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Turn the Physical to Digital with mbeat! Electronics

Add a comment Published in Digital Converter, mbeat, Vinyl Record and Cassette Tape on 29 July 2014, 15:50 by Andi

What if you could take all the best things out of your vinyl recordings and make them as portable as the rest of your collection? Seems like the people over at mbeat were thinking the same thing, because they came up with an answer with the Turntable and Cassette Digital Recorder.

There's always been something special about analogue audio. The crackle and pop of a vinyl record to the warmth and personality in a cassette tape always brings a recording to life in a way that digital never has. Unfortunately, vinyl isn't the most portable of platforms, and finding a Walkman anywhere other than an opshop these days is near impossible.

Now all that warmth and personality can be taken with you in MP3 format, simply hook the mbeat Digital Recorder up to your PC, record your vinyl and cassettes, and upload them to your device. Certainly a lot easier than carrying a turntable with you.


Play Any Blu-Ray and DVDs from Anywhere!!! Electronics

Add a comment Published in Blu-ray, Multi-Region and Blu-Ray Player on 29 July 2014, 15:31 by Andi

As an avid film buff we've all come across this problem. That elusive film you've been searching for is finally within your reach, but it's the wrong region!

Well, before the frustration overwhelms you, take a look at a 1080p Multi Region Blu-Ray Player we just got back in stock.

Not content to just play all the Blu-Ray the world can throw at it, this little guy will also play DVDs of any region AND upscale them to 720 or 1080p as well.

As if this wasn't enough, this player also offers a USB port for digital media, as well as Dolby Digital sound quality for a proper home theatre experience. It doesn't matter if you're bringing your entire library over from another country, or collecting the most bizarre Blu-Rays and DVDs out there, this will play them all.


Rock Out with the Philips Android Speaker Dock!! Electronics

Add a comment Published in android, Philips and Speaker Dock on 29 July 2014, 15:30 by Andi

It seems like everywhere you look, speaker docks only feature docking platforms for iPhone devices. Which is great… if you've got an iPhone. The rest of us are forced to wrangle AUX cables, which does the trick but doesn't charge our phone.

Thankfully, Philips has seen our plight and released the Fidelio Docking Speaker for Android!!!

Smartphone and tablet alike can dock, charge and play music thanks to the FlexiDock design. Any of your devices can sit balanced and secure with an adjustable and versatile connection system.

Whether you're blasting a sweet playlist for your party or relaxing to something a bit more mellow, the Fidelio Speaker Dock has you covered. Using Bluetooth connectivity, you're ensured easy and intuitive control through your smartphone or tablet device.



Let the magic begin with NEW Harry Potter Glasses! Clothing

Add a comment Published in business, Glasses, new and Costume on 29 July 2014, 15:15 by Rebecca

The newest addition to the Harry Potter Clothing store are these cool wire glasses! Be just like ‘the boy who lived’! At least when it comes to your eyewear, that is. These officially licensed glasses are metal with acrylic lenses that fits most head sizes.

Take home these great Harry Potter wire glasses today, and let the magic begin!


The Fab Four now come on the environmentally friendly tote bag! Clothing

Add a comment Published in business, totes and new on 29 July 2014, 15:15 by Rebecca

The Beatles help you carry your groceries around while simultaneously helping to save the environment! We have two NEW totes in-stock made from 25% recycled materials and can be re-used and re-loved over and over again!

The Beatles Albums Large Recycled Shopper Tote features an array of images from The Beatles many studio albums decorated all over the bag. Complete with The Beatles logo on the sides of the tote bag, this great shopper tote includes images from The Yellow Submarine, All You Need Is Love, and more!

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Resuable Shopping Tote is a fun and stylish way to save the planet! Features the animated representations of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr (with the Yellow Submarine, of course).

So swing by and get yours today!


5 Must Have Smartphone Accessories (and 2 Just for Fun) Electronics

Add a comment Published in Accessories, smartphone, SteelSeries, Otterbox, Fitbug and Mophie on 29 July 2014, 10:34 by Andi

Grandma's got one, your 10 year old niece has one… let's face it: everyone's got a smartphone. And with their growing ability to do more and more, as well as the amount of time we're spending on them, we figured we should assemble some of the best things available to enhance your smartphone. So listed below are just some of the things you may want to consider …there may also be a few items that we think are just plain cool.



Goosebumps Season 4 will be releasing on 11th September! DVDs & Blu-ray

Add a comment Published in Goosebumps on 29 July 2014, 09:55 by Shirl

The complete fourth and final freaky season of the popular 90's children's TV series, Goosebumps Season 4 will be releasing on 11th September on DVD for just $14.99!

From the New York Times Best-selling Author R.L. Stine comes the return of Goosebumps, a collection of wildly popular and incredibly zany children’s horror stories from the internationally renowned books (of the same name).

Be the first to own! Re-live your childhood and pre-order your copy of Goosebumps Season 4 to get release day delivery anywhere in NZ!


Winners of the Tofutree Prize Pack Announced Office & Stationery

Add a comment Published in competition on 28 July 2014, 17:02 by Raewyn

Thank you to all who left comments as to which prize you'd like. It was a really tough choice as to who should receive these awesome packs.

We'd like to announce that the winners are:

  • Kent Anderson
  • Jessie McLeod

Congratulations to our lucky winners! :D


Horror fiends - you are going to want to check out these Pop! Vinyl Figures... Collectibles

Add a comment Published in childs play, evil dead and nightmare on elm street on 28 July 2014, 17:00 by Ben

Calling all Horror fans – check out these super awesome Pop! Vinyl figures from your favourite Horror Films!

Firsty up we have the Child's Play Chucky Pop! Vinyl Figure! The scariest doll in horror movie history has been given the Pop Vinyl treatment with this stylized Vinyl Figure! The Lakeshore Strangler looks true to form wearing his blue overalls and carrying a bloodied knife.

Next up we have the badass Army of Darkness Ash Pop! Vinyl Figure. Ash looks true to form with his chainsaw arm and shotgun.

Also in stock is the uber creepy A Nightmare on Elm Street – Freddy Krueger Pop! Vinyl Figure. Freddy features his signature striped jersey, leather hat and of course his clawed glove!



Hottest new Doctor Who import items! Clothing

Add a comment Published in business, new and import on 28 July 2014, 15:29 by Rebecca

It's been an awesome few weeks in the Clothing Category with loads of HOT NEW Doctor Who items arriving from the USA! Check out our favourite picks below!

  • Bad Wolf Tees for Men and Women are perfect for any Doctor Who fan that wants to show their love of the Bad Wolf message. Made from 100% cotton these tees will stand the test of time!
  • Whovians can now stay comfortable at home in style with these Doctor Who TARDIS Slippers! These dark blue slippers feature the TARDIS police box featured on the BBC TV series. They're also available in Men's and Women's sizes.
  • We have two new Doctor Who Tote Bags available in Doctor Who style!
  • And a wickedly affordable Doctor Who Wistband for those who just can't get enough!

Swing by and check out more in the Doctor Who store today!