and follow it, hoping to find a way home. Along the way they encounter more Covenant forces, who fight them, which is odd considering that the Covenant and Humans had a truce at the end of Halo 3. So Combat. Combat and more. A pattern quickly emerges. Combat, Press three buttons, Combat, Blow three things up. Combat, Press Three Buttons. We have to destroy the shields Chief, Good, now go destroy the other shields, in the exact same manner. Did I say pattern- I meant mindless repetition. We have to destroy the shields Chief!!! OUT DAMN SHIELDS! So Baster Fief stumbles drunkenly from one objective to another doing things for nebulously stated reasons, eventually he wakes up a powerful Alien who is a member of the ancient Forerunner race. You remember them, the people who built the Halos you have been running around on for three games now. I know he is a forerunner because he says he is. Why he would call himself a forerunner I don't know, (Surely they have their own names for themselves.) I also don't know why Baster Fief woke him up. I say this because he seems to be a dick who uses force powers to choke Baster Fief and throw him against the wall before flying off to… Forerun- I don't know. He said something about being a prisoner here (AND NOW IT SHALL BE YOURS!) Cortana informs Baster Fief that the Didact is getting away. Wait…

What's a Didact- Was he a Didact- Is Didact his name- Is it his job- Is it an AI Swear word- WHAT- She doesn't say, he doesn't ask. And it is never explained in the entire whole game, ever. How does she know he's the Didact- Why does no-one else ever ask what a Didact is- Anyway, Baster Fief now has a new enemy to fight, Bionicles. YES THEY BLOODY WELL ARE, SHUT UP. Mouth. Shut. Now. Baster Fief eventually finds the UNSC Infinity, a big-ass Human ship filled with Spartan IVs, it is made obvious that these are the new wave and he is a hunk of obsolete crap, despite being better in every way. The new Spartan IVs are 343s new series made up out of volunteers from the armed services, the previous series had been abducted by Naval Intelligence when they were about 6, and extensively modified until no longer human. Most didn't survive. This was brilliant, as Humanities noble defenders were made by a monster in excellent traditions of sci-fi. But 343 says SCREW THAT, noble humans volunteering are the heroes now, the good guys must be all good, no evil means for noble ends for us. No Moral Quandaries for OUR Chee-toh fingered dim witted fifteen year old players thank you very much. If they stop to think they might wonder why they put up with Microsoft's in­creasingly retarded OSes.

Along with the new wave of Spartans there is also a Ships Captain who out of nowhere and for no explained reason HATES Baster Fief, abusing him and even trying to arrest him at one point. This explosion of comical comic-book hatred marks him as the Snidely Whiplash antagonist in the game. And do you know where this went- No and Where. “Grr I hate you Baster Fief, you're a piece of garbage you mothertrucker you. Now to never appear in the game again.” And this is completely in keeping with this game, Never explain anything, tell you what to do but not why. Why is the Didact going to Earth with his ancient Composer weapon- Why do we need to stop him- Why does he hate humans- How can Baster Fief set of a nuke and survive when he was right by it- Nothing is ever explained. At all. This criticism works both as a Halo game and in it's own merits. This games cut scenes and dialogue are all taken up with relationship scenes between Baster Fief and the ailing Cortana. 343 said they wanted to explore their relationship, and they have, by shoving the entire plot to one side so hard it left marks. Exposition is supposed to be woven into the narrative, not ripped stillborn from the womb and thrown to a starving hungry pack of wolves. Then shot. Out of a Cannon. Into the Sun.

This isn't a game story written by professionals. It's a Fanfic. It damn well is. Caricatures of antagonists, because-we-say so save-the-world plot thrust into the background to make room for the forbidden love story. They even had her touch him in the Blue Matrix Room and, I kid you not, say “You don't know how long I've wanted to do this.” A line I have read in no fewer than three real Halo Fanfics written non-ironically. This isn't a Game, it's a masturbation.

Why didn't they just abandon the last shred of pretence and have them … Make little AIs-

But Baster Fief blows up a nuke and survives the blast and the world is saved from not very well explained destruction, that will imprison us… And Baster Fief is a big damn hero. Who can fall from space and survive, have a nuke go off in his face and survive but can't take more than three needles to the chest without exploding…

Combat then. This game has a massive hard on for unrelenting combat, it gets really old quite quickly. It is remorseless, stopping only to have cut scenes that explain nothing before back to the combat before our spotty teenaged market get bored and start throwing controllers and Chee-tohs around. There is Covenant to fight, and they're pretty much as you can expect from the other games, redesigned and ret conned of course. But there are a new enemy I'll touch on here. Bionicles are cheap SOBs, who can teleport to safety once their shields are weak and recharge them, causing you to waste ammunition. They can spawn flying things which can resurrect them, shield them and make a delicious fig pudding. The game likes to flood you with high numbers of them and have them teleport right up into your face and kill you in one hit (pro-tip, strafe when they do it.) The new Forerunner guns are better than all the old guns and have no fall downs or compensating weaknesses. So why ever use another kind of gun- See kids- Look how crappy the old Bungie things are, they can't even hurt our massive damage hitpoint sponges who can teleport and kill you in one hit.

