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Catan (aka. The Settlers of Catan) is published by Mayfair Games (USA), designed by Klaus Teuber back in 1995. It is a fun multiplayer board game where players are settlers trying to build and develop their territory by trading or acquiring resources. There are over 15 million games sold by the end of 2009 and was named “The best board game of our time”! (The Washington Post, 2012)

Soon after the success of the Catan, numerous expansion packs were released like: Catan – Explorer & Pirates (featuring 3 new missions and 5 scenarios based on battling pirates and exploring new lands), Catan – Cities & Knights (including new events and 5–6 player extension pack), Catan – Traders and Barbarians (new elements from fishing, barbarian attacks, camel trains and more), Catan – Seafarers (sea travel and trade added) and other scenario packs.