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British & Irish history

My Story: Workhouse: A Victorian Girl's Diary, 1871
by Pamela Oldfield ~ Paperback / softback

Experience history first-hand with My Story... It’s January 1871 when Edith, the sheltered daughter of a wealthy widow, pays her first eventful visit to the workhouse for the poor. There she meets Rosie, a rebellious, quick-tempered orphan who is always getting into trouble. Edith soon find...

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Anglo-Saxon and Viking Invaders
by Schofield & Sims ~ Poster

This chart features lots of colorful pictures and information depicting what the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings did when they invaded Britain. It covers topics such as how they lived and religion along with many more, helping children to understand the way of life back in those times. This chart also ...

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Roman Britain

Aimed at the Key Stage 1 and 2 levels, this chart is full of interesting facts and information about the everyday life in Britain during the Roman Times. It features topics about work and trade, religion and infrastructure and with its many colorful pictures, it's an excellent resource for a project...

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