This game is made up out of set pieces and story elements lifted from previous, better, Halo games. I'm not kidding, it's not so much a re-imagining, or a sequel as it is self-plagiarism. The Gondolas that stop and you have a fight from Halo 2, the creeping through the jungle set from Halo 3, the Last level escape that makes no sense from Halo:CE has been re-purposed at least twice, and those are just the ones that spring to mind now. I can also see the fight-up the towers to push a button twice bits from Halo 3. And lest we forget the Defend this point against a metric crap-ton of mothertruckers vignette that plays out in ODST like a nervous OCD filing clerk. All of it filled with Combat, Combat, Combat with little in the way of respite.

Remember near the start I mentioned the brief training for the Quick Time Events (Press X to not die)- Well it's like 343 forgot they added those to the game. They never come up. Until the end. You would think that in a game so obsessed with unrelenting combat that the last boss fight would be a long tedious drawn out affair. No. It's three QTEs. And then you win. QTEs are cancer in modern gaming, and should be left well away unless they are a core part of gameplay. And Certainly not established at the beginning and then used once more to win. How does having a QTE test my skill in any way- It just tests my age, as reflex drops off proportionally with the accretion of correctness (age).

Now for some comments that pretty much impact this game only in its relationship to the rest of the Halo Franchise.

Sound effects. These pretty much all suck. 343 in an attempt to remake Halo in their own Tyrion Lannister type visage have redesigned and messed up everything, most noticeable is the sound effects. Some guns sound cool, the footsteps are nice, but everything else is lazy and weak. Previously the standard Covenant enemy was the Grunt or Imp, who had cute little put upon working class squeaks, now they sound like generic alien creatures with no personality beyond Grr kill. The engine of the Warthog Jeep sounds like a tiny 100cc motorbike. The sound of crystal needles shattering- Well, you can make that sound yourself, go and hit a plastic jug or drum. That's right, crystal shattering sounds like a plastic thump. There's more but I'm sure you care about the music.

Which is rubbish. Of course 343 have new people doing the music, it was playing in the store when I arrived for the midnight launch. Not that I knew that, I had to be told. There is nothing in the soundtrack that identifies this as a Halo game. Except one piece when you see a halo ring in the second to last mission, for 30 seconds, oh and another piece playing over the credits at the end. No iconic riffs, no familiar tunes. No inflections melodies, nothing. This music could be put in any goddamn game, especially the menu music which would be more at home in any given generic brown modern shooter in which you are an American Soldier in a sandy country shooting brown people. Even by its own merits its merely competent. OK. And repetitive. Remember back in the old days when music in games was 5 or 10 second loops playing repetitively in the background. The good old days of 2012. In Halo 4. Let me tell you there is nothing more monotonous than doing the same set piece over and over again listening to the same chords looping over and over again like entirely too closely shot sex in a 1980s action movie from Asia. Does it do it all the time- No, but often enough to be noticeable very quickly.

The graphics are good. Even if they have washed out the colour a lot.

This game feels short. It probably took me about the same amount of time to play as Halo 3, but because much of it is lazy Copy Paste of the same damn objectives and set pieces, it feels smaller.

Which is what it is, it's lazy, brief and crappy. And right at the end it fades to black and there's a little message from 343, Thanks for trusting us with your universe and this is only the beginning. Cowpies. I didn't trust those jerks with dick all. And neither did anyone else, that's why they had to spend all that money on marketing, they had to push their new trick out the door soon so they had to cloud everyone's eyes over with the booze of nostalgia and hope we didn't sober up in time to see its face. They knew damn well nobody thought this would be real Halo, and guess what, they were right. It isn't. Everything has been changed every so slightly and every little damn change adds up to a giant big change, add the music and its easy to pretend that this isn't a Halo game at all. Which it isn't.

Here's the kicker. I actually DO know what a Didact is, I know who he is and I know what he wants to do.

“The Hell, man- You just wasted a bunch of text saying you didn't, you slimy jerk!”

