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Gorilla Rigs

Highly Evolved Gaming Machines!

Building your own Gaming PC doesn't have to be daunting or time consuming – let our highly skilled Gorilla Rigs team take the stress out of your next system!

Every Gorilla Rig build is assembled with the latest components and parts from leading brands like MSi, Gigabyte, Intel, Seagate and more.

The pinnacle of our very own Gorilla Gaming range, Gorilla Rigs offer a vast array of PC gaming machines for every need!

For those on a budget or just getting started in PC gaming, the Little Monkey or Mini Kong rigs are the perfect entry level system.

For those shopping for mid-tier gaming PCs, look no further than the Flying Monkey – the perfect machine to give you maximum bang for your buck.

Of course, if cost isn't a worry, then go all out with the Mega Monkey – a system designed to run your favourite games at ultra setting and never break a sweat.

If you've got something else in mind, great! Our Gorilla Rigs team can consult and construct a gaming PC that is customised to your desire – get in touch and we'll get to work!