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Justine's, formerly known as The Protein Bakery, is famous for its delicious protein cookies back in 2005. They produce all of their products from their factory in Wellington, New Zealand by using the finest ingredients and strict HACCP food and safety program. Justine's has won best grocery product on the market worldwide at the Sial D'Or – Paris (2002) with their original Biscotti Spoon.

Justine's Complete Protein Cookies use Erythritol (aka. sugar alcohol) to give the cookies a sweet taste with benefits like: safe for diabetics, doesn't break down the enamel of the teeth and easier to digest and absorb in the small intestines. Their new Justine's Brownie range are also low in carb, high in calcium and protein and free from sugar, wheat or gluten! They truly are indulgences with a healthy attitude!