Oxford-Warburg Studies

The Government of Florence under the Medici (1434 to 1494)
by Nicolai Rubinstein ~ Hardback

The Government of Florence Under the Medici 1434-1494 investigates the ways in which the Medici established and exercised their authority. Although de facto rulers of Florence, they wielded their power within the structure of the Florentine constitution and enjoyed no political rights and privilege...

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Transmitting Knowledge

The period between the fifteenth and the middle of the seventeenth centuries saw a great many changes and innovations in scientific thinking. These were communicated to various publics in diverse ways; not only through discursive prose and formal notations, but also in the form of instruments and im...

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Joseph Scaliger: I: Textual Criticism and Exegesis
by Anthony Grafton ~ Hardback

This volume is the first half of an intellectual biography of Joseph Scaliger (1540-1609), the greatest classical scholar of his time. Anthony Grafton describes Scaliger's early work as an editor of and commentator on classical texts, setting this into the wider context of classical scholarship in ...

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The Copts and the West, 1439-1822
by Alastair Hamilton ~ Hardback

In seventeenth-century Europe the Copts, or the Egyptian members of the Church of Alexandria, were widely believed to hold the key to an ancient wisdom and an ancient theology. Their language was thought to lead to the deciphering of the hieroglyphs and their Church to retain traces of early Christi...

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Commonplace Learning
by Howard Hotson ~ Hardback

Ramism was the most controversial pedagogical movement to sweep through the Protestant world in the latter sixteenth century. While its origins in France, its impact in colonial America, and its influence in England, Scotland, and Ireland have been studied in detail, its uniquely warm reception in ...

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History of Scholarship

The history of scholarship has undergone a complete renewal in recent years, and is now a major branch of research with vast territories to explore; a substantial introduction to History of Scholarship surveys the past vicissitudes of the history of scholarship and its current expansion.The authors...

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Making Mathematical Culture
by Richard J. Oosterhoff ~ Hardback

In 1503, for the first time, a student in Paris was able to spend his entire university career studying only the printed textbooks of his teacher, thanks to the works of the humanist and university reformer Jacques Lefevre d'Etaples (c. 1455-1536). As printed books became central to the intellectual...

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The Elect Nation
by Lorenzo Polizzotto ~ Hardback

The Elect Nation is the first comprehensive study of the religious, political and cultural movement inspired by Savonarola. Based on a thorough examination of archival material and manuscript sources, the book argues that the followers of Savonarola exercised a profound influence on every facet of F...

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