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Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow

By Judd Apatow

Intimate, hilarious conversations with the biggest names in comedy - including Mel Brooks, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Roseanne, Harold Ramis, Louis C.K., Chris Rock, and Lena Dunham. Before becoming one of the most successful filmmakers in Hollywood, Judd Apatow was the original comedy nerd. He to...

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Gilded Hour by Sara Donati

By Sara Donati

From the internationally bestselling author of Into the Wilderness comes a magnificent epic about two pioneering women doctors in 19th-century New York. The year is 1883, and in New York City it's a time of dizzying splendor, crushing poverty, and tremendous change. With the gravity-defying Brooklyn...

Pre-order: Releases 11 Sep 2015
Enchanted Forest: 20 Postcards by Johanna Basford

By Johanna Basford

Features 20 detachable postcards to decorate, colour in and send to your friends. This book includes 20 detachable postcards to decorate, colour in and send to your friends. That's if you can bear to part with them! From the book Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book by Johanna Basfo...

Pre-order: Releases 3 Jul 2015
Elon Musk: Inventing the Future

Pre-order: Releases 3 Aug 2015
Terrain by Geoff Chapple

By Geoff Chapple

New Zealand's many distinctive landforms are packed into a small space. Geoff Chapple, author of Te Araroa: The New Zealand Trail, set out on a year-long journey to find out why, and to seek out the shifting forces that shape them. For company, he chose to walk with geologists and the artisans who w...

Pre-order: Releases 31 Jul 2015
The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies

By Dinah Jefferies

From the simmering tension of 1920s Ceylon to the promise of 1930s New York, The Tea Planter’s Wife is the story of a young woman’s determined journey through love, motherhood and loss.

Pre-order: Releases 28 Aug 2015
Kupapa by Ron Crosby

By Ron Crosby

Kupapa has been variously defined as to be neutral (in a quarrel), or loyal; an ally, or traitor. The word itself has come to be as hotly contested as its history. The Treaty of Waitangi struck a bargain between two parties: the Crown and Maori. Its promises of security, however, were followed from ...

Pre-order: Releases 28 Aug 2015
Remembering Christchurch by Alison Parr

By Alison Parr

What remains when a city vanishes? Remembering Christchurch captures the human heritage that survives the devastation of the Canterbury earthquakes. In evocative interviews, older citizens share their precious memories, bringing Christchurch back to life - from familiar streets, shops and churches t...

Pre-order: Releases 28 Aug 2015
Historic Churches by Linda Burgess

By Linda Burgess

Following on from the success of Historic Houses, writer Linda and photographer Robert Burgess travel the length and breadth of New Zealand visiting over 60 historic, unique, quirky, architecturally significant, weather-beaten, downtown, and back-of-beyond churches. Along the way they encounter the ...

Pre-order: Releases 28 Aug 2015
A Dog’s Life by Craig Bullock

By Craig Bullock

Kiwi Dogs: From working dogs to lap dogs – heart-warming stories of everyday New Zealand canines.

Pre-order: Releases 6 Aug 2015
Querkles: Icons by Thomas Pavitte

By Thomas Pavitte

Sensational, quirky coloring puzzles from the best-selling author of the "1000 Dot-to-Dot" series! Reveal famous faces within the circles using pencils, paints, markers, or any coloring medium you choose. Twenty portraits of eminent icons -- including John Lennon, James Dean, Princess Diana, Marilyn...

Pre-order: Releases 28 Aug 2015 (estimated date)
Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: Black Vortex by Brian Michael Bendis

By Brian Michael Bendis

The Black Vortex, an ancient artefact imbued with immeasurable power, is now in the hands of Mr. Knife! With billions of lives potentially at stake, Peter Quill, the Legendary Star-Lord, is going to have to dust off his thieving gloves. COLLECTING Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex Al...

Pre-order: Releases 7 Jul 2015
Spider-Man 2099: Volume 2: Spider-Verse by Peter David

By Peter David

Miguel O'Hara is finally back in his home era, the year 2099! But there's no time for nostalgia as Spider-Man 2099, Lady Spider and the six-armed Spider-Man are on the run for their lives from the dangerously ravenous Inheritors! Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider, of the steampunk 1800s, bring past an...

Pre-order: Releases 28 Jul 2015
Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3: Guardians Disassembled (Marvel Now) by Brian Michael Bendis

By Brian Michael Bendis

Meet the new Guardians! With Star-Lord missing and the entire galaxy gunning for the Guardians of the Galaxy, it's time to bring in help. But as the Guardians get ready for new members Venom and Captain Marvel, unexpected dangers arise that promise to tear the team to its core! Where is Star-Lord? W...

Pre-order: Releases 4 Aug 2015
Legendary Star-Lord: Volume 2: Rise of the Black Vortex by Sam Humphries

By Sam Humphries

Peter comes face to face with Mr. Knife! And the face behind that snazzy mask is revealed. And all this craziness seems to have put a little strain on Peter and Kitty's relationship. It is common knowledge that couples fight. Especially when one half of the couple is Peter Quill. And the solution? S...

