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"Superb looking movie but perhaps wait for the special edition?"
5 stars"

Everyone agrees that Avatar is one of the best looking movies of all time, theres some argument on the strength of the story but an essential film to have in your collection. Ive heard however this release will apparantly contain nothing but the movie that was shown in the Cinema and a ‘Special Edition’ version with extras and extended footage will be released nearer christmas (im looking forward to Mighty Ape confirming this or not). If my sources are correct this is disgusting money grabbing from the studio and an insult. If indeed the case id just rent this release if you didnt see it in the cinema and wait for the SE version. But I hope im wrong.

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5 stars"

You have to witness this in 3D. It is FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!! I'm going to watch it again cause the visuals are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!

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