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Andrew Spear

My Little Geek
by Andrew Spear ~ Board Book
(4.8) 38

All kids need to learn their ABC's and for kids with geeky parents there's even more pressure!  This book is here to help. Imagine the joy of hearing your two year old chatting away about his holographic ninja or time traveling joystick.  From Android to Zombie, this educational book wi...

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Nerdy Numbers
by Andrew Spear ~ Boardbook
(4.7) 7

Every child needs to learn to count and for smart kids there’s more than just 1 to 10. Join the party, meet the clones and learn your nerdy numbers, from a googol to the speed of light. Nerdy Numbers is a board book made from thick, glossy, chewable pages. It has also passed international safety te...

In stock