Pre-order: Releases 4 Aug 2015
Howard the Duck Volume 0: What the Duck by Chip Zdarsky

By Chip Zdarsky

HOT off the pages of... the post-credits scene at the the end of a popular movie, HOWARD THE DUCK is back! Join him as he takes on the weird cases that only a talking duck can crack as the Marvel Universe's resident private investigator! Let Sex Criminals' CHIP ZDARSKY (a writer known mostly as an a...

Pre-order: Releases 15 Sep 2015
Spider-Gwen Vol. 1: Most Wanted?

The breakout hit of the biggest Spider-Event of the century is taking the comics world by storm with her own series! Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman, but you knew that already. What you DON'T know is what friends and foes are waiting for her in the aftermath of Spider-Verse! From the fan-favorite creativ...

Pre-order: Releases 17 Nov 2015
Marvel's Ant-Man: The Art of the Movie Slipcase

Armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, master thief Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, protect the secret behind his Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats. Stars Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas take up the...

Pre-order: Releases 28 Jul 2015
Daredevil: Volume 3 by Mark Waid

By Mark Waid

Daredevil's recent traumas have left him coping in an unexpected way! A mystery that's been building since issue one starts to pay off big! San Francisco now has TWO men without fear - and only one will be left standing! COLLECTING Daredevil 11-15

Pre-order: Releases 4 Aug 2015
Look After Your Planet

Lola is clearing out some of her old things because she does not want her bedroom to ever get as messy and pongy as Marv's older brother Marty's bedroom - yuk! Charlie persuades Lola that instead of throwing her things away, she should recycle them. 'Recycle it? What is that?' asks Lola. With a bit ...

Pre-order: Releases 31 Dec 2015
Live, Love, Lead by Brian Houston
Live, Love, Lead Paperback

By Brian Houston

What would happen if one of Christianity's most respected leaders shared everything he has learned about finding God in life's difficulties and living an extraordinary life? Brian Houston has done just that. When Global Founder and Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, Brian Houston, set out to pioneer ...

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Spider-Man & the X-Men by Elliott Kalan

By Elliott Kalan

Meet the Jean Grey Academy's new guidance counsellor: Spider-Man! What's a non-mutant doing at a school for mutants? What secret suspicion has fuelled the formation of his special student class? Plus: introducing the team of Sauron and Stegron the Dinosaur Man! The villain team 65 million years in t...

Pre-order: Releases 7 Jul 2015
Spider-Man: Big Time: the Complete Collection: Volume 4 by Dan Slott

By Dan Slott

The Big Time era concludes! Morbius has developed a cure for the Lizard but is there anything left of Dr. Curt Connors to save? And how can Spidey trust Morbius when the Living Vampire keeps sinking his teeth into fresh victims? Then, Alpha is the most powerful entity on Earth - a brash slacker who ...

Pre-order: Releases 7 Jul 2015
Runaways: the Complete Collection: Volume 4 by Kathryn Immonen

By Kathryn Immonen

The Runaways' adventures conclude! Soldiers from Karolina's home planet arrive, demanding that she be handed over. Squabbling over the best course to take, the Runaways begin to fracture. Can they face the alien threat when they can't face one another? Meanwhile, a DJ creates a mystical song that tr...

Pre-order: Releases 14 Jul 2015
Avengers: Volume 6: Infinite Avengers (Marvel Now) by Jonathan Hickman

By Jonathan Hickman

The Illuminati have fortified themselves to save the Earth - but Captain America will remind them of the cost. And as Avenger faces Avenger, the Time Gem reappears and takes the team on a peril-filled journey to the future. 50 years into the future, the Avengers meet with the legacy of their actions...

Pre-order: Releases 14 Jul 2015
Thor: God of Thunder: Volume 2 by Jason Aaron

By Jason Aaron

The chase is on across the Nine Realms to capture Malekith, former lord of the Dark Elves! To find him, Thor allies with a Dark Elf sorceress, a gun-toting Light Elf, a gargantuan Mountain Giant, a dynamite-loving dwarf and a particularly surly troll! But when one teammate falls, will it mean war fo...

Pre-order: Releases 14 Jul 2015
New Avengers: Volume 4: Perfect World (Marvel Now) by Jonathan Hickman

By Jonathan Hickman

In all creation, only one Earth has successfully met and triumphed over each Incursion that has threatened it: the Earth of the heroes of the Great Society! And guess which Earth is on a collision course with ours? Now, the New Avengers must take on the combined power of the Great Society - and only...

Pre-order: Releases 21 Jul 2015
Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story: Vol. 1: The Reaper of the Icy Blade by Takatoshi Shiozawa

By Takatoshi Shiozawa

Kurasame is a man touched by destiny and tragedy. Serving as commander of the elite military academy Vermillion Peristylium's Class Zero, he will rise to become one of the Four Champions of Rubrum and the Reaper of the Icy Blade. But what will be the fate of the soul feared by all as the Ice Reaper....

