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"Masterful Ridley Scott Alien Chapter"
5 stars"
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Milford Sound is both beautiful and sinister, and as the Alien story unfolds further, the Synthetic Humans are the biggest stars in this impressive production.

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"This is a good monster movie"
4 stars"
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If you watched Prometheus and left wanting to /wrists, this is not the same thing.

Where Prometheus was ridiculous to a fault (e.g., why can people not run sideways out of the path of a giant rolling donut-), Covenant is a return to an Alien movie where they don't try to explain too much (busting things in the process – what even was the black goo–), and give you the horrific scenes you want.

Covenant follows the crew of a colony ship. Pulled off-course by an accident, they set down on a human-habitable world. Unfortunately, the monsters beat 'em too it. The character casting is on point; people are flawed in plot-useful ways but not clowns about it. The script goes off pretty much as you'd expect, not a huge amount of surprises, and you should be able to guess victims and survivors within the first ten minutes.

While the SFX are on point, what takes this from a 3-star experience to a 4 is Michael Fassbender. The dude is amazing in this movie. He plays two roles – a “nice” robot, Walter, and a “naughty” robot, David. As Walter, he is compassionate, likable, and the kind of 'droid you want on your starship. As David, he's the very devil himself, and how Fassbender manages to keep these two roles separate during filming I don't know. Whatever, the outcome is masterful: a David that is creepy, haunting and a cut above any Alien-francise synthetic to date.

This movie reminded me most of Alien vs. Predator in terms of not-too-unpredictable scares, and some decent oh-no moments. But it channels Alien and the sequel Aliens in terms of, “Dude, we're so screwed.” Try it out today :)

"OK but predictable"
3 stars"
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The story is a progression from Prometheus but the plot was predictable. There were no real twists and turns and there was little tension in the film. I expected so much more with Ridley Scott being involved in the movie but was ultimately disappointed. It is not a bad movie just very average.