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"A good extension of D&D 3rd edition"
4 stars"

Review by Nicholas on 9th March, 2012

While in no way perfect, Pathfinder does prove to be a very well thought out and well balanced continuation of the D&D 3.5 ruleset. Each class feels unique and useful, and much more balanced than in 3.5.

The Core Rulebook also has some very useful resources usually reserved for a Game Master's guide in it, making it almost 2 books in 1 at nearly 600 pages, and a great starting point if you want to get into the game.

"Great book, great price."
5 stars"

Review by Tom on 14th September, 2015

Arrived in excellent time and what great value for money this book is.

"Damn brilliant, probably the best system I have used."
5 stars"

Review by Grant on 17th September, 2014

At almost 600 pages, a decent amount of information to help the DM/GM, more character options than I could ask for, this has got more than enough to run a campaign with without any other books. This is definitely the best system I have had a chance to use. If I had to make some criticism, I guess it is a bit heavy… Unsurprisingly.

5 stars"

Review by Chris on 24th June, 2014

This is a great system.

3.0 was great, 3.5 was great, Pathfinder is great.

I didn't mind the paper stock at all – it is probably slightly thinner than the 3.5 books but I'm sure it'll stand up alright.

You can't go wrong with this book.

"Great product"
5 stars"

Review by Dayle on 30th April, 2014

A great way to get started with the Pathfinder RPG. All you need is this book, some friends, and a set of dice.

4 stars"

Review by Julian on 11th April, 2014

If you're new to the Pathfinder RPG then this is the first book you should buy. It's huge! And a daunting read, but within is a heap of great art to help your imagination run wild. However one negative would be the quality of the paper stock the pages are made from – it's not that great. Hopefully Paizo address this with subsequent editions.