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Pride and Prejudice Remastered reviews

- Special Edition (2 Disc Set)
Suitable for general audiences.

DVD Region 4 Series : Jane Austen Director : Simon Langton

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Customer reviews

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by Grace on 7th October, 2011
5 stars "Love this DVD set to bits."

One of the best reproductions of a great classic.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by Fiona on 25th October, 2011
5 stars "AWESOME"

After years of wanting to buy/see it again after seeing it on tv. I have finally purchased it. It is as good if not better than I remembered. Have watched it 3 times so far. Thanks Mighty Ape

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by Andrea on 25th October, 2011
5 stars "Great rendition"

I love this version of Pride and Prejudice. The performances are great and it's a great representation of Jane Austen. Definitely transports you back to the past.

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
Review by Barbara on 15th February, 2012
5 stars "A great BBC series - well cast and played."

I love Jane Austen and I think this is the best rendition of Pride & Prejudice ever made. In so far as it is possible (given the wealth of detail in the book) this is true to the original. I loved it and will watch it with enjoyment many times in the future.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by Patricia on 9th June, 2012
5 stars "Great DVD, comes with audio option too"

Highly recommend this! Been watching it non-stop ever since I got it. It's been remastered but the quality is still not that great – but that's to be expected because this mini series came out in the 1995 (I think). Probably be best to watch it on a non-widescreen tv because the resolution is not that good when it's stretched (back in the 90s they didn't have widescreen tvs). But otherwise, I really enjoyed this!

Review by Robert on 21st July, 2014
5 stars "The DVD met our desire for a quality reproduction of the series"

During the recent school holidays our daughter was reading Pride and Prejudice. As a family we decided to watch the BBC Series, that our daughter had not seen, to compare and enhance the reading. The series is excellent and the DVD quality gave us a perfect viewing opportunity. Thank you

Review by Niki on 21st July, 2014
5 stars "Great movie!"

First watched this as a young teenager and enjoyed it. Now as an adult, this has made me appreciate that Jane Austen was an amazing writer. Brilliant mini series filled with excitement in every episode!

Review by Tracy on 3rd July, 2014
5 stars "Gorgeous movie"

Love this movie, love Colin Firth!

Review by Margaret on 10th March, 2014
5 stars "Great Jane Austen"

Being a Jane Austen fan it is great to get this in DVD form. The humour in the story is ageless and the storyline is as true today as then.

Review by kim on 11th February, 2014
5 stars "Still as amazing as I remember"

For yrs I have wanted to buy/re watch this I finally got round to buying it and It is even more brilliant than I recalled. Colin is AMAZING in this.
The whole cast is amazing but Colin and the one that plays Lizzie stand out. I forgot Saffy from Ab Fab was in it.
The set is amazing love the period clothing.

Review by Adair on 30th December, 2013
5 stars "Beautifully presented"

Didn't realise how old my last copy had got till I watched this, so beautifully presented the colours and vitality of this made me fall in love with Mr Darcy all over again.

Review by Margaret on 31st December, 2010
"Great - my favourite Pride and Prejudice looking great."

The story is great; the acting is great; the set is amazing. What more could you ask for!
Even my teenage boys watched it all!

Review by Dene on 14th October, 2010
5 stars "Great movie!"

Love watching this movie, great cast. Love Mr Darcy and Lizzie.

Review by Rebecca on 13th September, 2010
"Absolutely wonderful"

My sisters fav, and it sits pride of place on her table, always ready to go when she fancys watching Mr Darcy!!

Review by Rebecca on 20th January, 2010
5 stars "The sense of humour is fantastic!"

The best on-screen production of Pride and Prejudice, the thinking person's version, leaves the more recent version for dead. The whole cast is wonderful, Lizzie is gorgeous, and as someone said to me recently “What's not to like about Colin Firth?”, exactly. But seriously, everything about this film is captivating, performances, direction, costumes, locations. Oh and the humour, I must not forget the humour, if this film is anything to go by, Jane Austen had a fantastic sense of humour.

Review by Kerry on 16th January, 2010
5 stars "Great Buy"

Brilliant. Jane Austen at her best.