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It's My Circus! reviews

Nintendo DS Developer : 2K Play


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3 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
Review by Roseanne on 22nd December, 2011
4 stars "Nice easy game"

Purchased this games as a reward for our 5 yr old daughter, she has played it every day, non-stop. Everything from changing the colour of the elephant, feeding, cleaning, training, to performing at the circus. Lots of nice easy games.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by Helen on 11th January, 2012
5 stars "Circus DS Game"

My kids absolutely love this game! A great starter I would say.

Review by Jason on 14th January, 2013
4 stars "Good time-occupier for a 4 year-old!"

My son loves this game, keeps him going for ages. Has four mini-games for multiplay with other DS users. And single play has a great variety of tasks, from cleaning/feeding your elephant to learning tricks to perform at shows. Earn money performing to buy treats. Can be quite repetitive though and would get boring quite easily for the older child.

Review by KIM on 22nd October, 2012
5 stars "'Its My Circus!'"

Great 1st game to play, my 7 and 4 year old both enjoy playing. Its pretty easy and fun to get the animals to do tricks.

Review by Grace on 24th May, 2012
5 stars "My daughter loves it and is always playing it."

I bought this for my daughter and she loves the game, she gets loads of fun from the game.

Review by Sharleen on 24th May, 2012
5 stars "Its my Circus - Bargin Price"

Again I havent opened this because Im saving this game for my daughters 9th Birthday in Dec lol however you can not go wrong with the bargin price I brought it for here on Mighty Ape – better priced then the Warehouse by far:) A+

Review by Monique on 18th April, 2012
5 stars "My daughter loves this game. She's 5"

Would buy again from seller

Review by Melody on 13th April, 2012
4 stars "Great entry level game"

Good game for the younger ones, basic type game. The elephants are cute as.

Review by mummy on 22nd February, 2012
5 stars "Fantasic Game .. "

This is a great game for younger childern too. A mix of nintendo dogs and Wii carnival .. My 2.5 yr old loves to change the Elephants clothes and feed her groom her .. And of course scoop the poop to earn money to buy more clothes ect.. For older childern it has many activity / games for them Highly recommend ..A+++

Review by Jennifer on 31st January, 2012
4 stars "A good game "

My 5 year old daughter loves this game. Well worth buying.

Review by Amiee on 15th January, 2012
4 stars "Great"

Brilliant , bought this for my 6 year old girl for xmas and she loves it , in fact i've even had a go , great game that teaches hand eye co ordination but prob for 8 and under

Review by Jodie on 13th January, 2012
5 stars "Great treat"

Brought this for my 4 year old. She loves it.

Review by Cameron on 28th December, 2011
3 stars "Love it"

Brought for my daughter for christmas she loves it