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Dennis Hart

by Dennis Hart ~ Paperback / softback

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Mental Health Nursing
by Stephan Kirby ~ Paperback / softback

Pre-registration nurse training across the UK is now competency based and this mental health nursing text is devoted to this approach. It explores the practical application of a competency based Exit Profile for mental health nursing students, which ensures that there is consistency in the essential...

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Politics and Culture in South and North Korea
by Dennis Hart ~ Hardback

This book provides an introduction to the rival politics, ideologies and political cultures of South and North Korea. Written at an accessible level for undergraduates, it is suitable as a main text for courses on Korea politics, and Korean society, and as a supplementary text for courses on Asian p...

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Pictures of Children
by Dennis Hart ~ Paperback / softback

"Please, my son is missing. Three years old . . . oh, God!" Officer Waverly swung his feet off the desk and alerted the other officers near him. "All right, ma'am, help us both by calming down. Tell me who you are and where you live." Amy Lee was shaking uncontrollably. Tears streaked her face. "Amy...

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by Dennis Hart ~ Paperback

In this third novel of the "Visions Series," the members of The Foundation use the answers they have identified to twelve of Mankind's oldest questions to transform society so that the overall level of consciousness can rise to such a degree that Mankind can finally break the endless cycle of war an...

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Sand Key
by Dennis Hart ~ Paperback / softback

A humorous/mystery about Jason Najarian, a young man who lives on a secluded barrier island off the coast of Florida as a self-proclaimed hermit. He wishes for peace and quiet in his paradise, but be careful what you wish for. He's in love with Fiona Tallahassee, an international assassin, but when ...

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