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Release Dates for Business & Economics Books

Pre-order - out 26 Dec 2017
Crushing It!
by Gary Vaynerchuk ~ Hardback

Four-time New York Times bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk offers new lessons and inspiration drawn from the experiences of dozens of influencers and entrepreneurs who rejected the predictable corporate path in favor of pursuing their dreams by building thriving businesses and extraordinary persona...

Pre-order - out 30 Jan 2018
Black Edge
by Sheelah Kolhatkar ~ Paperback

Nominated for the FT/McKinsey Business Book of the YearNominated for the Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Nonfiction'Black Edge has the grip of a thriller a Everyone should read this book' - David Grann, New York Times bestselling author of THE LOST CITY OF Z 'A tour de force of ground-breaking repo...

Pre-order - out 25 Jan 2018
Rolling Stone Covers / 50 Years
by Jann S Wenner ~ Paperback

For the past 50 years, the covers of Rolling Stone have depicted the icons of popular culture-from John Lennon, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Madonna, and Steve Martin to Rihanna, Louis C.K., Adele, Radiohead, and Barack Obama-cementing their legendary and influential status within popular culture....

Pre-order - out 1 Mar 2018
Get Remarkably Organised

How to be organised in business and in life, by one of Australia's leading entrepreneurs and founder of The Remarkables Group. Is your life chaotic? Are you hungry for advice on how to live calmly, happily and productively? The cornerstone of success at work and at home is being organised and, with ...

Pre-order - out 11 Jan 2018
Science in Soccer
by Warren Gregson ~ Paperback

Written by two leading football academics, this authoritative, accessible text explores the important role sports science plays in professional football. With billion-pound television deals and multi-million player transfers, a football team's performance has repercussions far beyond the pitch an...

Pre-order - out 25 Jan 2018
Mobile Business: Creating a Successful Mobile Strategy for Your...
by Marcus Austin ~ Paperback

The mobile internet is fast becoming the most popular channel for consumers across the world. According to surveys, 72 per cent of 18-30 year old consumers claim that they are now using the Mobile Internet more than they use the PC-based Internet. As a result, businesses need to start moving towards...

Pre-order - out 3 Jan 2019
The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in...
by James M Kouzes ~ Paperback

The 25th anniversary edition of the bestselling business classic, completely revised and updated For more than 25 years, The Leadership Challenge has been the most trusted source on becoming a better leader, selling more than 2 million copies in over 20 languages since its first publication. Based o...

Pre-order - out 20 Aug 2018
Applied Econometrics with EViews
by Cesar Lopez ~ Paperback

Table of Contents1. Linear Multiple Regression Models with EViews 2. AutoCorrelation, Normality, Multicollinearity, et al. 3. Logit, Probit, Tobit, et al. with EViews 4. Dynamic Models with EViews 5. Models, Stability, and Structural Change 6. Multi-Equational Linear Models with Eviews 7. MultiVaria...

Pre-order - out 14 Jan 2021
Voices in Danger
by Anne Mortensen ~ Paperback

"Voices in Danger" is a special section of the Independent introduced as a platform for telling the stories of journalists around the world killed, kidnapped, jailed or threatened just for doing their jobs. The Independent owner, Evgeny Lebedev personally experienced the horror when his father's Rus...

Pre-order - out 18 Apr 2018

Nano-Satellites: Space and Ground Technologies, Operations and Economics Rogerio Atem de Carvalho, Instituto Federal Fluminense, Brazil Cem Asma, Aerospace Business Development, Switzerland Covering the latest research on nano-satellites Nano-Satellites: Space and Ground Technologies, Operations and...

Pre-order - out 29 Jun 2018
Bills of Lading in Export Trade
by Charles Debattisa ~ Hardback

Bills of Lading in Export Trade provides a clear understanding of the complex connections between the contracts of sale, carriage and letter of credit. Split in three parts covering (i) documentary control over the goods, (ii) risk, title to sue and property and (iii) tender of an applicable bill of...

Pre-order - out 13 Dec 2018
Blue Dreams
by Lauren Slater ~ Hardback

Author BiographyLauren Slater is the author of Welcome to My Country, Prozac Diary, Lying: A Metaphorical Memoir, and Opening Skinner's Box, among other books. She has received numerous awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship, and a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at MIT....

