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Far Cry 3 PC reviews

- Far Cry 3 Lost Expedition Edition
Restricted 16. Violence and offensive language

PC Games Developer : Ubisoft


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Customer reviews

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Review by Paul on 5th December, 2012
5 stars "2012 Game Of The Year"

FPS are cliche ridden linear games where your Special Forces character strides across the landscape killing everyone.

Then there's Far Cry 3.

Jason is an adventureous young man, but he has zero military training. His brother is the one who spent time in the Army Reserves. This is a great set up for a scared young man who is prepared to do anything to rescue his friends and family.

The AI on this game is fantastic, the crafting and skill development are cool and the sandbox approach builds on the ideas first seen in Red Dead Redemption.

The issues are minor – the biggest problem I have had is seeing over the dashboard of some of the vehicles. I haven't experienced any hardware or software issues on my mid-range system and the game runs smoothly and most importantly has hundreds of hours of playability across a huge map.

Some time in 2013 I'll be ready to explore the multiplayer aspects too.

Review by mark on 24th June, 2013
5 stars "Nice game"

nice game to play, random to hear the kiwi accents during the game lol, if you haven't play this you should because you would enjoy it. Graphics are nice at full HD at ultra settings, i get 90 to 100 fps using a i5 3570k, 16gb ram, overclocked gtx 670 2gb

Review by Miles on 31st May, 2013
4 stars "Mind-blowing"

This is the free-roamers wet dream.

Tired of boring, repetitive shooters- Want a crazy thrill ride with brilliant shooter mechanics, awesome guns and crazy missions- This is your game.

Tired of sandbox games that only have minigames for fun- Want to see a tiger kill a whole encampment of bad guys, stab crocodiles in the face, explore amazing environments and wingsuit off a cliff- This is your game.

Tired of the same story with old aliens/russian­s/nazis trying to blow up the world again- Want to cross blades and wits with psychopaths, rescue rebels from pirate attacks, and meet exotic warrior women- This is your game.

Tired of me telling you why you should buy this game-
Then buy this game.


  • Awesome story with lots of mission variety and side quests out the ears.
  • A vibrant, dangerous world that brims with unscripted awesomeness.
  • Freaking bears eating bad guys!
  • Beautiful graphics and audio design
  • Immersive gameplay and sharp controls
  • Gun unlock and upgrade systems


  • Unrelatable characters
  • Weak multiplayer
  • Once the bear eats the bad guys he'll eat you too.
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Review by Grant on 30th November, 2012
3 stars "Like buying new shoes that need a good polish."

The story is great and I would love to say the game is awsome, but I have found out the hard way that Ubisoft have not polished the final product. Numerous glitches and supports issues on the inital realese have realy spoiled it for me. While I'm sure they will patch it, its rather dissappointing that on inital release the game has such major issues that have not been corrected in quality testing.

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Preview by Matt on 21st June, 2011
5 stars "Cannot wait for this game !! "

Wow another one !! Farcry 2 was pretty epic through the desert's of africa , very well played out story line too !
If the standards of farcry 2 are anything to go by , this game will please the masses :)