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"Go Nemo!!"
5 stars"

Not enough good things can be said about this movie! Pixar has outdone themselves in the quality of their computer animations, capturing that underwater feeling perfectly (now I don't have to bother going scuba-diving!).

Great characters and humour, this movie is just all-over fun for the whole family, and if you enjoyed the Toy Story movies, you'll love this one too!

It's a must-own DVD, because I'm sure your kids will want to watch it over and over and over and…

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"Surprisingly well done"
5 stars"

I normally stay clear of road trip movies, where the characters go on an adventure to a certain place. This movie is surprisingly good for a movie of this type.

First of all, this movie is very pretty. The animation COULD NOT BE BETTER! It could be more realistic but why would you want that? Even when they go out of water, the animation stays just as strong. Humans, birds and even the water surface look just as good.

The secondary characters in this movie are awesome as well. Sharks that attend a self help group, turtles that talk like hippies, pet fish that watch soap operas and are interested in dentistry and a manta ray school teacher that sings educational songs.

The extra features on the DVD are also rather good. After all, who doesn't want to see Rove McManus's recor­ding time.

5 star entertainment, not perfect but pretty close.

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