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"Awesome so far - Beta Release"
5 stars"

Matthew has no idea what he is talking about, we are only at the Beta Release stage so of course the full game function is not available yet. Having played all of the Beta Release weekends this is shaping up to be an awesome Black Ops edition

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"Double the amount of zombies content on release makes for a grea"
5 stars"

Black ops 4's Beta felt fresh from the other cod games and the mechanics involved are unique from the other cod's such as WW2 and infinite warfare that were copies of other cods Black Ops 4 is new. Zombies has much more content on release and the hype that is built up around zombies is great. Blackout is a great method used to bring back the game. The multiplayer has a new gamemode similar to csgo's weapon purchase system which feels fresh to play. Well done Treyarch.

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"Another cod, another year bites the dust"
1 stars"

Another trash cod with the same mechanics as the last 6 cods as well as no single player campaign. Absolute trash and mighty ape probably won’t even publish this preview. Sadly this is the honest truth. But that won’t stop any of the hardcore fans buying into it. I recommend buying Spider-Man ps4 instead. Much more worthwhile purchase.

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