Wiley Series in Survey Methodology

Complex Surveys
by Thomas Lumley ~ Paperback / softback

Survey analysis remains the bread-and-butter of sociological research. Highlighting three main areas of interest calibration estimators, two-phase designs, and fitting of regression models to survey data Complex Surveys is the first book to describe the use of R in survey analysis in order to meticu...

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Statistical Matching
by Marcello D'Orazio ~ Hardback

There is more statistical data produced in today?s modern society than ever before. This data is analysed and cross-referenced for innumerable reasons. However, many data sets have no shared element and are harder to combine and therefore obtain any meaningful inference from. Statistical matching al...

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Question Evaluation Methods
by Jennifer Madans ~ Paperback / softback

Insightful observations on common question evaluation methods and best practices for data collection in survey research Featuring contributions from leading researchers and academicians in the field of survey research, Question Evaluation Methods: Contributing to the Science of Data Quality she...

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Survey Quality
by Paul P. Biemer ~ Hardback

Survey Quality presents a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of the survey process, from design to implementation to data processing and analysis. Using simple, non-technical language for statisticians, survey workers, and program administrators, the authors explain how to think about survey qua...

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Survey Nonresponse

This book offers up-to-date coverage of recent research in the field of survey nonresponse, the primary threat to the statistical integrity of surveys. This book was written in conjunction with the International Conference on Survey Nonresponse, October 1999.Author BiographyROBERT M. GROVES, PhD, is...

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Survey Methodology
by Robert M Groves ~ Paperback / softback

Praise for the First Edition: "The book makes a valuable contribution by synthesizing current research and identifying areas for future investigation for each aspect of the survey process." ?Journal of the American Statistical Association "Overall, the high quality of the text material is matche...

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Estimation in Surveys with Nonresponse
by Carl-Erik Sarndal ~ Hardback

Around the world a multitude of surveys are conducted every day, on a variety of subjects, and consequently surveys have become an accepted part of modern life. However, in recent years survey estimates have been increasingly affected by rising trends in nonresponse, with loss of accuracy as an unde...

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Introduction to Survey Quality
by Paul P. Biemer ~ Hardback

This volume provides an overview of the basic principles and concepts of survey measurement quality with particular emphasis on sampling and nonsampling error.Author BiographyPAUL P. BIEMER, PhD, is a distinguished Fellow at RTI International, and Assistant Director for Survey Research at the Odum I...

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Leslie Kish

A landmark selection of the master statistician's best work "Leslie Kish's major contributions to the practice of survey sampling have improved the rigor and quality of sample surveys throughout the world. The way Kish thought about problems is perhaps even more important than his many methodologic...

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Improving Surveys with Paradata
Paperback / softback

Explore the practices and cutting-edge research on the new and exciting topic of paradata Paradata are measurements related to the process of collecting survey data. Improving Surveys with Paradata: Analytic Uses of Process Information is the most accessible and comprehensive contribution to thi...

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Online Panel Research
Paperback / softback

Provides new insights into the accuracy and value of online panels for completing surveys Over the last decade, there has been a major global shift in survey and market research towards data collection, using samples selected from online panels. Yet despite their widespread use, remarkably little is...

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Theory of Survey Sampling and Applications
by Yves Tille ~ Hardback

This comprehensive text takes a critical look at the modern development of the theory of survey sampling as well as the foundations of survey sampling, and explains how to put this theory into practice. The treatment of non-sampling errors is featured, and a range of other topics, from the problems ...

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Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional, and Multicultural...
Paperback / softback

Written and edited by experts in the fields, Survey Methods in Multicultural, Multinational, and Multiregional Contexts provides an overview of comparative multinational, multiregional, and multicultural issues in survey methodology. Part of the Wiley Series in Survey Methodology, this volume explor...

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Designing and Conducting Business Surveys
by Ger Snijkers ~ Paperback / softback

Designing and Conducting Business Surveys provides a coherent overview of the business survey process, from start to finish. It uniquely integrates an understanding of how businesses operate, a total survey error approach to data quality that focuses specifically on business surveys, and sound proje...

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Statistical Disclosure Control
by Anco Hundepool ~ Hardback

A reference to answer all your statistical confidentiality questions. This handbook provides technical guidance on statistical disclosure control and on how to approach the problem of balancing the need to provide users with statistical outputs and the need to protect the confidentiality of respon...

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Applied Survey Methods
by Jelke Bethlehem ~ Hardback

A complete, hands-on guide to the use of statistical methods for obtaining reliable and practical survey research Applied Survey Methods provides a comprehensive outline of the complete survey process, from design to publication. Filling a gap in the current literature, this one-of-a-kind book desc...

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Survey Errors and Survey Costs
by Robert M Groves ~ Paperback / softback

The Wiley-Interscience Paperback Series consists of selected books that have been made more accessible to consumers in an effort to increase global appeal and general circulation. With these new unabridged softcover volumes, Wiley hopes to extend the lives of these works by making them available to ...

