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Rulers & Measuring

Rulers are the measuring instruments that come along with edges and straight ends for measuring longitude markings. Normally they are used for measuring and to draw straight lines. It’s a very important tool, used in geometry and technical drawings. If you're looking to buy scales for your school or office, Mighty Ape is the place for you. Browse through our wide array of Rulers, Compasses & Measuring tools and choose the one that suits your needs.

Obviously using a scale is more accurate than merely guessing the measurement. There are many types of rulers available at Mighty Ape. Some have imperial measurements and some are used for metric measurement and engineering drawing.

We are well aware of the importance of precision in the measurement of different industrial and office applications. Hence ensuring high-quality products from the best brands such as Taurus, Helix, Legami, Warwick, Staedtler, Tajima, Standardgraph, Maped, Blundell Harling, and Celco

Our range of measuring instruments includes Compasses, Math Sets, Protractors & Set Squares, and Rulers.

So Log on to Mighty Ape to buy Rulers & Measuring tools and enjoy the fast delivery services.