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Maths & Draughting

Math equipment is the most important tool that every student needs. From nursery to high school students, they all require math equipment to perform general mathematics calculations. Mighty Ape offers a wide range of Maths & Draughting Tools like protractors, calculators, erasers, pencils, rulers, and compasses.

At Mighty Ape, we've got everything you may need in our catalog, from exam board approved calculators to math sets, and School Compass Set to Scientific Calculator.

High school mathematics lessons move away from addition, subtraction, and multiplication to algebra, Pythagoras, geometry, and equations, and to perform that you need different types of math tools. Mighty Ape has a large range of Scientific Calculator and Graphic Calculator to make your child’s learning a little easier.

Mighty Ape has inspiring Maths & Draughting tools that are appropriate to support math programs and lessons. The broad variety of mathematical items we sell help children with key curriculum areas such as counting, complete numbers, place values, operations, number bonds, shape & space, and measurement.

If you are looking for Maths & Draughting tools, Mighty Ape is the place for you. Shop for different types of Maths & Draughting tools such as Basic calculators, Scientific calculators, rulers, compass from top brands like Staedtler, Casio, Sharp, Faber-Castell, Maped, Taurus, Warwick, Legami, Tajima, Jastek and many others at an affordable price.