Label Makers

You must have noticed those creative and colourful little pieces of paper, plastic, fabric, or similar material posted on the products or attached to your branded new piece of shirt you've just purchased. Do you know what that is? Well, that is a label that serves to give information about the object to which it is attached. Labelling is an important part of product packaging since a label provides important information about that particular product, such as the origin of the product, the manufacturer's na­me, use, disposal, etc.

Mighty Ape offers you a large array of Label Makers available in different sizes. All these Label Makers are lightweight, handy, and convenient.

Our range of Label Makers comes a variety of widths, patterns, colours at an economical price.
So whether you are looking for a Label Maker for your home or for office, Mighty Ape’s Label Maker is your answer.

Mighty Ape’s collection of Label Makers include Avery Dots, Copier & Printer Labels, Label Machines & Tapes and Packaging Labels from top brands like Brother, Dymo, Icon, Avery, and Quikstik.

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