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Methods for Testing and Evaluating Survey Questionnaires
by Stanley Presser ~ Paperback / softback

Written and painstakingly edited by leading experts, this volume offers a state--of--the--art overview of and solid foundation in up--to--date survey questionnaire issues, concerns, and responses. Like several other books in the Wiley Series in Survey Methodology, this work has been prepared in conj...

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Smal Area Estimation
by Wiley ~ Hardback

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Analysis of Survey Data

A survey can consist of data collected from a questionnaire or from measurements such as those taken as part of a quality control process. This book explores statistical methods for the analysis of data collected from a survey. It focuses on the methodological issues that arise when applying statist...

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Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection

The phrase "computer assisted survey information collection" (CASIC) is gaining widespread acceptance as denoting the use of computers for survey data collection, data capture, and data preparation, and the activities that support those tasks. This book serves as a historical record of past accompli...

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Envisioning the Survey Interview of the Future

Praise forEnvisioning the Survey Interview of the Future "This book is an excellent introduction to some brave new technologies . . . and their possible impacts on the way surveys might be conducted. Anyone interested in the future of survey methodology should read this book." -Norman M. Bradburn, ...

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Standardization and Tacit Knowledge

An interdisciplinary look at interaction in the standardized survey interview This volume presents a theoretical and empirical inquiry into the interaction between interviewers and respondents in standardized research interviews. The editors include a range of articles that showcase the perspecti...

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Administrative Records for Survey Methodology
by Asaph Young Chun ~ Hardback

Featuring contributions from well-known international experts, this book addresses the methodological issues involved in administrative data research as well as the various concerns users face with administrative records such as issues of privacy, confidentiality, and legality. The book illustrates ...

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Finite Population Sampling and Inference
by Richard Valliant ~ Hardback

Complete coverage of the prediction approach to survey sampling in a single resource Prediction theory has been extremely influential in survey sampling for nearly three decades, yet research findings on this model-based approach are scattered in disparate areas of the statistical literature. Finite...

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Cognition and Survey Research

Introducing the theory and tools of Cognitive Aspects of Survey Methodology (CASM), Cognition and Survey Research integrates cognitive science and survey methodology unlike any other survey textbook. Twenty--two internationally--recognized experts in survey methods and cognitive psychology cover fun...

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Telephone Survey Methodology
Paperback / softback

Noted survey experts present recent developments in telephone survey techniques from around the world, describing work in commercial settings, academic research, and governmental statistical agencies. There are reports from the United States, several European countries, and Australia on trends in co...

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Cross-Cultural Survey Methods
by Janet A. Harkness ~ Hardback

Comparative survey research builds on and benefits from practices established in monocultural research. However, surveys now contain data from a variety of cultures and countries that must be properly weighed. This important book provides the first systematic, interdisciplinary, and hands-on treatme...

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Nonresponse in Household Interview Surveys
by Robert M Groves ~ Hardback

The failure to sample people is a major threat to the statistical inference of surveys. Survey designers spend much effort creating surveys that will reduce the non--response rate. This book is the result of an eight year research program that collected unprecedented data sets on respondents and non...

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Analysis of Health Surveys
by Edward L Korn ~ Hardback

How to apply statistical methods to survey data--a guide to effective analysis of health surveys. With large health surveys becoming increasingly available for public use, researchers with little experience in survey methods are often faced with analyzing data from surveys to address scientific a...

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Margins of Error
by Duane Francis Alwin ~ Hardback

Enhance the quality of survey results by recognizing and reducing measurement errors. Margins of Error: A Study of Reliability in Survey Measurement demonstrates how and hwy identifying the presence and extent of measurement errors in survey data is essential for improving the overall collection an...

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Advances in Telephone Survey Methodology
by Edith Desiree De Leeuw ~ Paperback / softback

A complete and comprehensive collaboration providing insight on future approaches to telephone survey methodology Over the past fifteen years, advances in technology have transformed the field of survey methodology, from how interviews are conducted to the management and analysis of compiled data. ...

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Design and Inference in Finite Population Sampling
by A. S. Hedayet ~ Hardback

Covers a new but essential development in the field of population sampling, namely inference in finite sampling. Offers some important topics not found in other texts on sampling such as the superpopulation approach and randomized response, nonresponse and resampling techniques.Author BiographyA. S....

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Advances in Comparative Survey Methods

Covers the latest methodologies and research on international comparative surveys with contributions from noted experts in the field Advances in Comparative Survey Methodology examines the most recent advances in methodology and operations as well as the technical developments in international su...

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Small Area Estimation
by J.N.K. Rao ~ Hardback

Praise for the First Edition "This pioneering work, in which Rao provides a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of small area estimation, will become a classic...I believe that it has the potential to turn small area estimation...into a larger area of importance to both researchers and practit...

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