Pre-order - out 20 Feb 2018
Supplier Relationship Management
by Jonathan O'Brien ~ Paperback

Supplier Relationship Management enables organisations to manage their suppliers effectively and secure real, tangible benefits from the opportunities already available in their supply base. This second edition delivers a framework of resources for anyone who manages or interfaces across a supply ba...

Pre-order - out 3 Jun 2018
End of an Era
by Carl Minzner ~ Hardback

Author BiographyCarl Minzner is Professor of Law at Fordham Law School. He is an expert in Chinese law and governance, and has written extensively on these topics in both academic journals and the popular press.

Pre-order - out 1 Mar 2018
Home Business Tax Deductions
by Stephen Fishman ~ Paperback

Pay less to the IRS Completely updated for 2017 returns! For any home business, claiming all the tax deductions you are entitled to is essential to your business financial success. Don't miss out on the many valuable deductions you can claim. Here, you'll find out how to deduct: start-up costs...

Pre-order - out 30 Jan 2018
Burn The Business Plan
by Carl J. Schramm ~ Paperback

How would you like to get business startup advice straight from the man who co-founded Global Entrepreneurship Week and StartUp America? Well now you can. Carl Schramm, the man described by The Economist as 'the evangelist of Entrepreneurship', has written a myth-busting guide packed with tools and ...

Pre-order - out 18 Jan 2018
China Business: Transition, Development And Integration
by Haico A Ebbers ~ Hardback

The book provides a comprehensive view on the main transformations that are happening in China today. The balanced view has been developed by using unique primary data based on more than 200 interviews and numerous survey results, in additional to mainstream literature by academia and consultancy co...

Pre-order - out 31 Dec 2017
Fair Value Measurement
by Mark L. Zyla ~ Hardback

Get up to date on the latest FASB, SEC, and AICPA guidelines and best practices Fair Value Measurement provides hands-on guidance and the latest best practices for measuring fair value in financial reporting. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissio...

Pre-order - out 30 Apr 2018
The European Banking Union and Constitution

In 2012, at the height of the sovereign debt crisis, European decision makers pushed for developing an `ever closer union' with the formation of a European Banking Union (BU). Although it provoked widespread debate, to date there has been no coherent discussion of the political and constitutional di...

Pre-order - out 22 Mar 2018
Reporting Elections
by Stephen Cushion ~ Hardback

How Elections are reported has important implications for the health of democracy and informed citizenship. But, how informative are the news media during campaigns? What kind of logic do they follow? How well do they serve citizens?Based on original research as well as the most comprehensive asses...

Pre-order - out 26 Jan 2018
Export Empire

German imperialism in Europe evokes images of military aggression and ethnic cleansing. Yet, even under the Third Reich, Germans deployed more subtle forms of influence that can be called soft power or informal imperialism. Stephen G. Gross examines how, between 1918 and 1941, German businessmen and...

Pre-order - out 31 Mar 2018
The Emergence of a National Market in Spain, 1650-1800
by Guillermo Perez Sarrion ~ Paperback

Awarded the Jaume Vicens Vives Prize by the Spanish Association of Economic History, this study analyses the development of the Spanish domestic market from 1650 to 1800, which transformed the country from a pseudocolonial territory, politically and economically dependent on its European neighbours,...

Pre-order - out 28 Dec 2017
Becoming a Leader
by Myles Munroe ~ Paperback

Activate Your Leadership Potential Best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe dispels the myth that only some are destined to be leaders while everyone else is destined to be a follower. You can become the leader God intended you to be. Discover how to: Activate your leadership potential.Develop a positiv...

Pre-order - out 6 Feb 2018
Sages of Strategic Management
by Paul Barnett ~ Hardback

Management insights from the most respected thinkers in the field Sages of Strategic Management features the latest razor sharp insights from some of the most important management thinkers, and an exploration of the most important and urgent management issues. Each expert interviewed brings decades ...

Pre-order - out 18 Jun 2018
Shoe Dog
by Phil Knight ~ Paperback

'A refreshingly honest reminder of what the path to business success really looks like ... It's an amazing tale' Bill Gates'The best book I read last year was Shoe Dog, by Nike's Phil Knight. Phil is a very wise, intelligent and competitive fellow who is also a gifted storyteller' Warren Buffett In ...

Pre-order - out 1 Jan 2018
Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats, 5th Edition

This best-selling handbook is packed with detailed information on housing, feeding, and fencing dairy goats. It's been the trusted resource on the topic for farmers and homesteaders since it was originally published in 1975, and the new edition -- completely updated and redesigned -- makes Storey's ...

