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Microsoft Sidewinder X3 Gaming Mouse reviews


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Review by Leigh on 5th March, 2012
4 stars "Works on a Mac with Software provided in Box."

This works on my Mac Mini with the software provided by Microsoft in the box. I'm running Mac OSX 10.6.8 and it works fine on it. Only issue is that it requires more power than the keyboard USB port can supply so it needs to be plugged into the computer itself.

I'm left handed and I've found it works well for me although I do use the buttons in a right handed configuration but I can't see that using them in a left handed configuration would make any difference, should still work well.

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Review by Jun on 29th March, 2012
4 stars "Value value value"

At $35 this mouse is everything you would expect and more. Very functional and fun to use.

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Review by Luke on 30th March, 2012
5 stars "Best gaming mouse I've tried!"

Its simplicity and accuracy is all you need in a mouse! I've tried other gaming mice and they are either uncomfortable, too complicated, or just don't quite feel right … This mouse from Microsoft is basic and works well :)

Review by Ana Trisha on 10th January, 2013
4 stars "Nice to use"

Even though it's not overly decked out with multitudes of features, this mouse offers a whole lot of comfort and enough functionality for my gaming needs (my videogaming consists mostly of action/adventu­re/rpg).

Review by Luke on 9th November, 2012
5 stars "Microsoft Sidewinder X3 Gaming Mouse"

An excellent buy in the computer mouse department. The two buttons on the side are exceptional for using as macros for various games and even for standard desktop use. I would recommend this for casual, hardcore or enthusiasts of gaming and even for a home PC user.

Review by Ningpu on 10th May, 2012
3 stars "Not very comfortable when you holding it."

And the side button is hard to reach.

Review by Antony on 4th April, 2012
5 stars "Love it"

Amazing piece of tech for its price range. Love it to bits!! Couldnt ask for better

Review by Troy on 23rd March, 2012
5 stars "Beyond Expectations"

AWESOME mouse. Works extremely well. Used to having an old mouse. This is my first Gaming mouse and I wouldn't go back. Must have for ANYONE and so cheap right now. =]

Review by Dan on 22nd May, 2011
4 stars "Good value for $55"

Good value for a gaming mouse, having no problems with it. Replaced my G5 with just recently broke, only thing that may be a down-side is its slightly smaller than a G5

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Review by Simon on 18th July, 2011
2 stars "Warning: does not work on Mac and/or a KVM"

Having used umpteen million mice and keyboards over the years, approximately half of which are USB devices, I've never had a problem with using a USB mouse or a keyboard on a Mac before. After all, there's a really well documented standard that's been around since about 1992, right-

Well, meet the mouse that doesn't work on Mac. Apparently there is 3rd party software that can fix it, but you need to buy it. So: if you intend to use your mouse on a Mac, even part-time via KVM as this one was intended for, don't touch this mouse.

Works fine in Windows… But also not via KVM.