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Sylvanian Families Toys

Sylvanian Families: Red Mini Family Car
(4.7) 15

Cruise around Sylvania in style in the Red Mini Car! Pull out the license plate to reveal the picnic table Also includes 1 removable baby seat, 2 attachable meal trays with cup holders and other meal accessories Figures not included Ages 4+ years Contains small parts

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Sylvanian Families: Chocolate Rabbit Baby
(4.5) 6

She likes to help clean up after her parents, licking the chocolate covered spoons and bowls. Teri, her mother, is sure more chocolate is put on her clothes than in her tummy! She comes wearing a pink romper suit with a crib & bottle. Sylvanian Families are a collectable range of animal ch...

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Sylvanian Families: Cedar Terrace
(4.1) 10

Cedar Terrace has three wonderful floors for lots of furniture. The top floor has a large round window and a small balcony to look out of. The other two floors have plenty of room for furniture and families The floor piece of the top floor can be removed, and is reversible with a green grass effect...

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Sylvanian Families: Cottontail Rabbit Family
(4.3) 6

Aaron Cottontail is a down-to-earth and hard working furniture maker. Sorrel Cottontail is a practical mother and home-maker, who spends all her spare time decorating and improving the family's beau­tiful home. Gromwell Cottontail is a very energetic boy who loves football and cricket. Willow Cotto...

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Sylvanian Families: Cottontail Rabbit Baby - Yellow Charlie
(4.7) 7

Baby Brother Charlie Cottontail likes to play in the water. He gets exited splashing water everywhere when he goes to the pool or a small stream. He doesn't have to worry though because his mother Sorrel washes his clothes straight away. He loves shower time, and always dashes playfully to the bathr...

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Sylvanian Families, winner of Toy of the Year in British Association of Toy Retailer (1988), was originally from Japan by using the concept of dollhouses and cute animal figurines made of plastic covered in fiber texture skin.

Check out the big range of cute collectible Animal Figures, beautiful Sylvanian Families Dollhouses & shops, and awesome Vehicle Toys for your figures. Heaps of furniture and accessories to collect too! Loved by girls of all ages.