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Kiwiana Goes Pop (2CD)

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Release date NZ
November 16th, 2012
Number of Discs
Box Dimensions (mm)
143x125 x10
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Kiwiana Goes Pop is a unique celebration of the sounds we have grown up with and is the soundtrack to every Kiwi’s life (young and old) and encompasses and embraces over 60 years of Klassic Kiwiana, from the fifties right through to Kiwiana 2012 style.

76 tracks which have been rounded up and herded into their appropriate pens – farm songs, pub songs, Rugby songs, Kiwi telly themes, Kiwi comedy, politics and just about everything Kiwiana in between. The unique stories behind the songs are told in a mini encyclopedic 20 page booklet.

Featuring Sir Howard Morrison, Barry Crump, Fred Dagg, McPhail and Gadsby, Billy T. James, Herma Keil and The Keil Isles and many more!

Track Listing:

Disc 1:
1. Ches'n'Dale - Chesdale Cheese Ad
2. The Contacts - Ten Guitars
3. Rod Derrett - Rugby Racing and Beer
4. The Howard Morrison Quartet - My Old Man's An All Black
5. Lew Pryme with Winston McCarthy - The Feat Of Fantastic Fergie
6. Laurie North - Flemings Milk Oaties
7. Doug Catley and the Fernleafs - Big Bad Don
8. The Hamilton Country Bluegrass Band - Down The Hall On A Saturday Night
9. Pat McMinn - Hey Diddle Grddle Ad
10. Herma Keil and The Keil Isles - Twisting The New Zealand Way
11. Rim D Paul & The Quin Tikis - The Theme To Runaway
12. Roscoe Choc Bomb Ad
13. Howard Morrison - Don't Let It Get You
14. Alan Moorhouse - Hillbilly Child (Country Calendar Theme)
15. Fergie Fang & Miss Judy - Fergies Tune
16. Pat McMinn & The Stardusters - Edmonds Jelly Ad
17. Sandy Edmonds - Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows (Galloping Gourmet Theme)
18. Peter Sinclair - C'mon Spoken Intro
19. The Keil Isles - C'mon
20. Dinah Lee - Yea Yea We Love Them All
21. Peter Sinclair - Reports on The Beatles arrival
22. Lou and Simon with Max Merrit & The Meteors - All My Loving
23. Howard Morrison and The Hu Hu's - I Wanna Cut Your Hair
24. Rod Derrett - Puha and Pakeha
25. The Three Lads - Broadway Pies Ad
26. Bas Tubert - The Hu Hu Bug
27. Keith Richardson - NZ Pork Ad (Banned version)
28. Mother Goose - Baked Beans
29. Ashley Clinton's Sheep Choir - Pokarekare Ana
30. Garner Wayne - Love In The Fowlhouse
31. The Waikato Dairy Lab Singers - Mastitus Melodies
32. Lou and Simon - A Maori Car
33. Ash Burton and The Nightcaps - Tea In Te Kuiti
34. Wayne Senior - I've Got That Second Holiday Feeling
35. John Hore - I've Been Everywhere
36. Barry Crump & Paul Harrops Good Keen Men - A Dog Named Blue
37. Gerry Merito - The Ballad Of Peter Snell
38. Ozzie Cheeseman - Kiwi Shoe Polish Ad
39. Jimmy Fitzpatrick - The Hillary Song
40. Maria Dallas - The Queen Of The House
41. Mckenzies 49/6p frock ad
42. The Stardusters - Taniwha Blue Ad
43. Self Help are Cheaper ad
44. The Hamilton Country Bluegrass Band - Hip Hi Pantyhose Ad
45. Brian Edwards - Monologue 1. (Spoken)
46. Fred Dagg - Gumboots
47. Des Gay and the Foolish Fags - Pinetree Des Gay
48. The Boys From The Gluepot - You Really Missed Your Chance
49. The Maori Volcanics feat Billy T James - Inpersonations (edit)
50. Reon Murtha - Musical Sweepstales
51. Scotty and Crumpy - Side By Side
52. All Of Us - Sailing Away
53. Steve Allen - Join Togther
54. Black Bolt & the Silver Ferns - Give Em A Taste Of Kiwi
55. Underdogs Intro
56. Monte Video and The Cassettes - Shoop Shoop
57. Murray Grindlay - McDonalds Kiwi burger ad
58. Murray Grindlay & Midge Marsden - Travlin On (Europa Ad)
59. Gray Bartlett & Brendan Dugan - The Ballad Of Robbie Muldoon
60. Danny Fay (As Rob Muldoon) - Lets Do It My Way
61. Ebony - Big Norm
62. Dave Jordan - State House Song
63. Reid Built Homes Ad
64. The Convairs - Little Boxes
65. Rod Derrett - The Kiwi Hotel
66. The Boys From The Gluepot - That One Didn't Touch The Sides
67. Brian Edwards - Monologue 2. (Spoken)
68. Herma Keil and The Keil Isles - Teardrops
69. Maria Dallas - Tumblin Down
70. 1967 Loxene Gold Disc Winner Annoucement
71. Mr Lee Grant - Thanks To You
72. Allison Durbin - I Have Loved Me A Man (alt version)
73. The Fourmyula - Nature
74. Split Endz - One Two Nine
75. The Inhalers - The Man/God Who Was Craig Scott
76. Justin Brown's Myth New Zealand - Good Keen Metrosexual
77. Kev & The Kiwi Fruits - Good On Yer Kiwi
78. The New Zealand Guitar Orchestra - God Defend New Zealand

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