Pre-order: Releases 21 Jul 2015
Fantastic Four by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Fantastic Four Paperback

By Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

It's the Fantastic Four like you've never seen them before, courtesy of comics superstars Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Steve McNiven! Marvel's first family faces its most personal crisis yet: bankruptcy! To overcome it, they'll need to call on the humour, determination and family ties that have delive...

Pre-order: Releases 28 Jul 2015
Wolverines: Volume 3: Living and the Dead by Charles Soule

By Charles Soule

The battle inside the man known as Shogun is now risking the lives of his teammates and friends...looks like evil may prevail? What does that mean for the overall mission at hand? Fantomelle and Culpepper have been fighting tooth and claw for an unknown benefactor, risking their lives for everything...

Pre-order: Releases 28 Jul 2015
X-Men: Volume 5: Burning World by G.Willow Wilson

By G.Willow Wilson

When a sinkhole appears under mysterious circumstances in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, the X-Men go to investigate...But little do they suspect that the phenomenon has connections to old allies...and enemies! Then, trapped deep underground in the sinkhole, Storm battles her claustrophobia wh...

Pre-order: Releases 28 Jul 2015
Marvel Masterworks: Volume 14: Mighty Thor by Gerry Conway

By Gerry Conway

Thor is lucky to have the Hercules at his side because Loki has teamed with Firelord in a bid to usurp Odin's throne! Meanwhile, Jane Foster has returned and Thor is torn between aiding her on Earth and the defense of Asgard. Then, when the Absorbing Man and Ulik the Troll enter the fray, the drama ...

Pre-order: Releases 28 Jul 2015
Thor: Volume 2: Who Holds the Hammer? by Jason Aaron

By Jason Aaron

Who is Thor? That's the question on everyone's lips. Most especially Prince Odinson of Asgard. This volume, he starts to narrow down the list of suspects. Meanwhile, tensions continue to flare between the All-Mother and All-Father, Malekith forges his most dangerous pact yet and Thor prepares to fac...

Pre-order: Releases 21 Jul 2015
Angela: Asgard's Assassin: Volume 1: Priceless by Kieron Gillen

By Kieron Gillen

All her life, Heven's finest warrior Angela was raised to hate Asgard with every fibre of her being. And now she knows the truth: She is Thor's sister and an Asgardian. Cast out of her home and wanting nothing to do with Asgard, Angela must now strike out on her own! But what does Angela have that b...

Pre-order: Releases 18 Aug 2015
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Volume 1: Squirrel Power by Ryan North

By Ryan North

Wolverine, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Thanos: There's one hero that's beaten them all-and now she's got her own ongoing series! (Not that she's bragging.) That's right, by popular demand, it's Squirrel Girl! (She's also starting college this semester.) It's the start of a brand-new set of adventures sta...

Pre-order: Releases 1 Sep 2015
Captain Marvel: Volume 3 by Kelly Sue DeConnick

By Kelly Sue DeConnick

Captain Marvel's time as an astronomical avenger has pitted her against some of the worst the galaxy has to offer (lookin' at you J'Son). The Haffensye Consortium has been tracking Captain Marvel and Tic for weeks. Now, they've finally caught up to them both! Captain Marvel was barely able to surviv...

Pre-order: Releases 1 Sep 2015
Silk Vol. 1: Now and Then

Cindy Moon exploded out of her bunker and into the Marvel Universe when we first learned that she had been bitten by the same radioactive spider from the first arc of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. She then went on to save Peter Parker's life (more than once!) and traverse the Spider-Verse alongside Spider-Wom...

Pre-order: Releases 20 Oct 2015
Black Widow Vol. 3: Last Days

The world has turned against Black Widow. Her web is broken. How will she deal with this? The final path to Chaos is at her feet, but will her own demons keep her from fi nally taking it? What happened to Isaiah? Can Black Widow still turn to the Avengers, or even to S.H.I.E.L.D.? Natasha wants answ...

Pre-order: Releases 6 Oct 2015
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4: Original Sin

The true ending of the Cancerverse saga - revealed at last! Remember when Star-Lord, Thanos and Nova were trapped in the horrifi c Cancerverse? When Star-Lord and Nova were going to sacrifice their lives to take out Thanos once and for all? Nova disappeared, Star-Lord went back to being Star-Lord, a...

Pre-order: Releases 1 Dec 2015
Purity by Jonathan Franzen
Purity Paperback

By Jonathan Franzen

A magnum opus for our morally complex times from the author of FREEDOM and THE CORRECTIONS Young Pip Tyler doesn't know who she is. She knows that her real name is Purity, that she's saddled with $130,000 in student debt, that she's squatting with anarchists in Oakland, and that her relationship wit...

Pre-order: Releases 1 Sep 2015