Pre-order - out 20 Feb 2018
The Airbnb Story
by Leigh Gallagher ~ Paperback

"An engrossing story of audacious entrepreneurism and big-industry disruption, [this] is a tale for our times." --Charles Duhigg, author of Smarter Faster Better This is the remarkable behind-the-scenes story of the creation and growth of Airbnb, the online lodging platform that has become, in under...

Pre-order - out 9 Jan 2018
Tourism and Public Policy
by James Kennell ~ Paperback

This new text will, for the first time, critically examine tourism policy alongside the instrumental uses of tourism in other areas of public policy. The first part of the book will introduce the reader to the notion of public policy for tourism and critically examines why it is necessary for the co...

Pre-order - out 1 Mar 2018
Taxing Africa
by Mick Moore ~

For as long as Europeans have been a major presence in Africa, scholars have debated whether Africa's struggles are best explained by their exploitation within the global system, or by the failures of domestic political leadership. Tax is no different. International campaigns have highlighted the wa...

Pre-order - out 15 Apr 2018
Corporate Insecurity: True Stories of Corporate Espionage and Network...
by Jim Stickley ~ Paperback

A shocking tell-all look at corporate security, from a white-hat hacker who's spent years breaking into banks, insurers, and hospitals! If you assume that the businesses you deal with are looking after your data securely, you're in for a shock. Companies are only as secure as their weakest link - th...

Pre-order - out 9 Feb 2020
Russia's Addiction
by Clifford G Gaddy ~ Paperback

Russia's dependence on its oil and gas wealth is much deeper than generally recognized. Since their privatization in the 1990s, a small number of oligarchs have taken control of the economy, and the fates of millions of Russians. Vladimir Putin's system of personal protection has been successful in ...

Pre-order - out 30 Dec 2018
Stochastic Drawdowns
by Hongzhong Zhang ~ Hardback

Stochastic Drawdowns consists of some recent advances on Hongzhong Zhang's own quantitative research of the well-known risk measures, drawdowns and maximum drawdowns. In particular, the author provides an extensive probabilistic study of several quantities related to drawdowns, which include the dra...

Pre-order - out 31 Mar 2018
On the New Silk Road
by Wade Shepard ~ Hardback

The Silk Road once served as the vital artery of the ancient world, connecting China to societies across Eurasia and providing immense wealth and prestige. Now, with China once again in the ascendant, it is attempting to restore its place at the centre of global trade, through one of the most am...

Pre-order - out 15 Jul 2018
Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity
by David P. Stowell ~ Paperback

The dynamic environment of investment banks, hedge funds, and private equity firms comes to life in David Stowell's introduction to the ways they challenge and sustain each other. Capturing their reshaped business plans in the wake of the 2007-2009 global meltdown, his book reveals their key functio...

Pre-order - out 30 Oct 2018
Pre-order - out 13 Feb 2018
Wiley GAAP for Governments 2018
by Warren Ruppel ~ Paperback

Wiley GAAP for Governments 2018 is a comprehensive guide to the accounting and financial reporting principles used by state and local governments as well as other governmental entities. Designed with the needs of the user in mind, this comprehensive resource presents the important developments in go...

Pre-order - out 23 Apr 2018
Tourism Marketing
by Alastair Morrison ~ Paperback

Tourism Marketing: in the Age of the Consumer is a comprehensive and integrated textbook that uniquely considers tourism marketing from the customer perspective in the era of e-marketing and ethical tourism to reflect the way Tourism Marketing has evolved. It introduce students to the distinctive as...

Pre-order - out 1 Jan 2018
Guerrilla Networks

Media Archaeology, Media Ecology, Radical Media, Guerrilla Media, Siegfried Zielinski, Red Army Fraction, Radio Alice, Italian AutonomiaAuthor BiographyMichael Goddard is Senior Lecturer in Media at the University of Salford. He has published widely on Polish and international cinema and visual cult...

Pre-order - out 17 Jan 2018
Between Film, Video, and the Digital
by Jihoon Kim ~ Paperback

Encompassing experimental film and video, essay film, gallery-based installation art, and digital art, Jihoon Kim establishes the concept of hybrid moving images as an array of impure images shaped by the encounters and negotiations between different media, while also using it to explore various the...

Pre-order - out 25 Jan 2018