Calm down. I said the game didn't tell me anything. The GAME explains nothing. However, I read a few Halo Books. And unlocked some videos in Halo Waypoint. Oh well then, all is forgiven, WRONG!

When you release a game, and expect people to pay full price for it, it behooves you to do your exposition IN THE GAME, you can release books and other videos to add to the experience, like the three Mass Effect books added to those two mass effect games. I should never NEED to go read a couple of books that do NOT come with the game and watch some videos which again do NOT come with the game (Waypoint is a seperate app, and not The Game) in order to understand what the is going on IN THE GAME! If all games want to be cinematic these days then Halo 4 looks like something made by Michael Bay, written by Godfrey Ho. Flashy as hell with no substance and confusing as all get-out.

So just to be punishingly clear: Halo 4 is bad. It's a bad Halo game, and it's a bad game for the new to Halo. Go play Reach.

Multiplayer. I often say Multiplayer is irrelevant to the worth of a game, Games must stand on their own in my eyes. The few exceptions are Multiplayer purpose built games, such as Team Fortress and MMORPGs, Games which have no other purpose but multiplaying. Halo 4 is not such a game.

However I will mention it here in brief: I actually like the Multiplayer in Halo 4, especially in the early days when the obsessive little Chee-toh fingered spods haven't memorised all the maps and perfected their pwning technique. The ability to equip your own default loadout of guns is a nice addition, and preferable to running around looking for something decent to use and failing because all the 12 year olds have memorised the locations of those guns and snaffled them up. There is no Firelight mode though, so Halo 4 continues taking those giant leaps backwards, similarly I have yet to find an assault mode, a mode that was totally new in Reach, despite being in the original Unreal Tournament, released before most Halo Fanboys were born. There is a new mode though, an episodic mission based story arc called Spartan Ops. Where you play one of the new poser fake Spartans and fight AI controlled enemies with your buddies. The thing is, this story complete with cut scenes is more like Halo than the main Campaign, it is also more fun. Your loadouts carry over to this so you can still earn XP and get nice things to use if you don't want to fight other haloids. Although I wouldn't recommend buying this game just to play Spartan Ops.

Final word: Could 343 prove that they are real Halo and the franchise is only going to get better- No. You can add this game to the pile of things your life is better off without along with Kinect, Move, Windows 8, and Child Molestation.

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"Gamers from U.S part 2" Purchased on Mighty Ape

After getting this game in the mail I was worried that if it didnt work then I would have waisted a $100. Like I promised I took the chance and opened it…and it works just like mighty ape said. So no worries this game works on U.S consoles.

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Halo 4 marks the beginning of a new saga in the blockbuster franchise that has shaped entertainment history and defined a generation of gamers. Developed by 343 Industries exclusively for Xbox 360, Halo 4 ushers in the return of mankind’s greatest hero, the Master Chief, in a newly envisioned, epic sci-fi adventure.

Set nearly five years after the events of Halo 3, Halo 4 follows the Master Chief and his faithful artificial intelligence companion Cortana as they venture into a mysterious new world and discover an overpowering ancient evil that threatens to annihilate mankind. With humanity’s fate hanging in the balance, the Master Chief and Cortana are thrust into a desperate mission against overwhelming odds to save mankind from the threat of imminent extinction.

As one of the biggest video game franchises in history, the Halo series has sold more than 42 million games to date, generating nearly $3 billion in total franchise sales. Halo 4 takes the award-winning series in a bold new direction, delivering its most epic and explorative campaign yet, together with a groundbreaking multiplayer offering rooted in Halo fiction —setting the stage for an epic new sci-fi saga.


  • The Reclaimer Saga Begins: Experience the dawn of an epic new Halo saga with Halo 4. Play the intense and action-packed storyline solo or split screen with up to three friends over LIVE.
  • Go Beyond the Story: Halo 4’s Infinity Multiplayer features Spartan Ops and War Games which offer a vast suite of multiplayer modes, weapons, vehicles, armor abilities, a new loadout and Spartan-IV player progression system
    • Spartan Ops: Extend your campaign experience in a massive-scale adventure that builds upon the “Halo 4” Campaign. Receive a weekly series of cinematic episodes on Xbox LIVE followed by new game play missions, played solo or cooperatively with up to three friends – effectively delivering two campaign experiences in one game!
    • War Games: Battle the competition in fresh, immersive new game modes and strategies.
  • Edge-of-your-seat Entertainment: Immerse yourself in Halo 4’s graphics, sound and epic game play including a mysterious and deadly new class of enemies
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